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Published on March 5, 2014

Author: shawnatregunna



Presented to the Ottawa TiE Institute: Social Media 201

Social Media - Tools and Tracking for Social Media Marketing

Attendees will learn about tools to help automate elements of their social media marketing, manage their campaigns more efficiently and effectively and the difference between vanity metrics and business metrics and how to drive certain business metrics.

Tools & Tracking for Social Media Marketing Shawna Tregunna, President - ReSoMe Inc.

“Social media is like a digital handshake when used by a professional advisor.” - Peter Bowman

Recap During 101 we covered: - Audience - Business Objectives - Content / Company Stories

If you fail to plan, plan to fail. Set up a schedule or an ‘editorial calendar’, make it a priority, make someone accountable for it and follow through. What gets measured gets managed.

Automation There are some things in social media that you can automate – and some things you can’t. What you can’t automate: - Relationships - Engagement - Customer Service - Crisis Management

Automation There are a few things you can set and forget that will make your life easier!  RSS feeds  IFTTT  Wordpress Plugins  Syndication  Triberr

Management There are a few elements you need to actively “manage” in social media - responding to mentions or relevant chatter and getting your new messaging out. The time you spend selecting and learning your tools WILL pay off.

Scheduling & Listening Some tools and why they are awesome:  Hootsuite: - Free for one user, upgrade for teams - Bulk scheduling with Pro - Hootlet - All major social media networks - Analytics are expensive  Sprout Social      Starts at $39/month/user No bulk upload (but scheduled export) Fantastic analytics and integrated reporting Great maintenance tools Has Sprout Social Bookmarklet for live sharing

Scheduling & Listening  Social Mention  Free  Short term  Not account specific  Google Alerts – for everything!  Tweetdeck - Free, no teams - Twitter only but great searching, filtering, view - Fell out of favour when was acquired by Twitter  Many Others!

Measuring Success How do you know if your social media campaign is working? Ensure you have targets that are tied to your business goals, track them and hold someone accountable for their performance.

Choose Your Measurement Don’t get caught up in JUST vanity metrics – put the focus on metrics that feed the business goals. Vanity Metrics Business Metrics Followers/fans Likes/+1 Shares/RTs Klout/Kred Reach/Influence Mentions/#FFs Subscribers Website traffic Purchases Reviews/Ratings Inbound links Google searches ^Stuff that BY ITSELF only matters in social media Stuff that moves people down the funnel^

Subscribers  A very common soft conversion to target is the subscription which means you gain permission to contact the user at your convenience with your messaging.  Blog Subscribers  These people want to consume your content, make sure you make it easy for them to follow AND to share  Have a clear call to action specific to their needs  Email Subscribers  This should be very high on the priority list!

Email Subscribers  Even if you don’t have a newsletter strategy now, start collecting those emails!  MailChimp  Free for small (just getting started) campaigns and scalable with a fee later  Easy to set up, easy to customize  Lots of plugins to make integration easy anywhere  Analytics for everything!  Also see Constant Contact, GetResponse and more..

Website Traffic - Google Analytics  Set up Google Analytics on your website  Set up goals for your social media campaigns  Set up conversion goals tied to social media traffic

Facebook is Your Friend  Set up Power Editor  Watch some videos, read about it and use it  NEVER boost a post from your page again!  Only spend money on ads feeding into a business goal  Use custom audiences – the money is in the list!  Set up pixel tracking for your Facebook ads

Facebook Insights Most of the analytics you will see on social media specific analytic reports will be vanity metrics so be sure to focus on what is important!  What is the audience mix? Are you on the right platform, reaching the right audience?  What posts get the most organic and viral engagement? Do more of this!  What posts cause people to unfollow or not engage? Do less of this!  When is the best time to post – and other optimization info is great to help you tweak your messaging!  …but don’t get hung up on fans!

Purchases It is not always easy to tie direct purchases to social media marketing influence but there are some tactics you can use when you are targeting people you know are ready to buy.  Facebook has built in coupons with tracking  Trackable promo codes  Dedicated landing pages  Ask during checkout or as follow up what influenced their buying decision to track the impact of peripheral social media exposure

Reviews & Ratings A part of your online, email and follow up customer service efforts should go to drawing reviews and ratings our of your happy clients on relevant platforms. - Google Places / Google Plus - Yelp - FourSquare - LinkedIn - Yahoo! - Facebook

Inbound Links  Inbound links help you from an awareness standpoint, a direct traffic perspective (people can get to you from more places) and from an SEO perspective  Many blogger outreach campaigns, giveaways, press releases, and social publicity stunts are done to generate this type of online traction  Make sure to track the behavior of the traffic from your inbound links and that your landing pages meet their needs!

Funnel Follow Subscribe Research Purchase

Don’t Under Estimate The Pass or Handoff Social Media is often the first contact or the first personal contact someone has with a brand, the job of social media is to pass that lead on to the next step to help reach the goal. Not every sale is going to come directly from your social media campaign so design the play accordingly!

Thank You Shawna Tregunna ReSoMe | @ReSoMe |

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