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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: kerneng



Running Head: Pickup Line Social Psychology [PSYC0103] Research Report Submission Date: 22.1.2014 Pickup Line: The Art of Courtship Session: Tuesday 1.00pm Group Member: 1. Peh Ker Neng 0314619 2. Preston Liew Ru Ping 0313822 3. Peng Yep Siang 0315259 4. Garnette Dayang Robert 0315491 5. Rubayet Hassan 0308941

Acknowledgement In this psychological experiment, we received a lot of cooperation and support from many parties. We would like to voice my gratitude here. First of all, we want to thank all the willing participants that cooperate by having faith in our professionalism and provide us all the required information. Their willingness to participate in the experiment with open heart is a big contribution towards our research. Next, we like to thank all our fellow friends that helped me throughout the research. They gave advice to help us improve our conduct of experiment. They also take part in the experiment by helping us manage the set up scenario.Finally, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms.Pang Chia Yee for the support and help throughout this project. She has provided us the knowledge which allows us to complete the project. Furthermore, we would like to thank all the participants involved in this study for their time.

Table of Content Acknowledgement Table of Content Abstract Introduction Method  Participant  Apparatus/Material  Procedure Results/Discussion References Appendixs

ABSTRACT This experiment requires deception and covert observation. The elected researchers initiate conversation with the targeted participants while the rest of the researchers record the simple information of the encounter and record the process with a hidden camera. The purpose of this experiment is to illustrate the difference between the male and the female’s attempt to pick up an individual of the opposite sex. It is in our hypothesis that females will have more successful attempts than males. The total number of participants is ten. The research methods used are in qualitative and quantitative research. The experiment was conducted in Sunway Pyramid during the 11th of January 2013 and Taylor’s University Lakeside Campus on the 15th of January 2013 and . The number of attempts for male researcher is seven with only one success while the number of attempt for female researcher is three with all three attempts successful. Although the male researcher has more attempt but he only got 1 successful attempt, which indicate the extreme difficulty for a male to pick up a girl. However, the opposite has a complete different result. These results reflect that female is more caution and tense when approach by a male. This is most probably the effect of a traditional mindset that female are more prone to the danger and abuse.

Pickup Line Courtship between male and female is a very complicated process. The first few minute of the initial meeting is said to be the deciding factor of the future development of that particular relationship. Nowadays, pickup lines are used widely as ice breaker with unfamiliar people of romantic interest. Pickup lines are phrases used as conversation opener with the intent of engaging the unfamiliar person for romance. Pickup lines are used to advertise the wit and humor of the speakers to their target listeners. Basically, they are used to leave a good first impression and to attract the listener’s attention. In short, pickup lines are a form of persuasion. (Fiona Macrae, 2010) Movies often depict the effectiveness of pickup lines with handsome actors. This experiment is set up to test the effectiveness of pickup lines. The selected pickup lines are used on both male and female target participants. The effectiveness of pickup lines is shown through the percentage of success which is calculated from the number of successful attempts and the number of overall attempts. This research is aimed to investigate the success percentage of a male and a female researcher using the same pickup line. The researchers’ mission is to use the chosen pickup lines to obtain the participants’ phone number. A success is determined by the obtainment of a phone number. Both researchers are to conduct at the same place during the same time. Then success percentage for both genders is then compared for analysis.

METHOD Participant: There are a total of 10 participants in this experiment, 7 female and 3 male. The participants are strangers walking in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall. The participants may be alone or in a group. There local participants and foreign participants. The participants are mostly comprised of individuals that are currently single and age ranging around 14 – 29 years old. The participants are selected randomly by the researcher that will initiate the conversation. Apparatus/Material: Camera The experiment involves covert observation. A DSLR camera is set up at fixed spot from a distance. The camera is roughly covered up to blend into the environment. A cameraman is stationed beside the camera to adjust the camera position whenever the researcher approaches a participant. Voice Recorder A voice recording application is installed in the researcher’s smartphone. When the researcher approaches the participant, the application is activated beforehand and smartphone is carried in the researcher’s hand throughout the conversation. Participant Information Letter The Participant Information Letter is comprised a summarized information letter and two consent letter. The letter is given to the participant after the experiment end. The letter introduces the participant to the research and contains the researcher’s contact in case the participant needs to contact the research team. One consent letter is to be kept by the participant and another is to be kept by the researcher. Record sheet

