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Published on November 13, 2007

Author: gregverdino



A 101 on social media PR prepared for a November 15th 2007 PR News Digital webinar - 7 principles for successful blogger outreach + 7 social media tools that can help you get the job done. An annoted version, along with links to other resources can be found on my blog - at the url on the last slide.

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principles for successful influencer outreach

1. look, listen and learn

2. right matters more than might

3. join my community

4. my mailbox isn’t your newswire

5. bloggers are not journalists

6. what’s in it for me?

7. commitment, not campaigns

tools for integrated social media marketing

1. social media press release

social media press release , cont’d

2. linkroll

3. social network hub

4. flickr photostream

5. youtube channel

6. suggested tag taxonomy

7. rss everywhere greg verdino | | | questions? you can find more resources at:

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