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Published on March 11, 2014

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Presentation by Rune Sjøhelle, Communication Director, Nordea at the Financial Services Club, Oslo, 6th March 2014

Rune Kibsgaard Sjøhelle is head of Brand Management and Social Media in the Nordea Group and head of Communications in Nordea in Norway. He has ten years branding and communication experience from Nordea as well as experience from PR agencies and the European industry. He is educated MSc in Industrial Economics from the Norwegian Institute of Technology. - See more at:

Linda Thorling • 23/01/2014 1 • Social Media in Nordea Rune Kibsgaard Sjøhelle Head of Brand Management and Social Media

2 •

3 • The internet is a fad (1996) Computers in the future may weigh no more than 1,5 tons(1949) There is nor reason anyone would want a computer in their home (1977) Next Christmas the iPod will be dead, finished, gone, kaput (2005) I think there is a world market for maybe five computers (1943)

4 • WSJ on Princeton University Phd Paper, last week

Social media facts (2013) • 750 Million users from mobile (7000 different devices) • 250 Billion photos uploaded every day • 75% of possible engagement a post gets in its first 5 hours 5 • • 288 million monthly active users • Twitter’s fastest growing age demographic is 55 to 64 year olds • 60% of users access from mobile • 1,5 million LinkedIn groups • 50% of user have Bachelor’s or Graduate degree • 42% update their profile regularly • Every second 8000 users likes a photo • More than 5 Million photos uploaded every day 1.15 Bn 500 Mill 238 Mill 130 Mill Source: /YouTube 1 Bn/month • 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute • Reaches more US adults ages 18-34 than any cable network

Social media facts Nordic(2013) • 65% (adults) - 92% (age 15-30) • 2.2 mill Norwegians every day • 1.7 mill use mobile 6 • • 8% daily use (Norway) • 1.6 million Swedish members • 30% of Swedish workforce • 12% of Danish adults • 670 000 Norwegian adults Source: /YouTube • 43% of ages 15-29 use daily

Why are Nordea on Social Media? Because our customers and stakeholders are there 7 •

A 2010 Social Media Wakeup Call: 8 •

A 2010 Social Media Wakeup Call: 9 •

10 YouTube video • US based NGO Avaaz launched critical video on 2 December together with Australian NGO The Wilderness Society • Shows Gunns’ helicopter using ”napalm” to burn down forrest • atch?v=djiQ_rTC8jA

11 E-mail campaign • Avaaz followed up with a systematic e-mail campaign • Nordea (Liisa Jauri, CSR) received more than 3400 e-mails, many from own customers.

2009-6-19 Sosiale medier12 Sample e-mail Topic: Nordea: Nej! till finansieringen av Cellulosafabriken på Tasmanien! Hej! Min familj är kund hos Nordea, och jag kan garantera att alla kommer att byta bank om ni inte vägrar att finansiera Gunns Ltd:s cellulosafabrik på Tasmanien. Jag kommer personligen att sprida detta meddelande till alla jag känner som inte känner till Avaaz. Skogarna på Tasmanien hör till de mest unika och samtidigt känsligaste skogarna på denna planet. Skövlingen av dem kommer inte att begränsas på bestämda områden utan fortsätta att exploateras. De är de sista stora skogarna i Australien och måste skyddas från ohållbar skövling, som den Gunns Ltd sysslar med. Där växer unika träd som lever i hundratals år. Dessa kommer inte att tillåtas växa på områden som avverkas genom kalhygge. Metoderna som används på området för tillfället förtär all växtlighet, vilket gör att det tar tiotals år innan det på hela området växer träd igen. Om ni finansierar projektet kommer ni att medverka till bö! rjan på ett av de största miljöbrotten i modern historia. Med vänliga hälsningar, Joel Wolff

13 Twitter and Facebook • As direct result of e- mail campaign there was also formed a Twitter campaign, directed to Rune Sjøhelle, GIC. More than 50 Tweets • A Facebook site was also formed. 240 members in two days.