The record sheet records the simple observation that is observed during the set up conversation. The data recorded are participant’s body orientation, length of conversation, participant’s company size. PROCEDURE Three pickup lines were chosen for the suggested experiment: You remind me of a magnet because you sure are attracting me over here; I thought happiness starts with an H, why does mine starts with U; I’m sorry, I don’t think we’ve met because I wouldn’t forget a pretty face like that. A male and female researcher was elected to initiate a conversation with the targeted participant using the chosen pickup lines to obtain the participant’s phone number. A camera was set up in a corner and partially covered up to avoid attention from the passersby and to obscure the camera from the participant’s point of view. The intention of setting up the camera was to record the whole experiment for proof. The body orientation of the participant, length of the conversation between the researcher and participant, and the participant’s company size will be recorded as well by another fellow researcher. Besides that, a phone with audio recording app will be present on the researcher’s body as he/she is approaching the targeted participant. Upon starting the audio recording app, the researcher will hold the phone in his/her hand and will initiate the participants using one of the three pickup lines. Once the conversation ends, the researcher will signal the other fellow researchers to debrief the participant. The Participant Information Letter is given to the participant and the researchers’ copy of the consent letter is signed and separated.

Result Female No Age Status Body Orientation Conversation Company size Response (Facing/Sideway) Length (min) (Group/Solo) (Y/N) 1 23 Single Sideway 5 Solo Y 2 14 Single Facing 2 Group N 3 22 Single Facing 3 Solo N 4 29 Single Sideway 6 Solo N 5 18 Single Sideway 3 Solo N 6 19 Single Sideway 4 Solo N 7 18 Single Sideway 6 Solo N Body Orientation Conversation Company size Response (Facing/Sideway) Length (min) (Group/Solo) (Y/N) Table 1: Male No Age Status 1 18 Single Sideway 5 Solo Y 2 17 Single Facing 2 Group Y 3 19 Single Facing 3 Solo Y Table 2:

Age Female: Figure 1: Graph of no. of participant against age for female Mean: 20.42857 Mode: 18 Median: 19 The participants are selected randomly, thus the graph illustrates a random line with the date scatter unevenly throughout the range of age (refer to figure 1). This graph also records the range of age for single female in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall as our target participants are single individuals. Single female ages in the range of 14 – 19 years old.

Male: Figure 2: graph of no. of participant against age for male Mean: 18 Mode: Median: 18 According to the data collected, the range of age for single male is 17 – 19. In other words, most of the male in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall are not single (Refer to figure 2). This reflects that male seldom visit a shopping complex when he is single. This was an unexpected situation causing our research to be lack of data on the male.

Body Orientation Female: Figure 3: Mode: Sideways Most female participants were facing sideways, not facing the male researcher as the experiment was ongoing (refer to figure 3). This shows the female participants’ lack of attention and interest in the researcher. The cause is unknown, most likely due to busy modern lifestyle and the awareness of minimize unnecessary interaction with strangers.

Male: Figure 4: Mode: Facing Most male participants were facing the female researcher while the experiment was ongoing (refer to figure 4).The male population in the Sunway pyramid Shopping Mall is not bound with busy schedule. Compared to the female participants, male are more likely to pay more attention to the opposite sex.

Conversation Length Female: Figure 5: Graph of frequency against min. of conversation length for female Mean: 4.14286 minute Mode: 3, 6 minute Median: 4 minute In an average, the male participant will have a 4 minute conversation with the female experimenter(refer to figure 5).This also reflects the length of conversation a male is most likely to have with the speaker when a pickup line is being used, which is roughly 4 minutes.

