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Published on September 24, 2007

Author: Thinkmobile


240907 Mobile Social Networking and Consumer Generated Media: Company Overview Case Study & Lessons from the Market Mobile Monday Amsterdam Giles Richter, Mowave

Overview Background • Mowave • Mobile services market and business models today • Trends in PC web online community business Mowave Case Study: branded “mobile-centric” community • Self-Central - User experience / navigation tour • Experience/lessons from the market • Implications for business models • In the pipeline

Mowave Background Core Business: Mobile Content Services Founded: January 2003 Official Portal Integrations: 80+ Entertainment Services D2C Destinations: 20+ Countries : 30+ Staff: 23 HQ: Amsterdam,Netherlands Asia : Tokyo Pacific: Manila U.S. : L.A. UK : London Ownership: Privately owned by founders

2007: Where are we now? • Age of Discovery / 1st “gold rush” is over • Usage trends of Web 2-3.0 Internet driving advanced technical innovation on mobile • Transition from mobile premium content services to joined-up/customizable community • Changing business models for mobile providers

PC Web Trends: Companies & Sponsors Target Social Networking Sites for Advertising • Companies creating sites / presence on Social Networking Sites Time Warner, Burger King, Volkswagen, P & G, News Corp, Mercedes-Benz • US Trends: Advert. spend on SNS up 500% in 4 years now over US$2 billion per year • Why? “We know our customers spend a lot of time on MySpace. The important thing for us as an advertiser was to make sure we were providing content that resembles entertainment more than advertising.” -Senior director of media at Burger King

SNS Advertising: Brand Communication • Mercedes Benz island and C-Class virtual showroom in Second Life Mercedes SL page MB C Class SL Video

SNS Advertising: Brand Communication • Volkswagen Miss Helga page on – Miss Helga has 7720 friends

Social Networking + Mobile + Max Reach EU 2006 Household Internet Penetration 51.3% EU 2006 Mobile Penetration 103.2%

PC Social Networking Sites: Assessing their “Translation” to Mobile

Translation to Mobile: mixi mobile (Japan) • 100 million PV per day • 2.3million unique users out of user base of 6.6m • Male/Female Ratio 43.7%/56.3%

Mixi Jan. 2007: 10b impressions monthly Mobile usage now comprises 30% of total impressions , up from 6% in 2006 – others are all mobile traffic

Big Western Brands Invest in Own-Branded Mobile PC Web & Mobile Social Media • Disney WONDER DAYS • Coca Cola (US) SPRITE YARD • Nike (International) JOGA.COM

Mowave Case Study: Self Central UGC/SNS • Vodafone branded community in NZ • Launch 9 months Dec 2006 • 25,000 people with rooms • 80,000 visitors monthly • 8m monthly page views • Accounts for chunk total portal traffic • VF NZ 1.7m customers (4.1m pop.)

Self Central: UGC SNS Community Concept • Functional stand-alone mobile SNS/UGC Get Noticed, Get Paid. Upload • Users create individual “Rooms” or group Your Clips, Pix, and Audio to 4060 Three FoXXZ “Houses” in mobile community Get Pic FoXX’s Room SpAYCT • Via mobile, blog in their rooms with images, Get Clip Harqui’s Room video, audio recordings, texts Dis my sis, watta voice Get Audio Da Shack’s Room • Chat rooms and private chat bet members Create & Edit My Own Room € Free Stuff! Polls & Contests • Users pay via phone bill to download Top Content Cruise Self Central content and chat Top Houses Top Rooms • Users receive rewards on mobile phone bill Top Clips Top Pix for content sold from own “room” or “house.” Top Audio Top Premium Content Get Connected! • System: Real-time 24/7 delivery and Chat prevetting of all content and chat by Search Self Central Who’s Online Mowave monitor/moderators View My Room How To • Mainly Mobile with PC window on the action Getting Started FAQ T’s&C’s About Self Central Copyright

Mowave UGC/SNS Key Points Via mobile, sign up, create room, upload own pix, vids, audio Visitors browse free, download content for micro-fee, owners get royalty credited to phone bill Users communicate and inter- act with other users via WAP chat Vettors check all content, inter- act with users via CRM system Site Editors plan community competitions and awards,

