Social Media HandsOn Lessons Basics for Nonprofits 2014-02-19

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Information about Social Media HandsOn Lessons Basics for Nonprofits 2014-02-19
Social Media

Published on March 14, 2014

Author: pmswish



Social Media workshop for nonprofit organizations on the ins and outs of specific social media channels to learn how to use and manage networks like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to effectively engage an audience, gain their support and keep people coming back.

Social Media – HandsOn Lessons Using and Managing Social Media Wednesday, February 19, 2014 @Google Pittsburgh

Your Social Media Panel: Jon O’Brien, Director of Communications, Master Builders Association of Western PA Karlye Rowles, Marketing Manager, Kulzer and Co., Inc and (Pgh Metro Chapter) Appraisal Institute Patty Swisher, Vice President of Corporate Communications , IKM Incorporated Architects Hosted by: HandsOn Tech, Pittsburgh Cares

Objectives  Learn the ins and outs of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.  Using Social Media to Share your message  Some tips and tricks to make your life easier using Social Media

What happens online? a collection of technologies that allow users to interact with online content.  Blogs  Micro-Blogs  Podcasts/Vide os  Social Networks  User Forums

Some Staggering Statistics  Facebook = ◦ 1.19B Users Globally ◦ 238 M Users in the US and Canada ◦ 95% of Users log in daily ◦ 73% access Facebook via Mobile  Twitter = ◦ 230+ million Users ◦ 500M Tweets daily ◦ 76% access Twitter via Mobile Source: Sept - Dec 2013 Source: Twitter,, Media Bistro, Oct – Dec 2013

Some Staggering Statistics  LinkedIn = ◦ 240+M Users ◦ 79% of Users are 35 or Older  Instagram = ◦ 150 M Monthly Active Users ◦ 75M Daily Active Users; 1.2 B Daily Likes  YouTube= ◦ 1 Billion Unique Visitors Monthly ◦ Reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network ◦ 40% of global access via Mobile Source: Dec 2013 Source: Media Bistro, stats-2014_b54243 January 2014

Reasons to Engage Social Media  Branding/image creation  Marketing  Increase SEO/ exposure  Communications  Donor Engagement  Customer Service  Employee Engagement  Recruiting  Industry blogs/sites  Build relationships  Community Building  Networking  Lobbying efforts

Some thoughts:  New media is inducing an incredible transformation within the organization, introducing opportunities for an internal and external collaboration in customer service, product, sales, community relations and public... It's putting the public back in public relations.  To best reach people, we have to figure out who they are, where they connect, and how they share and find information  The tools are just extensions of you and your expertise and artistry. Everything starts with a commitment to the brand you are representing -- it's culture, personality, overall potential and people. Source: Engage, by Brian Solis

Social Media What are your goals:  Build awareness  Establish thought leadership  Educate customers/donors  Increase community base  Recruiting staff/volunteers  Generate leads  Fundraising  Improve internal communication

Goals = Measurement:  Build awareness = Fans/Followers/RTs  Establish thought leadership = Subscribers/Comments/RTs  Educate customers = Inquiries/Surveys  Recruiting Staff/Volunteers = Increase # of staff/volunteers  Reach new channels = Before/After Market Penetration  Fundraising = $$ earned from campaigns  Improve internal communication = Informal Surveys EXAMPLES OF MEASURING SUCCESS?



Facebook Timeline

Facebook  Setting up a business or organization page

Facebook Spec Guide Source: August 2013

Facebook Cover Photo Profile Image Custom Tabs / App Image Timeline Status Update

Who is my Facebook audience?  Identify and understand YOUR audience  Establish a tone/voice  Be conversational  Key words to focus content

Facebook - What do I post?  Educate, Entertain, Inform  Drive traffic to your web site  Include calls to action

Source: February 2014

Facebook - When do I post?  Best Times: ◦ 1PM - 4 PM*  Worst Times: ◦ 8 PM – 8 AM* * This depends on YOUR audience, test to see what works best

Facebook – When & How? • Schedule your posts • Use third-party app to schedule

FACEBOOK TIPS/ BEST PRACTICES Source: February 2014  Share your story  Engage and Grow your Community  Raise Awareness and Promote your cause  Drive traffic to your website  Use multimedia posts: Photos / Videos


Twitter Sign Up

Twitter Source: glossary-of-twitter-terminology-annotated-graphic/ August 2013 1.Home Page 2.Me Page 3.Profile Photo 4.Header image 5.Background image 6.Twitter Handle 7.Profile Description 8.Follow 9.Tweet 10.Mention 11.Retweet 12.Hashtag

Twitter Spec Guide

Twitter Profile Image Twitter Feed = Tweets Tweet

Compose a Tweet Hey, @PittsburghCares we‟re learning a lot today about #SocialMedia!

