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Information about Social Media, Linked'Data & The Context Question
Social Media

Published on March 4, 2014

Author: sinindia



Presented by Professor Pete Edwards

Social  Media,  Linked  Data   &  The  Context  Ques9on   Pete  Edwards     Compu'ng  Science  /  dot.rural  Digital   Economy  Hub   University  of  Aberdeen  

dot.rural  Research  Hub   •  •  Exploring  the  contribu1on  digital   technologies  can  make  to  enhancing   key  services  ;  genera1ng  business   opportuni1es  ;  boos1ng  quality  of   life  ;  promo1ng  the  economic,  social   and  environmental  sustainability  of   rural  areas  across  the  UK  and  beyond.     Researchers  from  a  range  of   disciplines:     •  computer  science,   communica'ons  engineering,   human  geography,  sociology,   environmental  science,  business,   medicine,  transport  studies     Accessibility & Mobilities Enterprise & Culture CS / Eng Natural Resource Conservation Healthcare

Agenda   •  •  •  •  •  •  Social  Media  –  PiFalls   The  Context  Challenge   Provenance     Digital  Social  Research  Experience   Quality   Open  Ques'ons  

Social  Media  –  PiFalls  #1   •  Integra'ng  different  informa'on   sources  to  support  public  transport   informa'on     –  Government  open  data  (na'onal  and   local),  operator  data,  vehicle  data  (when   available),  disrup'on  reports  …   •  “Can  we  use  TwiUer  data?”   –  OXen  used  as  a  means  to  report  disrup'on/ service  issues.  

UK  Snow  –  January  2013   “Snow  causing  #chaos  in  Cheltenham!   Reports  of  up  to  1.5  inches  in  worst   affected  areas...  #uksnowdisaster!”   “Avoid  the  Penn  road.  It  is  awful!!!   #uksnow  #wolves  #wolvessnow”   How  to  assess  veracity  of  such   reports?   “No  trains  between  Portsmouth  Harbour  &   Southampton  Central  un9l  further  no9ce   #uksnow  #SnowSouthern”  –  SouthernRailUK    

Social  Media  –  PiFalls  #2   •  Big  Data:  PiDalls,  Methods  and  Concepts  for  an  Emergent  Field,   Zeynep  Tufekci  2013   Ø Use  of  social  media  analysis  by  social  scien'sts  and  policy   makers  is  challenged  by  inadequate  aUen'on  to  methodological   and  conceptual  issues.     •  Issues:   1.  LiUle/no  aUen'on  to  the  implicit  and  explicit  structural  biases  of  the   plaForm(s)  most  frequently  used  to  generate  datasets.   2.  Lack  of  clarity  with  regard  to  sampling,  universe  and   representa'veness  (who  are  the  ‘crowd’?).   3.  Most  analyses  come  from  a  single  plaForm.  

The  Context  Challenge   •  Integra1on  of  social  media  data  with  other  datasets   needs  to  address  issues  around  data  quality.   •  Social  media  analyses  need  to  be  more  explicit  in   discussing  the  biases,    implicit  assump1ons  and  steps  in   analy1cal  methods.   •  How  do  we  understand  the  origins  of  data,  to  help   assess  veracity  and  u'lity?   •  How  do  we  document  the  processes  involved  in   analysis?   •  How  do  we  integrate  different  sources  together?  

Provenance   •  Lineage,  history,  audit  trail…   •  Who,  What,  Where,  Why,  When,  Which,  &   (W)How  (Goble,  2002).   •  W3C  Provenance  Working  Group   –  “Informa'on  about  en''es,  ac'vi'es,  and  agents   involved  in  producing  a  piece  of  data  or  thing,   which  can  be  used  form  assessments  about  its   quality,  reliability,  or  trustworthiness”  

W3C  PROV  Model   W3C  PROV   hUp://­‐overview/     hUp://­‐prov-­‐o-­‐20130430/  

W3C  PROV  Model   •  En'ty  –  “a  physical,  digital,  or   other  kind  of  thing  with  some   fixed  aspects”   •  Ac'vity  –  “something  that   occurs  over  a  period  of  'me   and  acts  upon  or  with  en''es”   •  Agent  –  “something  that  bears   some  form  of  responsibility  for   an  ac'vity  taking  place,  the   existence  of  an  en'ty,  or   another  agent’s  ac'vity”   Annota'on:   “Angry”   wasGeneratedBy   Sen'ment   classifica'on   wasAssociatedWith   Classifer  Service  

Linked  Data   •  Using  the  Web  to  connect  related  data  that   wasn’t  previously  linked   •  Designed  for  humans  and  machines.   •  Links  between  a  thing  and  its  descrip'on   –  RDF  (Resource  Descrip'on  Framework)   –  Pete  -­‐>  works  For  -­‐>  University  of  Aberdeen   •  Encourages  reuse,  reduce  redundancy.  