Major Functionality / Features for Users • Content types: Image, Audio, Video Uploads and Downloads • Customization: Complete User Customization of own Room and House Look and Feel: Templates, Colors, Custom Banners and More • Connecting: Chat, Private Chat, Guest Books, Favorites, Groups Rankings, Ratings and Contests • Peer to Peer Marketing – “My Brand” concept User Credits, User Rev. Share, Alerts, Subscriptions, House Memberships, Tag (Brand) Creation, Premium Content Recommendations and Rev Share • Promotions, Integrated Ad System MMS, SMS, Alerts, P2P Marketing Features, Full Search 24/7 Human Vetting and CRM

Navigation Sample daNubienz daNubienz Top Dean’s Dream House of DaNubienz Get Noticed, Get Paid. Upload U found IT now! Dis place gonna Page Your Clips, Pix, and Audio to 4060 It must be a dream…it’s that good rok ya lil world! Nubienz all ova A whole page devoted to yours dis tang. U be reppn us we be repn Three FoXXZ truly U too Get Pic Add to Favourites FoXX’s Room Splasssssssh Invite to Private Chat Get Clip SpAYCT Get Clip Extreme Krump Get Clip Harqui’s Room Luv r lady lumps Get Premium Pic Dis my sis, watta voice Caribou – My Faves Get Audio R Tag Yo! Download it Get Premium Pic Da Shack’s Room And Rep it! Create & Edit My Own Room Get Tag Room House Krumpin on the Inside € Free Stuff! Polls & Contests More Content from DaNubienz Get Tag Top Content Connect With Us! View View My Pix Cruise Self Central Our Blog My Clips Top Houses daNubienz Members My Audio Top Rooms Join Us My Houses Top Clips View Our Guest Book My Faves Top Pix My Blog Sign Our Guest Book Top Audio Our Favorite Events More About Me Top Premium Content Our Favorite Houses I’m jus kikN it down Welly way. Get Connected stayn home, krunkn and mixn More About Us! Chat trax. Just broke up with my girl daNubienz was started by Danika Who’s Online (302) so looking to meet some new and nubOOtie06. Hope u like our friends and keep busy if you… Search Self Central house n all. Chk out r pix clips more View My Room and r blog and be feeln our My Friends power. This is a private member My Favourite Rooms more How To Sign My Guest Book How To Getting Started View My Guest Book Get Started FAQ How To FAQ T’s&C’s Flag as Inappropriate T’s&C’s About Self Central About Self Central About Self Central Copyright Copyright Copyright Home

Top Content Navigation Sample Top Rooms Cruise Self Central Top Ranked Clips Three FoXXZ Top Ranked Rooms Get Cliip Cruise Self Central FoXX’s Room Cruise Your Favorite Category: SpAYCT Get Clip Chix With Pix Go To Room Harqui’s Room All Guyz! Dis my sis, watta voice Get Clip Ur Favorite SC HOTTIEZ! Da Shack’s Room Go To Room More Top Clips SXC Hot Clips Krump Krump fever Get Clip Crak UP! Go To Room Krumpster’s Room Da Ride More Top Rooms Friendz Get Clip Hot Rooms Stylin! Swaeet’s Room Rizing StarZ Pool it Get Clip RH Competition Finalists ((eee))gad’s Room Go To Room More Hot Clips Cruise All Users Latest Clips The Poser Get Clip Go To Room NemesisXX’s Room Buddy Get Clip DUBLEdutch’s Room Go To Room bOOTS More Hot Rooms Get Clip Back Vixen’s Room Self Central More Latest Clips Latest Clips Self Central

