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Published on August 14, 2009

Author: ahyhin


Social Networking Sites : Social Networking Sites Slide 2: “Social networks will play the most important role in the online habits of young people and beyond.” Slide 3: THE TIME BEFORE SNS Slide 4: forums, websites, blogs. Mailing list, e-groups newsletter/ Telephone WHEN THERE WAS NO SNS : WHEN THERE WAS NO SNS having a hard time starting a conversation people don’t trust you anonymous person hide ourselves avatars and username SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES ARE BORN : SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES ARE BORN profiles shows your identity power user profile building identity building self publishing community building community leader contributor network building Slide 7: 1995 – YAHOO 1998 – GOOGLE 1999 – NAPSTER 2000 – BLOGGER 2001 – WIKIPEDIA 2002 – FRIENDSTER 2003 – MYSPACE 2004 – FACEBOOK 2005 – YOUTUBE 2006 – TWITTER SOCIAL NETWORK : SOCIAL NETWORK A SOCIAL NETWORK IS A SOCIAL STRUCTURE MADE OF NODES. FOCUSES ON BUILDING ONLINE REFERENCES. SOCIAL MEDIA : SOCIAL MEDIA “INFORMATION CONTENT CREATED BY PEOPLE. USING HIGHLY ACCESIBLE AND SCALABLE PUBLISHING TECHNOLOGY.” Slide 10: “DON’T BE ANONYMOUS, BE FAMOUS AND USE THE POWER OF SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES” Social Network Boom : Social Network Boom FRIENDSTER : FRIENDSTER Friendster has: : Friendster has: BLOG – WORDPRESS FAN PROFILE -Interact -Testimonials BULLETIN BOARD -Announce Events & Meetings ( Got Club members) GROUPS MEET – WHO VIEWED ME? Slide 14: WEB, MOBILE SITE NO.1 SOCIAL NETWORK USED BY FILIPINOS (40M USERS). ONE OF THE TOP KEYWORD SEARCHES ON SMART TOP SITES VISITED BY SMART SUBS. : Slide 16: PORTFOLIO -Showcase -Exposure & JAVA CLIENT EXTREMELY POPULAR VIDEO PLATFORM. Youtube has; : Slide 18: -GAMES AS MARKETING TOOLS -Fluff -Your own games -PROFILE PAGE -GROUPS/EVENTS -FAN PAGE/EVENTS -EASY TO INTERACT (THUMBS UP & LIKE) -FEELING OF BEING LISTENED TO. Facebook has; Slide 19: -1M USERS IN THE PHILS. -160% GROWTH IN USERS FROM THE PHILS. IN Q1 2009 (NO. 1 IN THE WORLD). -WEB AND MOBILE SITE. : Slide 21: -STORE -EVENTS COVERAGE ORGANIZER CONTEST -LOCALLY POPULAR, BLOGGER PLATFORM -USED AS WEB STORES BLOG AND POSTS. Multiply has; : Imeem has; : Imeem has; a social media service To interact by watching, posting, and sharing content of all digital media types, including blogs, photos, audio, and video. : Tagged has; : Tagged has; its users to build and customize profiles, send messages, leave comments, post bulletins, customize status, browse photos, watch videos, play games, give gifts, give tags. chatting and making friends : Travian is; : Travian is; the first game of its type to be playable on mobile phones. java client. : Flickr is; : Flickr is; Image and video hosting website, web services suite, and online community platform. Used by bloggers as a photo repository. : Myspace has; : Myspace has; WEB & MOBILE SITE USED AS FAN SITES BY MUSIC ARTISTS AND ETC. : Twitter has; : Twitter has; Fast growing micro-blogging platform. What are you doing? 140 char. less. Slide 34: TWITTER wants to be more like MYSPACE which is cleaning up to be more like FACEBOOK which wants to be more like TWITTER.. : Plurk has; : Plurk has; Web and Mobile Site Locally popular micro-blogging service. Threaded Chat Box. : QIK has; : QIK has; Web and Mobile Client Line video casting & streaming platform Allows you to stream videos using your Mobile Phone. GOOGLE MAPS/LATITUDE : GOOGLE MAPS/LATITUDE Google maps has; : Google maps has; Java based mobile client. Mapping service which allows you to share your location with friends or see where other friends are. : Yahoo is; : Yahoo is; and SMS (6258) Comprehensive mash up of various services. One of the top searches on smart. YM is the leading IM service worldwide. : Bebo has; : Bebo has; Blogging Photo sharing Updates from your friends : Hi5 has; : Hi5 has; Creating an online profile in order to show information such as interests, age and hometown. Uploading user pictures where users can post comments. Also allows the user to create personal photo albums and set up a music player in the profile. Users can also send friend requests via e-mail to other users. : Orkut is; : Orkut is; designed to help users meet new friends and maintain existing relationships. WINDOWS : WINDOWS Windows live has; : Windows live has; Live Search search engine, The windows live Messenger Instant messaging client. : Sulit has; : Sulit has; Philippine Buy and Sell site. Many things you can see at the site and of course you can order and buy online. Entrepreneurs always see this as a