Social Media Habits of Brands Sponsoring the Daytona 500

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Information about Social Media Habits of Brands Sponsoring the Daytona 500
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Published on March 5, 2014

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Sponsors ramped up their social media activity in the run up to Daytona 500 and continued posting content after the race had concluded. This report takes a look at how major sponsors like Dow, M&Ms, Farmers Insurance and more took advantage of their association with the event to drive engagement and brand awareness.

Social Media Benchmarking and Competitive Intelligence on Daytona 500 FEBRUARY 1-27 2014

About Unmetric We provide not-so-obvious competitive intelligence on over 17,000 brands across 30 sectors … so you know who is outsocializing who. And how. We understand that while companies have always needed competitive intelligence, it’s never been easy to come by. The modern digital media landscape gives marketers the potential to study their campaign spends, activity and decide on future spends much more rationally than ever before. Unmetric works with leading brands and agencies to help them establish benchmarks for their social media activities. The Unmetric SaaS platform creates more efficient social media teams and drives down costs by providing deep qualitative and quantitative data in an intuitive, easy-touse online platform. We Analyze Data From:

Analysis of Brands on FACEBOOK

Notable Metrics on Facebook FEBRUARY 1-27 2014 Brand Name Total Fans Fan Growth Conversation (% of fans) Engagement Fan Posts Admin Posts Responses (mins) M&M's U.S.A 10,246,854 0.36% 0.67% 331 364 35 1,032 Budweiser (United States) 5,004,340 0.7% 11.13% 780 663 47 1,323 Lowe's Home Improvement 2,792,449 0.59% 1.14% 579 362 28 106 Farmers Insurance 2,247,964 -0.1% 0.09% 75 128 43 568 FedEx 856,633 3.15% 2.76% 606 1839 25 570 GEICO 350,352 2.23% 0.96% 111 425 26 1,021 The Dow Chemical Company 72,062 0.65% 1.09% 139 68 56 0 3M 26,856 3.07% 1.68% 407 0 13 - Nationwide 51,001 2.93% 1.81% 531 127 29 256

Most Engaging Posts FEBRUARY 1-27 2014 FedEx The three most engaging posts around Daytona 500 & NASCAR, were from Fedex, Nationwide and 3M. 3M Nationwide

3M – 3M Mobile Innovation Center 3M’s post around their new mobile innovation center, during the course of the NASCAR season, was their most engaging post in February. They experienced a small spike in people talking about after this post.

FedEx – License To Win Sweepstakes FedEx ran a ‘License to Win’ contest in the month of February, which was one of their most engaging posts of the month, with an engagement score of 999.

FedEx – FedEx11 FedEx received an engagement score of 420 for their #FedEx11 campaign in February.

M&Ms USA – Content Strategy M&M’s USA saw good engagement with their “General Content” but great engagement with their sports related posts.

Budweiser Racing – App Analytics Budweiser Racing averaged a Monthly Active User (MAU) count of 41, lower than the Beverages – Alcohol sector average of 44 and a Daily Active User (DAU) count of 1, which is also the industry average.

Analysis of Brands on TWITTER

Notable Metrics & Brands on Twitter FEBRUARY 1-27 2014 Brand Name Total Followers Followers Growth Number of Tweets Engagement Mentions Count @FedEx 167,238 2.46% 485 65 18,306 @Lowes 134,183 4.09% 803 100 5,751 @Budweiser 51,829 20.11% 150 1,000 6,860 @Nationwide 26,965 10.61% 749 731 1,911 @GEICO 24,773 6.91% 29 144 4,699 @3MNews 23,607 2.6% 57 67 253 @DowChemical 21,188 3.37% 269 120 1,517 @WeAreFarmers 20,786 2.19% 145 261 335 @mmsyellow 15,561 11.25% 108 607 416

M&Ms – Hashtag Analytics @mmsyellow tweeted around #daytona500 and #nascar in February and also received great engagement for these tweets. Tweets with #raindelay performed incredibly well with an average engagement score of 998.

Dow Chemical – #Daytona500 In February, Dow tweeted mostly proactive content, a lot of it revolving around #Sochi2014. With that in mind, it’s interesting to note that tweets containing #Daytona500 engaged best for the brand. On an average, Dow had 10 tweets a day, most of which were proactive.

Farmers Insurance - #Win2014ChevySS Farmers Insurance ran a #Win2014ChevySS in partnership with Kasey Kahne. Tweets with #Daytona500 scored an average engagement score of 805, making it the best performing hashtag of the month.

FedEx – #FedEx11chat #nascar FedEx tweeted most around #iwantone and the users tweeted often around #fedexgrant. Yet tweets around #nascar were the most engaging for the brand, with an engagement score of 379 Tweets around #FedEx11Chat also engaged well for the brand.

Comparative Hashtag Analytics In February 2014, on average, tweets with #Daytona500 performed better than tweets containing #Nascar. #Nascar   Yellow  M&Ms   349   Na?onwide   0   FedEx   379   Farmers  Insurance   #Daytona500   0   Dow  Chemical   151   0   50   100   150   200   Engagement  Score   250   300   350   400   704   Yellow  M&Ms   93   Na?onwide   805   Farmers  Insurance   Dow  Chemical   319   0   100   200   300   400   Engagement   500   600   700   800   900  


Engagement Score Engagement is the measure of audience responses to a brand's content and activity on a social network. To calculate the engagement score, we weigh audience interactions on brand content such as Likes, Comments, Shares or Favorites, Replies and Retweets based on their importance. We then divide their weighted sum by our estimate of the number of brand fans and followers who actively receive and view such content. Formula Facebook Engagement Score Formula   ( No. of Likes  +  x  ×  No. of Comments  +  y  ×  No. of Shares )  ×  10000 ____________________________________________________________ Audience Reception Rate   Twitter Engagement Score Formula   ( No. of Favorites  +  x  ×  No. of Replies  +  y  ×  No. of Retweets )  ×  10000 ____________________________________________________________ Audience Reception Rate   Linkedin Engagement Score Formula   ( No. of Likes +  x  ×  No. of Comments )  ×  10000 ____________________________________________________________ Audience Reception Rate    The default Unmetric values for x and y are 5 and 10 respectively.   Audience Reception Rate The Audience Reception Rate (ARR) is the Unmetric estimate of the number of brand fans/followers who stand to actively receive and view a brand's content. The formula you see below calculates the Audience Reception Rate as a function of the number of brand fans/followers raised to a fixed power value of 0.8. Audience Reception Rate = (Fans or Followers) 0.8

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