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Published on January 11, 2016

Author: _elljay_


1. Social media and academia: be not afraid Dr Laura-Jane Smith Wellcome Clinical Research Fellow NHLI, Imperial College @drlaurajane

2. What is social media Opportunities Worries Practicalities

3. “Progress in medicine and science depends on the dissemination of accurate information about health, disease and therapy. Social media are key tools to facilitate this, bringing research findings to people's attention more rapidly than ever before and also to a wider and more diverse population than previously.” Hopkinson, Nicholas S., et al. "Embracing social media." Thorax 70.12 (2015): 1112-1112.

4. Connections and networks Learning and scholarly chat Reputation and impact Resources

5. Connections and networks you A big cheese A potential collaborator

6. Connections and networks you A big cheese A potential collaborator

7. Learning and scholarly chat #PhDchat #AcWri #ScholarSunday listen in bounce ideas share tips

8. Reputation and impact

9. If (social media interaction is often) then (Open access + social media = increased downloads). Melissa Terras, UCL Centre for Digital Humanities Eysenbach, Gunther. "Can tweets predict citations? Metrics of social impact based on Twitter and correlation with traditional metrics of scientific impact."Journal of medical Internet research 13.4 (2011).

10. Resources

11. International Palliative Care Journal Club on Twitter: experience so far. BMJ Support Palliat Care 2015;5:120 doi:10.1136/bmjspcare-2014-000838.48

12. Resources #BTSWinter2015 #ATS2016 #ERS2016 #RespEd #COPDcare #COPDChat #epidemiology #publichealth #PHdata #twitjc #datasaveslives @lunguk @atscommunity @copddoc @who @lshtmpress @farrinstitute @ipdln Roland, Damian, et al. "Will social media make or break medical conferences?.“ British Journal of Hospital Medicine. 2015 76:6, 318-319

13. Resources

14. Fun #academicswithcats @researchmark

15. I have nothing interesting to say I might offend someone I don’t have time It can’t be deleted It’s too technical and difficult Nothing meaningful can be covered in 140 characters It’s just a popularity contest I don’t want to deal with spam and phishing My institution might not like what I’m saying People just talk about their breakfast and their cats

16. Getting started • Twitter guide to getting started • Imperial College guide to social media • LSE guide to social media • Baker M. Social media: a network boost Nature 518, 263- 265 (2015) doi:10.1038/nj7538-263a • McClain C & Neeley L. A critical evaluation of science outreach via social media: its role and impact on scientists F1000Research 2014,3:300 doi: 10.12688/f1000research.5918.1 • Hopkinson, Nicholas S., et al. "Embracing social media." Thorax 70.12 (2015) 1112 doi:10.1136/thoraxjnl-2015-207804 • Ten reasons for academics to use social media by the @online_academic • Presentation by academic at Cicely Saunders Institute @kesleeman • Great resource from The Cochrane Collection with lots of practical advice on managing Twitter, tweetchats, blogging, and analytics

17. Top tips for Twitter Be your real self Don’t be an egg for long Be safe – professional, polite, kind, no medical advice, confidentiality Follow people and organisations you know Start slow – lurking is encouraged. But don’t stay a lurker Time your tweets

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