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Published on March 10, 2009

Author: arturopelayo


Social media rock stars by Arturo Pelayo

how to leverage social media In order to understand the impact of Social Media, it is important to step back and look at how we’ve consciously or unconsciously been adapting technology. Just 110 years ago humanity lived at the dawn of the invention of electricity and this has allowed us not only to transform our lives but the very nature of how we communicate. We now readily embrace technologies much more rapidly and their impact is seen everywhere. With the widespread adoption of technology its complexity is ever staggering. In the world of Social Media, things move very quickly and the biggest multiplier is not technology, but people. The more people you know, the more things you can do. If you could navigate through Social Media, you’d probably be looking at hundreds upon hundreds of rapidly evolving applications and properties (software as a service or communities) to help you do anything you want. It is key to know your way around so that you can leverage its power.

digital Darwinism For a world that had its baby steps just less than 10 years ago, it is impressive how widespread its adoption is and the usability challenges it represents across generations. (Without even considering the cultural aspects). Different countries have embraced the benefits and challenges that technology provide to best accommodate their development. It is without a doubt important to note that whilst we enjoy many of these technologies, their availability is tied to politics, economic capacity, beliefs, and traditions. This digital divide will only grow bigger unless we can effectively engage in ways not to impose technology, but to develop it in partnership with the people of earth. Sharing knowledge and learning how to leverage its power is clear and the examples that you can think of are very clear in recent political history. President Obama is a stand out example of how Social Media can be leveraged.

user experience The development of good Social Media products is heavily dependent in good Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation. Users have many options nowadays to share all aspects of their lives online and we are certainly living in an adjustment period where usage guidelines, privacy and safety are top topics that will certainly be interesting to watch in this adjustment period. Companies are looking for new ways to engage and discover talent and in the process create a new digital culture that leverages engagement. The worries of course are that too much online activities may isolate people from the communities where they live. This however could be a good debate with the political usage of Social Media around the world. Our digital lives are certainly intertwining with parenting and how we interact with family members even in close physical proximity. Technology itself is reshaping human strength while actively blurring the limits of what can be done.

knowledge engines We have barely begun to understand the power of data and not only learn how to improve search engines but leap into computational knowledge engines. As users share and produce more content, unlocking its value into meaningful data sets can be achieved. Licensing and proprietary approaches are challenged by the power of crowd sourcing and open approaches like creative commons licensing schemes. With open content, true democratization is happening and you see it anywhere from education to leadership structures. This leverage is effectively creating a new digital horizontal economy. Value by the people for the people. permeates The availability of this tools is what makes it attractive for new startups. It is easy to culture contribute to the innovation pie and if one were to think of all the online tools as flowers technology in a garden, the basis of how projects are designed help cross-pollinate and rapidly will continue adapt and adopt into new usage scenarios. to reshape our daily lives Protect the thought process, more than the content.

social footprint The key advantage of Social Networking is that the relationship is personal and companies are steadily adapting to this relationship economy and are growing in the process. In this context, all interactions can be easily found, this is great for businesses but it also stresses the importance of the privacy and potential exploitation of data like in HR settings. As the social footprint expands companies have the chance to identify and empower users and costumers who are key brand drivers. Enabling conversations between creativity your costumers and engaging in people powered customer service and peer-to-peer awareness can be a double sided sword. The bottom line is that it is important to be actively engaged in the real-time web we are living in. Embrace content ownership, customers will remember you if you give them not only A+B, but if you make this experience remarkable. Not only make a standing online, make it outstanding each and every time.

this is just the warm up Social Media is just getting started. The key to its success will be its widespread use not by imposition, but by active engagement of all the people who use it and the ones that can benefit from it. Lets build the present together. what comes next? This guide compliments the “Social Media Rock Stars” slideshow. It contains key points that the author makes during the presentation. It doesn’t replace your hand notes nor your very valuable insight and feedback to everyone in class. The images associated with the slideshow have a copyright of their authors and have been included for educational purposes only. If you engage in remixing the content be aware of this. If you’d like to further contribute and improve the slideshow, please contact the author:

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