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Information about Social Networking and Ning

Published on July 5, 2008

Author: mprine


Slide 1: What is a social network? INTERNET 2008: Social Networking Objectives of lesson : Objectives of lesson Identify what a social network can do Recognize the difference between members and groups within a social network Create an identity on a social network as well as a group Evaluate the use of a social network for an older adult, and state an opinion on relevance. Compare at least three social networking sites, and select a site which is most appealing to you Slide 3: This is Bob Bob is having a party He’s inviting a few people… Slide 4: …it will be a wild affair! Some friends from work Some of his neighbors And some people he likes to scuba dive with He is inviting… Slide 5: If Bob’s party is a social network, all of the people who come to the party are members. The members of a social network can also form groups Bob’s friends from work, his neighbors and his scuba friends all belong to groups. Slide 6: Members can join any group. Members can invite others to join. Members can set up groups. In this way, a social network can bring together people from all areas and allow them to find others with common interests. But a social network can do so much more than this… Slide 7: A social network can list upcoming events , or share favorite websites. You can share photos, videos and blogs. You can talk live or you can use a forum to share ideas. List upcoming events Share favorite websites Share photos & videos Three social networking sites… : Three social networking sites… (Bob prefers MySpace) (There are lots of social networks out there!!!) Facebook My Space Ning 5 facts about social networks : 5 facts about social networks NING AND LIFELONG LEARNERS : NING AND LIFELONG LEARNERS Slide 11: Things you can do on Lifelong Learners More… Join the Lifelong Learners group Join a group within Lifelong Learners, or form your own Upload photos of friends, family, pets or whatever Upload music you enjoy, or even music you have made Highlight websites that you enjoy for others to view Slide 12: More things you can do on Lifelong Learners And so much more! Record thoughts about anything in your own blog Participate in group discussions on the forum Upload videos you have made or have seen online Tell others about upcoming events Slide 13: Try it: How to join Lifelong Learners 1. Go to 2. Click on “Sign Up” more Slide 14: How to join Lifelong Learners (continued) 3. Fill in the information required E-mail address is required Don’t forget your password! Birthday is optional Copy the code as shown Don’t forget to click sign up! more Slide 15: How to join Lifelong Learners (continued) 4. Complete your registration Real name is not required We will cover uploading photos in a future tutorial. Don’t do this for now. Fill this in if you like. It will help us to get to know you better. Click Join and you are IN! Slide 16: Try It: Joining groups Joining a group couldn’t be easier. 1. Click on the name of the group 2. Click on invitation to join the group more Slide 17: Joining groups (cont.) 3. And Voila! You are in! Simple, isn’t it? Invite your friends! Slide 18: Summary Lesson One: Things we did on Lifelong Learners Joined Lifelong Learners 2. Joined or created a group Slide 19: Sign up for Lifelong Learners AND Join an existing group OR Form a new group Assignment Lesson One: Forum topic: Learn more about: Social Networking Is there interest in social networking for older adults? View this news report which ran on You Tube. Do you think that older adults can find a use for social networking? Why or why not? Slide 20: Surfing Suggestion: Look up these social networking sites. How do they compare to Ning? How are they different? Which do you find most appealing?

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