What is a Hashtag? Source: August 2013 • A Hashtag is a label for content • Allows users to search, find, organize content around a specific subject • No spaces allowed

3 Keys to Use Twitter effectively:  By listening to what is being said about the organization  By engaging with community and the public  By contributing and sharing their expertise and thought leadership. Read more at: b2b-guide?_opt_r=TWITTER&_opt_rdid=6058

Twitter  Who should I follow? ◦ Tailor based on recent visits ◦ Friends, Vendors or Competitors Lists ◦ Recommended: Who to Follow & Find Friends ◦ Search Key Words, Hashtags ◦ Use TweetChats ◦ Promote on PR/Newsletters

Twitter Source: • What should I tweet?

Twitter twitter-besides-yourself/ • What? Still not sure? • Twitter for NonProfits: Follow @nonprofits

Twitter-What to Measure Goals Metrics Increase Brand Awareness • Reach (followers + RT * RT‟s followers) • Followers • Branded Drive Traffic • Visits Generate Leads • Leads Nurture Leads • Visits and returning leads Improve customer service • Twitter conversations • Positive mentions • Changes in customer satisfaction polls Use as help channel • Number of Twitter conversations • Number of DM • Number of mentions of your help # • Change in visits to help section on your website Read more at:

Twitter – Hootsuite Dashboard  Multiple accounts, one dashboard

Twitter – Hootsuite Dashboard  Multiple Columns for easy management

Twitter – Hootsuite Dashboard  Schedule posts to save time

Twitter – Hootsuite Dashboard  Pending posts; Hashtag Tracking

Content Curation Examples

 Complete your profile: 140 characters – think keywords  Use a third party app like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or similar  Establish keyword columns to search and follow  Identify/Participate in chats  Use Tweetchat to participate  Use hashtags # for search and follow  Use Hootsuite or Buffer app to schedule tweets TWITTER - TIPS/BEST PRACTICES


LinkedIn – Who?  LinkedIn = ◦ 240+M Users ◦ 79% of Users are 35 or Older  Connect with: ◦ Colleagues ◦ Board Members ◦ Clients/Donors ◦ Industry leaders ◦ Volunteers ◦ Friends Source:

LinkedIn - Profile  Complete Profile  Professional Image  Key Words ◦ Title ◦ Summary ◦ Skills & Endorsements

LinkedIn – What?  Profile to Stand Out and Connect with Professionals ◦ Use key words to be found ◦ Connect professionally ◦ Join Groups ◦ Search keywords for relevance  Personalize invitation to connect  Encourage supporters to promote your cause on theirSource:


LinkedIn – Company Page Cover Photo Profile Image


LinkedIn – What?  Company Pages to Reach Audience Where THEY are ◦ Post Status Updates ◦ Find Volunteers ◦ Become a Resource for information ◦ Groups to Gain Exposure ◦ Partnering Opportunities  Companies that post 20X/ month on average reach 60% of their followers with one or more updates

LinkedIn – Group Page Cover Photo Profile Image

LinkedIn – What?  Group Pages to Reach Audience Where THEY are: ◦ Share Common Interests ◦ To Gain Exposure – Share relevant content ◦ Engage Group Members – Conversation ◦ Attract Volunteers – Describe the ideal candidate ◦ Upload & Share rich content ◦ Actively Manage - Questions/PollsSource:

LINKEDIN TIPS/ BEST PRACTICES  Create a company page to connect where professionals are active  Encourage supporters to promote your cause  Use Groups to activate community  Spotlight events and activities  Find Board Members, Staff & Volunteers

Other Social Site to consider  Google+ ◦ Divide target audiences by “Circles” ◦ Great for Search ◦ Claim „Credit‟ as Author – also good for search  YouTube ◦ Second largest for search ◦ Multimedia  Instagram ◦ Great if you have a large “captive” audience ◦ Obviously, visual ◦ Drive Traffic  Pinterest ◦ Predominantly reaches women in U.S. ◦ Visual

KEYS TO SUCCESS 1. Make it an on-going dialog 2. Use conversational tone 3. Start slow..have goals 4. Consider an Editorial Calendar 5. Share personal stories 6. Feedback is a good thing

“If you build it they will come.”

In Conclusion:  Social Media is a tool to be integrated with your marketing and communication effort  Social Media sites should work in conjunction with organizational goals  Social Media is not a magic bullet – requires time and effort to grow organically.


Resources  – site for resources for graphic design including alternatives to Adobe Photoshop  Twitter Lists to follow   List of TweetChats: 

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