Social Media Policies and Effective Strategies

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Information about Social Media Policies and Effective Strategies

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: federalstudentaid


Susan Thares 03/13/2013 Social Media Policies & Effective Strategies

Things To Consider Before You Begin • What are you solving for? • Who is the audience you want to reach? • What does your customer want/need from you? • Engagement or one-way communication? • Where does your audience engage on social media? • What constitutes success? • What resources ($$ and people) are available? • Identifying key stakeholders in your organization • Leverage other government resources

Policy Components • Purpose • Scope • Who does it apply to • Background & Definition • Defining social media/digital engagement & benefits of using it for your agency • How is relates to and advances your agency mission • Roles & Responsibilities • Who is authorized to speak in an official capacity • Approval processes • Policy Specifics • Access • Account Management • Acceptable Use • Legal Requirements • How it’ll be managed/Governance

Creating Policy Internal Use Guidelines • Follow all applicable government & agency policies • Disclose only publicly available information • Don’t use your status to discuss overly personal info • Show respect & professionalism • Respect other’s privacy • Correct misinformation or mistakes • Avoid political statements

Creating Policy External Use Guidelines • Comment Policy • Linking Policy • External link evaluation criteria • Disclaimer of endorsement • If you receive PII

Creating Policy • Obtain Terms of Service for all Third- Party Apps you plan to use • Get approval from OGC • Familiarize yourself with the latest records management, privacy and security guidelines • Leverage all the great resources on

Making them available…

First Steps to an Effective Strategy

Starting your Strategy • Listen online for questions, comments, information gaps around your products and services • Wade through the noise, look for good nuggets and don’t take it personally • Creating content is key • Write in plain language, inject some humor and go beyond text based content • Link back to resources on your websites • Build an inventory of content before you start and determine how often you are going post • Metrics • What to measure and how to report it • Adjusting as you go

Online customer listening is essential to a successful social media strategy

Create Relevant Content MonitorTrends Identify Key Customer Issues Listen

• Include a variety of links to your websites, resources and blogs • Create visual collateral (video, photos, infographics) • Create a content calendar • Repurpose content when you can • Retweet relevant info from the White House, other agencies and other parts of your agency

• Establish some basic metrics • Review metrics regularly and adjust accordingly (e.g. # posts/tweets, time of day, days of the week, etc.) • What content resonated most with your audience • Test different ways to communicate a message (e.g. use different tweet headlines that link to the same blog) • Create FAQ spreadsheet with corresponding answers in Facebook and Twitter formats

Sample FAQ document

Have Fun with It Homepage 16

Facebook 17

Facebook Post Examples 18

Twitter 19

Twitter Post Example 20 Shortened link to info on

The more the merrier… 21

YouTube 22

Some of our YouTube Playlists 23

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