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Published on March 5, 2014

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Brand Semiology
INSEEC Course 2013

Creating the Social Media Policy of a creative agency
50 Employees

ʼS W ? S RE HE I W A L LY Les WALLYʼS Creative agency SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY Social Media Platforms Central social media platform Information both on the firm and on trends every hours A board per creative member to valorize creativity & ability to follow & set new trends To identify each employee as an asset, to create discussions & amplify expertise Core Policies COMMON SENSE TRANSPARENCY HONESTY Never pretend Never lie Profesionnal, responsible & appropriate posts POSITIVE ATTITUDE thrive to improve discussion and expertise Be humble & respectful 1 Every employee can be creative & transmit a sense of the firm everyday’s life

OBJECTIVES: - Prepare each employee to use social media to spread our values throughout every posts to strengthen the community - Provide guidelines so as every employee can both take part in social media presence and respect firms engagement - Ensure a sustainable social media ecosystem so as every employee can share its expertise without violating confidential agreement PERSONAL IDENFICATION: - Open communication. Each employee can talk about its expertise, share its opinion, be part of a discussion on the firm or another topic as far as its statement is identified as a personal view. The use of pseudonyms is strongly discouraged, unless you have always been identified by it on different social media platforms. - Be consistent on your online presence, you should always have the same Name, job, topics related to your profile. - When giving your personal opinion please use « I » and not « We ». Remember that each employee is personally responsible for the content he publishes. - When you post a message on social media platforms identify you as an employee of the firm and explain that this message is reflecting your opinion and not the company’s one. For instance, you can use a disclaimer like : “The postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent the firm’s positions, strategies, or opinions.” - Never pretend to be someone else, or knowing to do something you do not. If you cannot provide a good expertise, your comment may deteriorate the image of the firm. - Your online presence is linked to your work and to the company, you should represent the core values of the firm. - Make sure that your online activities do not interfere with your ability to accomplish your job requirements. CONFIDENTIAL ASPECT : - You can not post confidential information such as revenues or future campaigns. - Do not mention information that hasn’t been publicly released by the company. - Do not mention, hashtag or talk about our client or partners without their approuval and the Community Managing Department. - Only the Community Managing Department and employees from the board of director are allowed to speak on the behalf of the company. - Social media is not the right place to discuss business. If you need to discuss about a contract, or a current work, please use the firm private messaging service, phone or even better go to see the persone to its desk. - You aren’t allowed to display any graphical creation (contract/ client focus), datas, text notes, profesionnals emails on social media unless a permission is given by the CM team. RESPECT – TRUST - HONESTY: - Respect your collegues and other internet users ideas. - No insults, no obscenity, no threats, no racial or religious intolerance are permitted on social media platforms. - Every employee need to understand that each statement made are timeless and can be seen by everybody on the internet. Never say something that you can regret one day, in one way or another. 2

RESPECT – TRUST - HONESTY: - Your comments should always invite people to respond so as to build a positive and helpful conversation rather than just a short and unprecise reaction. If you can give added value to a conversation, please feel free to give your input. - Do not respond to criticism by being rude or insulting to the person, remain calm and polite, use rationality. - If you made a mistake, admit it as soon as possible. You should never delete a post. Pay great attention before posting something. - No employees is allowed to delete a post, from another employee or from an internet user. - No one is allowed to delete bad comments. If one employee delete a post, administrative penalty can apply. - Never pay a blogger or an internet user to discuss about the firm on social media. If the firm is facing a crisis, the community will support the company without asking for a reward. - Never create fake disclosure or fake endorsement. - If a debate or a complaint is posted on the social media, do not interfere. The CM team is in charge of this aspect. You are only allowed to take part if you can bring a positive input. Debate are delt privately in PM by the CM team. PENALTIES : Failure on this policy may result in different penalties from profesionnal warning to dismissal, even to judicial penalties. Marine ESCANDE MBM 2013-2014 Les WALLYʼS Creative agency 3

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