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Published on November 15, 2008

Author: alex_dc



Description of South Florida\'s tech community and an introduction to Social Media

Social media ... DMAF Orlando November 2008 Alex de Carvalho

Remember that fast-talking FedEx guy? I can’t speed talk, but I’ll try to do 60 slides in 10 minutes!

How we’ll spend the next 10 minutes: About South Florida’s Web and New Media community What is social media? 5 quick tips

About me

StartPR: social media management - Track your mentions on social networks and on over 100 million blogs - Annotate and store important posts - Coordinate responses with colleagues - Report on mentions and improve blogger relations activity

RefreshMiami: new media community - South Florida’s web and new media community - Established March 2006 - Over 500 members - Monthly meetups

BarCampMiami: web community - Third web and new media “un”conference - February 22nd 2009, just before the Future of Web Apps conference - Over 250 participants expected - Free conference supported by company sponsorships

SMCSF: social media community A community for the champions of social media and those seeking to learn - Expand media literacy - Share lessons learned - Adopt industry standards - Promote ethical practices

Enough blah blah blah, Alex ... What is social media?

Wikipedia is a social media, so let’s look there for a definition ...

tools for sharing and discussing Tools Activities social media Interaction

activities that integrate technology and social interaction Tools Activities social media Interaction

interaction that builds shared meaning among communities, as people share their stories and experiences Tools Activities social media Interaction

Through social media, people build their online ... • Presence • Credibility • Identity • Authority • Reputation • Influence

Graph: GustavoG

David Armano

Traditional media Newspapers Magazines Television Radio Books CDs DVDs A box of photos Physical, paper mail and catalogs Yellow Pages

Digital media Cellphones Compact disc Digital video Digital television e-book Internet Minidisc Video game World Wide Web and many interactive media

Social media Blogging Social Networking Wikis Bookmarking Photosharing Calendaring Tagging Podcasting Microblogging

The Conversation Prism

adecarvalho’s tags on

alexdecarvalho’s photos on Flickr

@alexdc’s conversations on Twitter

Social media • Traditional media above can’t be changed. A newspaper can’t magically change its stories • You can interact with my blog. You can leave a comment. • You can get some sense of the popularity of my stuff in real time. • With the “new media” you can look at my archives and see all posts. • Here on my blog I can mix media. A post could contain text, audio, video, or photos. • Here on my blog I don’t need to convince a committee to publish. • The new media is infinite. (time, space, schedule) • The new media can be syndicated, linked and easily reused. • The new media can be mashed up with data from other services. Robert Scoble,

ok, but what’s that got to do with my company?

Markets are conversations Hugh McLeod X is the membrane between your internal conversation, A, and what your customers are saying about you, B

Think of advertising in general

Interruption marketing

How advertisers see us

Most of advertising is really not that different from ...

... unsolicited commercial messages

advertisers might as well talk to the hand

because we’re besieged by ads! (and not even my cat likes spam)

do you see the membrane?

break down that wall or membrane between your company and your customers

Jeep’s website

links to social networks on Jeep’s website

active community of Jeep aficionados on Flickr

markets are conversations

A brand is the collective consumer concept of a company. Logos are just brand identification.

Peter Kim, Forrester Research quot;The biggest challenge is moving away from thinking about [social media] as marketing and PR. It's about product development, it's about IT. It's got to cut across all functions of the company.quot; -ADWEEK, July 2008

1. Become or hire a community manager 1.a) Also, train your colleagues

Intel Intel will build credibility among the tough-to- impress IT crowd by putting its engineers out front, rather than a media-trained spokesperson. So far, 150 engineers have been selected to contribute as bloggers on Intel sites and on other tech sites. -ADWEEK, July 2008

2. Go where people are Think of it this way. If you are a fisherman you would not fish for the trophy catch in stagnated water. You would need to go to where there is fresh water. That's where the fish are.

The Conversation Prism

3. Listen

Questions: • How do people feel about my brand? • What is being discussed? • Who’s talking? • Are they influential? • Is my marketing working? • Are my products working? • How do we engage in the conversation?

Listen: track your mentions online brand monitoring / South Florida startup

Listen: monitor your brand(s)

What should I track? • Key employees • Company name and URL • Competitors • Product and service names • Brands • Keywords • Trends

You may be amazed at what you’ll find out ...

Listen, then manage and react to conversations

4. Measure and count individual units, not just agreggate results

5. Learn from others

Thank you :) DMAF November 2008 Alex de Carvalho

photo credits puppy garfield 70 years of Spam web 2.0 logos conversation prism dinner conversation talk to the hand child hungry fish seti attention billboard man yeehaw jelly beans community manager

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