14 Traditional media • DR TV-avisen, evening news in DK • Berlingske Tidende • Minor coverage in DK, FI and SE, including •, Vihreä Lanka, Hufvudstadsbladet and Copenhagen post • Coverage more about the protests than the actual case

How are the channels useful for Nordea? 15 • Customer service • Building relationship with customers • Information about products/services • Complaints and feedback • Advertising • Meeting influencers • Monitoring issues and topics • Promoting persons • Repository for video (embedded on own websites) • Advertising • Content marketing • Recruiting • Keeping up-to- date on subjects

Are the kids leaving Facebook? 16 My 14 year daughter 2011 Facebook friends Family group School group Pages/ brands Facebook friends 2013 My 16 year daughterFamily group Pages/ brands School group Theatre group Skiing group Party group II Friends group Party group I Not really, they are just using it differently

Facebook pages – three streams Customers and stakeholders Customer support Proactive news flow Advertising / promotion Contact Centre Communications Marketing

• DNB: 237 000 • Swedbank: 29000 • Handelsbanken: 10 000 • SEB 18 000 • Skandiabanken(NO): 36 000 • Danske Bank: 38 000 • Sparebank1 (aliance): 200 000+ An audience is key 18 • Finland: 17 520 Denmark: 29 320 Norway: 42 278 Sweden: 92 107

An average page post is seen by only 3-15% of the page’s followers 19 •

Two ways to be visible: pay – or engage! 20 • • Total reach 154 000 • Paid reach 150 000 • 34 shares • 446 likes • 50 comments

21 • • Total reach 145 000 • Paid reach 31 000 • 1 075 shares • 2 707 likes • 1 3819 comments • Total reach 38 000 • Paid reach 0 • 18 shares • 316 likes • 105 comments

The Newsroom – a social media hub 22 •

23 Youtube, Slideshare, Flickr Markets NR, Blogs Email Google Facebook Twitter Nordea.xx Intranet Media Newsroom w/ blogs

LinkedIn – a channel for knowledge and recruitment • HR is responsible for Nordea’s LinkedIn account • 35810 Followers • All open positions are posted • Content from the English language Newsroom is posted • For employees, the several professional LinkedIn groups is the real asset of LinkedIn – a great source for updated knowledge 24 •

YouTube – vast opportunities • Today main Nordea page used for repository for videos from own web pages, + TV commercials • Tomorrow (Q3) Part of marketing shift for Nordea, to be used in substantial content marketing campaign • Other Nordea pages: • Nordea Markets • Nordea Livogpension 25 •

Twitter – the influencer channel • GIC is finalising an overall Nordea Twitter strategy this quarter • Twitter is overrepresented with journalists, politicians, media personalities, athletes, and specialists of all sorts • A reason for being on Twitter should be to influence the influencers • On Twitter, people are more interesting than brands – dialogue is key • Twitter is the trending channel – issues often emerge on Twitter first • A presence on Twitter requires a consistent use of topics and #hashtags – as well as working with finding the right influencers • Twitter can be a great listening post for certain topics 26 •

Twitter • Markets has a well functioning strategy on Twitter 27 •

Spokesperson or private individual • Your Twitter account is personal yet formal – you are representing Nordea, always • Can you tweet about football? Yes, in order to be personal, you may want to include non-financial issues • Can you have a private Twitter account in addition? Yes, but I wouldn't recommend it • Can you have a private Facebook account? yes, of course • Can you comment on Nordea's pages on behalf of Nordea from your private Facebook account ? No! • You can never disconnect yourself from your Nordea role in any Social media Rune Kibsgaard Sjøhelle • 23/05/2012 28 •

Guidelines Rune Kibsgaard Sjøhelle • 23/05/2012 29 •

Thank you! Rune Kibsgaard Sjøhelle

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