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Published on March 12, 2014

Author: BFMack



An introduction to social media and a primer for leveraging social media marketing in network development.

Don’t Throw Out Your Rolodex! Building Your Network Through Social Media Marketing Brian Mack Director of Marketing Ideomed, Inc.

The Paradigm Shift Social Media has fundamentally & irreversibly changed the nature of relationships between producers [providers] & consumers.

What Kind of Marketer are You? A Push Me? Or A Pull You?

Traditional “Push” Channels • Print • Broadcast • Electronic • Display  Newspapers  Periodicals  Direct Mail  Television  Radio  Website  Banner Ads (PPC)  Billboards  “Intercept” Signage

Social Media Marketing Is: - Based on “Pull” tactics - A robust tool for enhancing traditional efforts - Highly cost efficient - Highly quantifiable Is NOT: - A strategy in and of itself - An excuse to eliminate traditional media - A free ride - A “magic bullet”

The Evolution of Social Media Engagement Observing / Listening Responding / Conversing Pushing / Creating Engaging

Discovering the “New World” of Social Media

Set Your Course (Before You Weigh Anchor) 1. Define your goals 2. Define success 3. Develop strategy 4. Know your positioning 5. Identify target 6. Recruit resources 7. Confirm infrastructure 8. Establish Policies X

Lay Up Your Provisions (Be prepared to feed the dragon!) • Social Media is a CONTENT BASED MEDIUM • Post consistently & Regularly • Repurpose existing content • Delegate content creation across the organization

Regularly Check Your Progress • Quantifiable results bring marketing credibility • Employ available tracking tools like Google Analytics • Monitor your online presence • Create a means of gathering contact data • Incorporate links to your most common referrers

Time Management • Schedule SM Time • Delegate • Don’t Recreate Wheel • Manage Disruptions • Control Info Overload • Leverage Tools • Annotate & Share • Create Templates • Unplug!

Stock Your SM Tool Box • Google Analytics • Fan Pages & Groups • Hootsuite • Google Reader • Wordpress (Blogs) • Google Alerts • Delicious (Bookmarks)

Resources • Groundswell by Charlene Li & Josh Bernoff • Search Engine Marketing by Mike Moran & Bill Hunt • Permission Marketing by Seth Godin • • • • •


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