Social Media Marketing – Best Practices for Healthcare Industry

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Information about Social Media Marketing – Best Practices for Healthcare Industry

Published on May 25, 2018

Author: medresponsive


slide 1: Successful Social Media Marketing – Best Practices for the Healthcare Industry for 2018 and Beyond The service of an SEO company has become virtually indispensable for healthcare businesses for effective search engine as well as social media marketing campaigns. The healthcare sector can enhance their marketing efforts by adopting some best practices. slide 2: The service of an SEO company has become virtually indispensable for healthcare businesses for effective search engine as well as social media marketing campaigns. Why is social media so important for the healthcare industry Mainly because it is one of the most effective tools for spreading public health messages and ensuring better patient access to healthcare services. A recent study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research says that “Given the broad reach of social media it has been leveraged as a communication mechanism for a range of different health interventions including smoking cessation alcohol awareness HIV prevention childhood obesity sexual health practices and mental health awareness.” Many industries are now hugely investing in social media marketing to engage with audiences and promote their business. In 2015 63 percent of US companies were using social network for lead generation and the percentage is expected to increase more than 90 percent in 2018. The main objective of social media marketing is engagement. Changes in search engine algorithms and increasing usage of big data for social media marketing are encouraging healthcare marketers to find innovative ways to attract more traffic to their medical websites. Social media has become one of the most important tools for public relations PR and posting content on social media platforms is a great way to reach new patients and interact with them online. The important thing to remember is HIPAA compliance in everything you say or do. How can healthcare businesses make the best use of social media  Communicate your objectives clearly: Set your goals and make sure that your target audience understands the “who” and “why” of your healthcare business. If yours is a medical practice introduce the doctors to your audience. You can couple these introductions with an appropriate blog post which can be shared on social media. Once Google indexes this it will start ranking in search providing new patients a way of finding your healthcare website online.  Utilize influencer marketing: Influencer marketing can be used to reach broader audiences and drive brand impressions and authority. It can also provide significant ROI. Influencer-marketing tools can be:  Sponsored blog posts  Influencers and influential content  Social syndication and distribution of branded content These tools and strategies can be used to widen your reach within influencer networks on social media paid media and blogs. To use influencer marketing efficiently the first step is to identify your ideal audience because that determines who your influencers are. For example a cardiologist well-known and influential in the cardiology realm will have little sway in the field of neurosurgery. To find influencers tools like Klout BuzzSumo and FollowerWonk are helpful. Reach out to the appropriate influencers and work in partnership with them. It is also important to track metrics to determine which influencers are more effective for your objectives or goals. 631 494-3324 slide 3:  Take your social media followers backstage: You can share photos of your office staff/doctors talking with one another in the office or having fun at an office event. This will enable your customers to relate more to your organization/medical practice. Videos can be made of happenings around the office and shared on social media. But make sure that you don’t post photos/videos of someone who has not given consent to be in it.  Always create content keeping your target audience in mind: This enables you to focus on specific interests and pain points. Such content is customized to meet the reader’s needs and designed to draw a specific response. What are the various content types that can be used  Blog posts white papers articles and eBooks which are text based  Videos  Photos  Graphics  Online tools such as a disease symptoms quiz or a BMI calculator. For more patient sign-ups you must create a piece of content that would be most appealing to your target patients. To drive back links the format may be more important than the content itself – you may be able to obtain more links via engaging graphics than via text-based content.  Brevity is important: Twitter gained popularity due to brevity and has limited characters to about 140. Similarly Facebook posts should be less than 250 characters. This is because people do not have time to read long posts all they want is to-the-point striking content. So adopt brevity and avoid verbosity.  Creative content: Having good content is key to digital marketing and for social media success a good content mix is necessary. This will ensure that your readers are not bored reading similar posts. You can use content calendar that helps to visualize how your content is distributed throughout the year. A study shows that 61 percent of marketers want to increase their usage of live video and 69 percent want to explore video and creative content. In 2017 marketing professionals started to include live video into their marketing strategy and this trend is expected to continue. If you publish good content then people will read and share it with other readers and thus gain traffic towards your post.  Ethics is important: The guiding principle for any project is its ethics. In social media marketing it is important to be honest with the audience and follow the7fundamental ethics of social 631 494-3324 slide 4: media marketing - understand your audience do not compromise on privacy be transparent stay away from biases speak the truth think before you tweet and lastly imagine the impact.  Disclose the benefits as well as risks of products/services: If you are promoting a particular healthcare product or service share its benefits as well as risks so that patients can take an informed decision. This is an important FDA requirement and will also serve to enhance your reputation and integrity among your customers.  Share success stories of patients: This is to be done only with the consent of the patient concerned. Have the patient sign a waiver in this regard so that you have proof of their consent.  Stick to algorithm changes: Search engines tend to change their algorithms periodically and social media marketers should be fully aware of these changes. Facebook recently changed their algorithms and marketers should be concerned about how it may have affected the organic reach of their page. With the 2016 US presidential election social networks are under pressure to ensure safety and prevent misuse by advertisers. So due to the tighter scrutiny marketers should develop creative and high-quality content that is relevant to the audience. recently shared real-life instances of successful social media marketing in their blog section.  YESMAMM Despite rising awareness of breast cancer and the importance of early detection officials with the Carilion Clinic Virginia were concerned that not enough women were scheduling mammograms. The clinic added screening locations through the state which would be accessible to all women and they launched the YESMAMM campaign to encourage women to schedule an appointment. The social media- based campaign helped to increase traffic to the clinic site. They could grow their online community and share valuable information with Twitter chats about breast cancer.  The U.S. government’s promotional video campaign To encourage millennials to visit and sign up for healthcare coverage the U.S. government launched a promotional video designed to capture the attention of this hard-to-reach demographic. They did this with the help of the then President Barack Obama and BuzzFeed. The video was a humorous clip that answered the question “What does the President do when nobody’s around” The answer “The same things everybody else does. He checks himself out in new sunglasses makes funny faces takes selfies with a selfie stick blames the President when something goes wrong and practices for a big speech in front of the mirror.” The interesting thing is that his speech rehearsal includes a plug for the site and reminds viewers of the healthcare coverage sign-up deadline. The video received more than 15 million views within the first 8 hours and the campaign became a viral sensation. 631 494-3324 slide 5: In today’s digital world healthcare entities should maintain a proactive presence on social media. This helps to build patient engagement and increase loyalty and satisfaction among patients. A healthcare SEO company can provide effective social media marketing campaigns that can touch the public and draw a good response from them. They will use the right social media channels to deliver your message directly to your target audience via compelling marketing campaigns that create a lasting impression. 631 494-3324

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