top business site. : NING has: : NING has: CREATE YOUR OWN SNS MONETIZE IT BY PUTTING ADS FEATURES -GROUPS -FORUMS -BLOG -PHOTOS -VIDEOS SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOLS : SOCIAL NETWORKING TOOLS SMS/MMS : SMS/MMS PIXME Updates and uploads to FRIENDSTER & FACEBOOK add PIXME app on your Social Networking Sites. YM & PING.FM PING.FM ACCOUNT MMS MAIL FRING HELLOTXT : HELLOTXT Similar to SHOZU : SHOZU Native Phone Client ( Platform for updating Social Networking and Social Media Sites. WORDPRESS MOBILE : WORDPRESS MOBILE Updates and articles to your wordpress blog. MOBILE BASED SOCIAL NETWORKS : MOBILE BASED SOCIAL NETWORKS - community at your fingertips! Available on your mobile phone or on your computer. Unlimited chat, create and share exciting videos and photos with a worldwide mobile community that cares about you. - showcase web & mobile community! Mobile blogs, groups or explore a world of photo and video content. MOBILE TECH : MOBILE TECH ACCESS LAYER GSM CIRCUIT – SWITCH VOICE SMS MMS GPRS EDGE 3G WIFI Slide 62: WIFI WIMAX PLATFORMS/APPS LAYER LBS WAP/WML SYMBIAN WINDOWS MOBILE MAC OS JAVA ANDROID SIP Slide 63: “PUBLISHER NEED TO TURN WHAT ARE MORE MEDIA INTO SOCIAL MEDIA AND MUST LEVERAGE AND SOCIAL DATA THEY GENERATE TO TARGET ADVERTISING.” THE IMPACT OF THIS SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES ARE: : THE IMPACT OF THIS SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES ARE: MARKETING Changing the way we market Social Networks will more become involved meaningful. PUBLIC RELATIONS ADVERTISING RETAIL COSTUMER SERVICE Slide 65: Social Networking Profiles Portals. Media Pages, RSS & Widgets become. Blogs are increasingly a fixture intop ecommerce sites. Consumers can now track their favorite stores & become advocates of their causes in their profile. CONVERSATION : CONVERSATION GLOBALLY , SNS ARE GROWING FAST SNS USERS YAHOO 505M MYSPACE 117M FACEBOOOK 132M HI5 56M FRIENDSTER 37M % of Social Networking Subscribers : % of Social Networking Subscribers 43% - U.S 76% - BRAZIL 66% - INDIA 71% - RUSSIA 83% - PHILS. 50% - AUSTRALIA 64% - CHINA 42% - JAPAN WHY USERS HANG OUT IN THESE SNS : WHY USERS HANG OUT IN THESE SNS look for friends and family find a partner be updated on events / trends / happenings build their network entertainment shopping marketing build community to learn Slide 69: FOR KIDS; -Place to play -Stuff, rewarded -Look cute -Moshi monsters Slide 70: TEENS; -Hang out place -See and be seen -Checking in, grooming -FRIENDSTER Slide 71: ADULTS; -Social utility -Re-connecting -Networking -Advancing -FACEBOOK Slide 72: Online games can help in marketing and advertising.. Like some of the social network. LEVEL UP : LEVEL UP FIRST ONLINE GAME PUBLISHER IN THE PHILS. Games online : Games online RAGNAROK FLYFF ROHAN -THERE ARE 42 ONLINE GAMES -THERE ARE 7M ONLINE GAMERS Slide 75: MMOG stands for; -Massively -Multiplayer -Online -Game Slide 76: MMORPG stands for; -Online role playing game -Thousands of players logged into the same game world. -Game mechanics. -Cooperative and Competitive. -The GAME WORLD is persistent. VIRTUAL WORLD AFFECTS ACTUAL WORLDASL PLZ? : VIRTUAL WORLD AFFECTS ACTUAL WORLDASL PLZ? the first graphical real time social networking tool game mechanics encourage meeting people progression may depand on it. Has the same social structures as real life barkada-party, school org- guild. Relationships are real. PLAYER MOTIVATIONS ( how do we play?) : PLAYER MOTIVATIONS ( how do we play?) ACCOMPLISHMENT IDENTITY COMMUNITY Easily attainable – achievements are with in reach of all players regardless of their expertise Graphically tracked. Immortality – failure with out the burden of accountability dedication> experimentation proficiency. IDENTITY : IDENTITY Anonymity – negative aspects of self consciousness are mitigated Experimentation – expectation based on gender age and appearance are gone. Recognition – reputation and celebrity are based mostly on competence and personality. COMMUNICATION : COMMUNICATION participation – not a requirement but a given. Cooperation – teamwork. Demonization – enemy incited and unites a community. Encourages us vs. them mentality which in turn strengthens identity. Economy – trade gives value. Enforces a sense of ownership. Slide 81: RELERANCE the key to brand awareness. TO THINK ABOUT; : TO THINK ABOUT; there is really only room for one or two brands to dominate each category. This type of marketing is 5x more effective than a 30 sec tv spot. Slide 83: Be careful on what you post. Just because you can update anywhere doesn’t mean you have to. Slide 84: ..Thank you..

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