Connecting sample: paths to communicate/chat Click to invite to chat direct Who’s Online Chat Rooms User Room triggers WAP push to members phone - brings OFFLINE Users come ONLINE Who’s Online Chat Rooms daNubienz Please keep it clean: No hate, Porn, or DGTZ XCHANGE Hotchic4me *!!!unique!!!* [D!MΞ Chat Central ß!ZZLΞ] Greeneyeboy Dean’s Dream Choose a Room: ~SydewayZ Mz krunk munkii babii LARISSA ..THUG..ANGEL.. Chat Central (31) LitaFord MYK MwntsFEM4fun Honeyb.Fly Mi$s ****ti Submit Urban (3) **CuTiEmAoRigUrL** Refresh nykoleaho-* tHa-fReSH-pRiNcE Chillin (4) Add to Favourites PLATNUM MidNyt Eagle ~///~ Invite to Private Chat Skuxy> lol watz so funi +::BuB@hli§hU§::+ North of the Bombays (0) chloe lmao it nly hapenz wen ah luk Klamenza [t][*][a][r][. Disterbed Extreme Krump at u haha jp angel tk* RES BOY PeAcHz 'n' Rock (0) Get Clip ..doggieG. > aWwWw nd mez sdiL cReAm U kñöw ù w@Ñt a REIGE dahaha m€ xX-Wellington-Xx Dean Deep (0) ladys man> oh it was al gd ms boty Caribou – My Faves <Lil-mIs-Q.T> -<$Â¥Lil maori were u from Get Premium Pic boy-<$Â¥ *+*I had u suicidal*+* Points South (0) Ur SoUlJaHz FaNtA.c..> ...hey angelvamp Wawa COLOUR peapz WIZARD! In need of gf BaYbE Cars (0) Krumpin on the Inside !ChLoE_MWah > Sup sup boi lol ReRoXz Emo lover Tedey-bare Get Tag skux Taishua bAbIbOoZ_fYnEsT Sport (0) PLATNUM> Me owties goin 2 luk **RaCk* !!if u wnt me *** gt me!! My Pix in da ada rms c u gangstahlism NoToRiOuS How To My Clips Skuxy> hay anywun wna tlk B@bY !! NiUeAnZ- HowBack candi shop > anybdy wana chat fYnEsT ..>FaTtY AkA bUbBy<.. To My Audio View My Room moffa da mounta GBby Hu luvz My Houses Auto Refresh 2 FAQ My Faves How To About Self Central/Copyright More My Blog Self Central HowSelect Another Chat Room To More About Me Self Central Self Central

Own Room Admin Choose a Top Banner Room Page Attach Content to a Blog Create a Blog Entry Select Content to Attach: Edit Input your entry: KMK Attention: You may only change your Content Type Nickname two times! Edit Nick Name Submit Submit Money earned since last payment: Three of us $25.15 View My Blog Your About Me Icons Select Image Add Delete Back Room Message: Self Central Small screens, big Opportunities! Pool It! Edit More About Me: Select Image Hi please leave me a message Edit Sign/Edit My Blog Boots Room Admin My Clips Successful Entry Select Image My Pix Your Entry Was Successful: My Audio Attach Pic, Clip or Audio Choose Favorite Music,Pix,Clips and to the Entry Pose Games View My Room View My Blog Select Image Disable Private Chat Back My Houses Self Central The Boat House Edit Delete View More Create a House Join a House How To Friends and Favourites HowBack To View my Guest Book Edit View My Room View My Favourites Edit FAQ About Self Central/Copyright How To Self Central FAQ About Self Central/Copyright Self Central

House Admin: custom banner creation, colors, headers Select Banner – Custom Room Page Select one of your images to use to make your top banner Edit House Name and Banner Select Room Page Select Banner – Custom Room Page WARNING: House names must be Use the commands below to more than 3 and less than 25 navigate and choose a slice of characters your selected image as your top Select Enter New Name Below: banner. Submit Current Banner daNubienz Select Right Left Choose a New Image from the Pre-Set Menu Up Select Down Choose a New Image from Your Own Pix How To How To Select House Admin Page HowHouse Admin Page To House Home Page House Home Page FAQ FAQ How To Self Central/Copyright About Select About Self Central/Copyright Self Central More Self Central How To HowHouse Admin Page To House Home Page FAQ About Self Central/Copyright Self Central

