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Information about Social Media Terminologies

Published on October 9, 2009

Author: mcateee


Social Media Terminologies Cheat Sheet October 09, 2009 Social Media Social media is content created by people (users) inspiring conversation delivered via specific web publishing tools. Social Network You know this one...Facebook, MySpace, and about a million other smaller ones. This is where people are connected to one-another by commonalities, ties, and the strength of those ties. Blog Type of website with regular entries centered on a topic, conversation, description of event, or audio/video content. Blogs heavily utilize RSS syndication. RSS Feed “Really Simple Syndication” or “Rich Site Summary” - either way, means a quick and easy way for users to “subscribe” to content on a webpage, blog, or podcast, and have that content delivered to them regularly. Podcast Series of digital media files (audio and/or video) released regularly and delivered to subscribers using syndication tools and feed readers and podcatchers (like iTunes). MicroBlog Form of multimedia blogging where individuals publish short bursts of text updates or micromedia such as images, audio clips, video clips/links. These are submitted by text message, web, web app, instant message, and email. Twitter The largest and most popular free microblogging website/tool. Hashtag Represents the prefixed use of the # sign to tag key words when ʻtweetingʼ - these words can then be searched and referenced. i.e. #ministry2 @replies Represents the prefixed use of the @ sign to indicate that a ʻtweetʼ is directed to or referencing an individual or contact. i.e. @ministry2 Wiki Website maintained by a community of contributors where content (or documents) is completely created and edited by the collective user group. Different wikis have varying levels of restrictions and permissions. i.e. wikipedia vs/ open source. Widget Best described as mini-applications that live away from their parents. i.e. a weather widget on your desktop pulls the weather in your area for easy viewing without having to go online.

Social Media Terminologies Cheat Sheet October 09, 2009 A better way to save your bookmarks. Like a site? Now you can access it through your favorites on any computer. Users can also follow bookmarks of other users. Mash-ups Take two pieces of content that are great, put them together, and you have a mash-up. For instance, google maps + pictures taken around town = “street view.”

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