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Published on March 14, 2014

Author: joelagden



Learn how to grow your social media profiles using content syndication and the importance of social signals for branding, SEO, and traffic. Use this viral marketing strategy to gain social media exposure for your start-up or business.


WHAT IS SOCIAL SYNDICATION? Social Media Syndication is a strategy used to gain social signals on various social media channels. It leverages social media profiles managed by real people to distribute content.

WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS? Every time someone shares a link to a social network, book-marking or blog site, it is recorded for the particular site as a social signal. They are a type of back-link with people behind them. What better way to tell search-engines you deserve to rank then having people sharing your content on their favorite online communities?

WHAT ELSE DOES IT DO? Social signals are the only internet marketing strategy you can use in itself that helps build your brand, improve SEO and increase traffic to your site all at the same time.

HOW DOES IT WORK? As of now there are only a few ways to achieve social media syndication in a natural way, SyndicationMasters being one of them. Social exchange sites are not the same and are usually abused and provide poor share quality using fake profiles. To achieve social syndication you need to setup an account on a popular social management platform like Onlywire or Sendible . Then you will need to connect your account to a social media syndication platform like SyndicationMasters for your content to be distributed to other people’s social profiles. The combination of the two platforms are effective because all the profiles are managed by real people and each member can distribute your content to up to 81 pages on 50+ social networks.

Example: Lets say Dave has 13 of his social media profiles setup in Onlywire or Sendible. He then submits his content and receives only 13 shares. He can get views from all of his friends, but he would be lucky if they liked or re-shared it. Dave now decides he is tired of sharing his own content, every one can see it’s just him so they tend to ignore his posts. Because he got wind of the greater advantage of sharing through SyndicationMasters, he connects his Onlywire or Sendible account to SyndicationMasters and now posts his content there instead. Consequently, his posts will be shared by hundreds of people on thousands of social media profiles which Google really loves. Dave now gets thousands of more views, clicks, and traffic to his site from the tens of thousands of friends of the people who shared his content. There is a good chance he will get gain even more shares because people tend to share popular content. Now instead of just gaining 14 shares, his content is shared over 2,000 times which tells Google, your content is very important to the web! This is a great way to get your business or whatever you’re sharing to go viral!


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