Users’ Sale of Premium Content Top Pix and Clips Premium Pic: CD Cover Maroon 5 TOP SELLER: eeZZee NO. 2 SELLER: MDnezian • Branded and rights managed content Premium Clip: JFL Firefighters Catalogues integrated into system TOP SELLER: eeZZee NO. 2 SELLER: MDnezian More Top Pix • Users can link to favorite premium content More Top Clips And run own store – receive royalty as “distributor” Top Tunes and Games Premium Music: Ne-Yo, Because on site Of You TOP SELLER: Gawjus NO. 2 SELLER: BaybeeB Game: Ninja Kid TOP SELLER: STinkster NO. 2 SELLER: tankgurl More Top Tunes More Top Games Hot Content Premium Clip: Sopranos 1/4 TOP SELLER: TONYTONY NO. 2 SELLER: The Don Game: Bejeweled TOP SELLER: STinkster NO. 2 SELLER: tankgurl More Hot Premium Content Latest Clips Self Central

Lessons: the “Operator-Branded” Launch Advantages • Positioning, marketing = traffic • Integrated user experience • Credibility • Understanding of customer Disadvantages • Reliance on external opco resources = delays/glitches • Proprietary mark-up / system development reduces product scalability

Lessons: Marketing for Imagined Customers

Reality Check: The real audience….no PC, little money but lots of time, creativity and energy

Self Central User Profiles • 55% female/45% male • 23% users are members with rooms set up • 77% users have not set up a room • Many with no PC or little PC access • Majority prepay • Royalty rewards drive business

Lessons: User Behavior • General points PC SNS vs Mobile SNS • Relationship of Context to Content • Chat behavior = 30% of traffic • Purchase/payment/motivation = – fame & fortune & community

Self Central Basic Site Stats • 8,000,000 Monthly Page Views • 80,000 monthly average visitors (with no promotion) • 8.48 Average Pageviews per Visit • 00:08:02 Average Time Spent on Site per Visit

Vetting/Monitoring: 24/7 Content Standards and Rights Management Full content standards and access control systems. Mowave’s platform provides airtight vetting and vetting system combining configurability. 24/7 human and automated elements safeguards content standards Mobile licensing experience allows Mowave to incorporate the sale of a variety of premium content in addition to user-generated content. Constant policing guarantees perfect adherence to local standards. Vetting is done according to Vodafone’s guidelines – no unchecked content is posted – professional monitoring

Business Models: Referrals to Content Retailers

Content Overview Content standards and vetting • 30% of content submitted is published • 57% not approved by vettors • 13% deleted by users themselves Content downloads via MMS • 54% video • 38% images • 18% audio

Business Models: Mobile Ads Coming of Age Sample Ad Report Huge traffic numbers and intense user loyalty become a point of engagement for advertisers A wide variety of marketing and promotion options: • Banners • Custom Rooms • Promotions • Competitions • Polls and Questionnaires Results: 5% Click Through Referred Sites See 10-Fold Traffic Increase

Conclusions • Customer profiles – different from premium download customers / PC community users • Risk – minefield of rights and liability creates risk for brands without fully-managed system • Solution – own-branded community with full prevetting and editorial control

In the Pipeline: OFF-PORTAL Three FoXXZ D2C SNS/UGC Download Hot Videos and More All Free at SexcFree Three FoXXZ Get Pic • Open Platform FoXX’s Room SpAYCT Get Clip • Mobile-centric Harqui Dis my sis, watta voice Get Audio • PC-web extensible Da Shack Get Started! If’s FREE! Free Stuff! Polls & Contests (widgets, gadgets, etc.) Cruise Joyntz by Category Get the Highest Payouts at Jackpot Mobile Casino • Advertising friendly Top Content Top Joyntz Hot Rooms • Non-opco dependent Top User Clips and Pix Top Recommended Content Top Audio • Own-branded, white-label Get Connected! Chat • Full- or flexible vetting Search Who’s Online (302) View My Room How To Getting Started FAQ T’s&C’s Get Great Content at OPNR Copyright

Mowave Contact HQ: Amsterdam, Netherlands Singel 125-1, Amsterdam Netherlands 1012 VH +31 (0)20 421 2411 Thank you! London Giles Richter

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