Male: Figure 6:graph of frequency against min of conversation length for male Mean: 3 minute Mode: 3.3333 minute Median: 3 minute In an average, the female participant will have a 3 minute conversation with the male experimenter. This also reflects the length of conversation a female is most likely to have with the speaker when a pickup line is being used, which is roughly 3 minutes (refer to figure 6).

Compared to the female, the male are taking a shorter time to end a conversation because male are more straightforward. Company size Female: Figure 7: Most targeted female participants are not in groups, but alone. This is due to girls in group are more intimidating and there are other distraction which make it hard for the researcher to approach (refer to figure 7).Alone individuals is easier to initiate a conversation and there is most unlikely less unrelated thought in her mind so it is easier to attract her attention.

Male: Figure 8: Most targeted male participants are not in groups, but alone. The reasoning for this situation is the same as the female participant’s situation. Groups are more intimidating and distracting so it is harder to focus on one target (refer to figure 8).

Response Female: Figure 9: graph of no. of participant against response for female The ratio of the response is 6 No to 1. According to the data collected, the calculated percentage of success in picking up girls is 14.2%. Although the number of attempts is higher, the number of successful attempt and the success percentage is relatively lower (refer to figure 9).This indicates

that the female are less likely to give out their phone number and it is harder for male pickups a girl. Male: Figure 10: graph of no. of participant against response for male The ratio of response is 3 yes to 0 no. According to the data collected, the calculated percentage of success in picking up boys is 100%. This is a surprising high result but it is not accurate because they are insufficient date collected (refer to figure 10). Nevertheless, this indicates that

the male are more willing to give out their phone number and it is easier for a female to pick up the opposite sex. Discussion The hypothesis for the effectiveness of pickup lines was supported: female researcher is more successful than male researcher in obtaining the male participant’s phone number. Overall, the effectiveness of pickup lines in this sample shows that there were more successful attempts on the female side of the researcher via verbal pickup. The confidence and comfort in approaching with a participant for their phone number using verbal communication is higher. Pickup lines are used to show the humorous side to the targeted participants. In the current sample, female researcher has longer conversation length but sideway body orientation. The rates of successful attempts were in the expected range. The result is similar to the predicted result in the hypothesis. A person will feel insecure when a stranger approaches him/her spontaneously. However, there are common stereotype that female has a more fragile image then male. When approach by a female, the male participant is more likely to loosen his psychological guard, thus a male is more generous to give the phone number. They become careless and ignorance of the little details. So, the result is similar with the hypothesis. In contrary, a male has the stereotype of being a violent figure. Male also occupied more population of criminals worldwide. When a female participant is approach by a male, she instantly feels a sense of false danger and strengthens her psychological guard even when there is an obvious hint of a deception. Instead getting angry when being pickup, most female participants describe the experience as scary. Fear is the immediate reaction regardless of age. The relationship between boys and girl is complicated. A female participant is easier to have a conversation with but not necessarily easier to get her phone number, even if she is smiling. Girls are more likely to give fake emotion that is not actually felt. Boys are more straightforward with their reaction. The main limitation for this experiment is both of the researchers are not experienced and comfortable enough to pick up the participant. Besides, the population of the venue is not enough during the experiment day. Moreover, the camera is hard to be hidden and break the deception of the experiment. The experiment can be executed at a higher population venue. So, the probability of pick-up success rate will increase.

In conclusion, female researcher are more successful in obtaining the male participant’s phone number than male researcher in obtaining the female participant phone.

Reference Scott Barry Kaufman(2012,august). Psychology Today(Online).Beautiful Minds. Lewandowski, G. W., Jr., Ciarocco, N. J., Potentate, M. & Stephan, J. (2012). Pick me up: Ego depletion and receptivity to relationship initiation. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships. Dr. Gary Lewandowski (2012). Science Of Relationship (online). When Are Pick Up Lines Most Effective? Shajila Siricilla(2013).Divine Caroline(online). Time Brings Maturity, Changing Attitudes. McLeod, S. A. (2008). Prejudice and Discrimination. Retrieved from

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