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Published on November 18, 2009

Author: lukeharveypalmer


Social  Media  School  



Week 1 0830-0900 - Introductions and formalities 0900-0930 - Social media explained 0930-1000 - Case studies - people doing great things 1000-1015 - Coffee break 1020-1100 - Overview of the tools 1100-1200 - Register with the tools 1200-1220 – Goal setting 1220-1230 - Homework - creating connections

Week 2 0830-0900 - Review of previous week 0900-1000 - Increasing your connections 1000-1030 - Coffee break 1030-1130 - Measuring and monitoring social media 1130-1200 - Monetising your social media activity 1200-1230 - Review of material

name what do you do how do you use social media what do you want to learn here


Social  media  are  media  designed  to  be   disseminated  through  social  interac3on,   created  using  highly  accessible  and  scalable   publishing  techniques.    

Social  media  supports  the  human  need  for   social  interac3on,  using  Internet-­‐  and  web-­‐ based  technologies  to  transform  broadcast   media  monologues  (one  to  many)  into  social   media  dialogues  (many  to  many).    

It  supports  the  democra3sa3on  of  knowledge   and  informa3on,  transforming  people  from   content  consumers  into  content  producers.  

…social  media  supports  the  human  need  for   social  interac3on,  using  Internet-­‐  and  web-­‐ based  technologies…  

Trust in business in Australia is in decline with 74% of survey respondents indicating they trust business less than they did last year... Source:  2009  Edelman  Trust  Barometer  

CEOs are the least trusted source of information when forming an opinion of a company. Eighty-one per cent of respondents do not trust the CEO as a source in Australia, the US and Europe Source:  2009  Edelman  Trust  Barometer  

87% of Australians would refuse to buy from a company they do not trust, and 93% said they chose to buy product or services from companies they trust. Source:  2009  Edelman  Trust  Barometer  

Unless  you  are  prepared     The  internet  has   To  give  it  away  for  free   Changed  all  this   How  can  you  compete?   Did  it  sell  anymore   Imitation  made  in   Or  make  money?   China  

The  FIFTH  P  –  People!  

Why did this happen

grew from 300 – 342,000 in 1 month


a social business ($928m in 9 years)

What is it? Worlds leading Social networking site Cost Free Launched 2004 Interesting If Facebook was a country, it would be the 5th largest in the world (population) Vital statistics Over 300 million members Good For Sharing photos, videos and thoughts with your friends. More personal than LinkedIn and used by a ‘younger’ audience (average age = 36)

What is it? Micro blogging platform that facilitates 140 character interactions with followers... Cost Free Launched 2006 Interesting Third most used social network behind Facebook and MySpace Monthly visits 55 million Good For Connecting, sharing and referring

What is it? Worlds leading video sharing site Cost Free Launched 2005 Interesting Google purchased YouTube for US$1.65 billion in 2008 Vital statistics January 2009 – 6 billion videos viewed Good For Sharing videos, education, sourcing free content for presentations!

hDp://   VIEW  HERE  


What is it? Social networking platform for Professionals Cost Free Launched 2003 Interesting Registrations have climbed from 28 million in August 2008 to over 50 million today Vital statistics 50 million members Good For Online profile and biography, connecting with relevant professionals, finding staff, getting a job.

What is it? Posterous lets you post things online fast using email Cost Free Launched 2009 Interesting Predicted to be the next big thing… already generating $1,700/day via ad revenue Vital statistics too early to say… Good For sharing lifestreams and autoposting!

let’s get started (it’s time to register)


homework (listen and learn?)

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