Digital  Social  Research  Experience  

Quality   •  Reasoning about quality seen as critical as more and more services/things publish data. •  Quality – a measures of ‘fitness for use’. •  Quality metrics should examine the context around data (including provenance). –  Outputs are quality scores categorised into quality dimensions (e.g. accuracy, relevance, …)

Qual-­‐O   spin:rule Metric AccuracyMetric_1 CONSTRUCT { […] } WHERE { ?pObs ssn:observationResult ?so . ?so ssn:hasValue ?ov . ?ov sensors:error ?error . BIND ((1 - (?error / 50)) AS ?qs) . […] } guidedBy Assessment Assessment_1 resultOf Result AccuracyResult_1 assesses Subject Observation_2 Observation Observation_2 ssn:observationResult SensorOutput SensorOutput_2 ssh:hasValue Observation Value OResult_2 sensors:error "10"

Qual-­‐O   CONSTRUCT { […] } WHERE { ?obs (prov:wasDerivedFrom)+ ?pObs . ?pObs ssn:observationResult ?so . ?so ssn:hasValue ?ov . ?ov sensors:error ?error . BIND ((1 - (?error / 50)) AS ?qs) . […] } spin:rule Metric AccuracyMetric_2 guidedBy Assessment Assessment_2 resultOf Result AccuracyResult_2 assesses Subject Observation_2 Entity Entity Observation Observation_2 wasDerivedFrom Observation Observation_1 Observation Value OResult_1 sensors:error "50"

Ques'ons   •  How  should  provenance  aUributes  and   characteris'cs  be  defined  for  social  media?     •  Can  provenance  be  iden'fied  and  leveraged   to  help  influence  analysis?     •  In  addi'on  to  veracity,  what  other   connec'ons  can  be  made  between   provenance  and  elements  of  social  media?     •  What  are  the  implica'ons  for  privacy?    

TwiUer  Ethnography   16-Jan Aberdeen Operator FirstAberdeen Morning Aberdeen, our control room team are 1.01 reporting full service out there today, with only minor delays at the moment 16-Jan Aberdeen Public mikewareham @FirstAberdeen just realised your driver gave me a single ticket this morning when I asked for, and paid for, a return! Ridiculous! 2.01 16-Jan Aberdeen Operator FirstAberdeen @mikewareham Hi Mike, sorry about that - can you email us the details to and we'll investigate. Thanks 2.02 16-Jan Aberdeen Public dalgarnoamanda @FirstAberdeen thanks to the no3 bus driver that's waited for me three days in a row while I run for the bus. Much appreciated! 3.01 16-Jan Aberdeen Operator FirstAberdeen @dalgarnoamanda You're welcome - do you have a 3.02 bus number so that we can pass on your thanks to the driver? 16-Jan Aberdeen Public dalgarnoamanda @FirstAberdeen its the no3 that is on rosemount at the 3.03 moment going towards town 16-Jan Aberdeen Operator FirstAberdeen @dalgarnoamanda That bus isn't tracking at the 3.04 moment, but the bus number's on your ticket - should be 5 digits starting with a 6 16-Jan 16-Jan Aberdeen Aberdeen Public Operator dalgarnoamanda FirstAberdeen @FirstAberdeen hold on its 62191 @dalgarnoamanda That's the one - thanks for that, we'll pass on your compliments 3.05 3.06 17-Jan Aberdeen Operator FirstAberdeen It's Friday Aberdeen! Yay! 2 minor RTC's at Nigg and Mounthooly are causing some delays to services 18 and 11,20 & 23 at the moment 4.01 17-Jan Aberdeen Operator FirstAberdeen But apart from that, it's a quietish day on Aberdeen's roads with full service and only minor delays - let's hope it stays that way! 5.01 16-Jan Aberdeen Public AndrewWatt7 @FirstAberdeen is there a bus that go's from union square to pittordrie football ground? 6.01 17-Jan Aberdeen Operator FirstAberdeen @AndrewWatt7 Hi Andrew, Ser 13 will take you to the 6.02 back of the ground, or a 1, 2 or X40 will drop you on King St and you can walk through 17-Jan Aberdeen Public AndrewWatt7 @FirstAberdeen okay thanks 16-Jan Aberdeen Public FraserMacaulay @FirstAberdeen where did you get your no.17 driver? 7.01 The moon? Absolute **** 17-Jan Aberdeen Operator FirstAberdeen @FraserMacaulay Hi Fraser, can you email us the 7.02 details to and we'll have a word with the driver. Thanks 6.03 •  Contextual  inquiry   •  Digital  diary  study   •  Content  analysis  

Thanks  …   •  Team  members:   –  Chris  Baillie,  David  Corsar,  Milan  Markovic,   Edoardo  Pignon,  Paul  Gault   •  Collaborators:   –  Caitlin  CoUrill,  John  Nelson,  Jillian  Anable   •  Partners:       •  Funders:  

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