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Information about Social Media for Professional Learning

Published on February 16, 2014

Author: EdTechSandyK


Social Media for Professional Learning Webinar for Florida Virtual School Global Team Sandy Kendell @EdTechSandyK October 21, 2013

About Sandy... • • • • • District Educational Tech Specialist from Central Texas Bachelors in Elementary Ed Masters in EdTech Leadership (earned online!) 20 Years Experience in K-12 Education Very active on Twitter and passionate about social media for professional learning! Photo by Virgil McCullough, SXSWedu

Introduce Yourself! In the chat box, please post: Your Name Where You Are From Your Professional Position Twitter handle if you have one • • • •

What’s Your Twitter Experience? In the chat box, indicate your comfort with Twitter: ● 0 = I don’t have an account ● 1 = I have an account but I’ve never used it ● 2 = I have an account but I use it rarely ● 3 = I have an account and I use it primarily for personal pursuits (non-professional) ● 4 = I have an account and I’ve tried using it for professional learning but need more tips ● 5 = I have an account and am extensively connected to valuable educators through it; I should be leading this webinar!

If You Can, Use Twitter During the Webinar Open Twitter in another tab in your web browser, or use it via the Twitter app on your tablet or smartphone. Follow me, EdTechSandyK. (You can unfollow me later if I don’t add value to your stream!) Add #SocMed4PL to your Tweets during the webinar.

Now Let’s Look at Twitter! First, an orientation to the screen. I will be showing you Twitter in my computer web browser. If you are viewing on a smartphone or tablet, it will look like the screenshot at the right. But all of the elements are still there and the symbols are still the same!

Decoding Tweets Detailed Breakdown:

Keys to Building Your Network Key #1: Hatch the Egg & Fill Out Your Profile!

Keys to Building Your Network Key #2: Search for & Follow Organizations You Already Trust Hint: Watch whom they re-tweet!

Keys to Building Your Network Key #3: Manage Your Followers and Whom You Follow ● Check your followers regularly ○ Check out people who follow you to see if they would add value to your stream & follow them back ○ Don’t follow everyone who follows you ○ Block spammers, pornos, & folks you can’t figure out ● Don’t be afraid to unfollow people if they are not adding valuable information to your stream

Keys to Building Your Network Key #4: Hashtags! Hashtags! Hashtags! • A hashtag looks like this: #onlinelearning • Tweeps use hashtags to “categorize” their Tweets ####################

More About #Hashtags Video: Hashtags in 60 Seconds

More About #Hashtags All About Twitter Hashtags - Best explanation of hashtags I’ve ever found! • 300+ Educational Hashtags Being Used Right Now - Sounds overwhelming, but you can skim the page for topics of interest to you, then search by those hashtags on Twitter. • 20 Twitter Hashtags Every Educator Should Know About These hashtags have Twitter chats associated with them. (Chats are a whole topic of their own!) •

Hashtags for Network Building Use Hashtags To: Search for topics of interest to you. Watch for folks who consistently share valuable information and consider following them o Ex: Search for #onlinelearning o Notice related hashtags others use, too. Make the information you share more “findable”. When you add hashtags to your Tweets, you help others find info that may have value to them. Share info from conferences you attend or follow a conference you cannot attend in person. More on this in a moment! • • • ##################


Using Twitter at iNACOL Conferences use specified hashtags so attendees can share and see what is going on. • • • • The hashtag for next week’s conference seems to be #iNACOL13 (You can already search on it!) If someone in a session shares something you like, Tweet with this hashtag! Search for others using it. You might find some valuable people to follow. The hashtag also helps those who are “attending via Twitter.” o Ex: #edscape from Saturday.

Tools to Enhance Twitter Hootsuite - • • • • Allows you to set up columns & searches I like it best on Tablet and Computer. Demo of my Hootsuite o Column setup is easy! Great for conferences!!!!! (And everyday, too!)

Tools to Enhance Twitter Diigo - • • • • Save those great resources you are finding on Twitter & access them anywhere! “Social” bookmarking Tour of My Diigo Make sure you sign up for an account and start using it! o Go to Tools after you sign in & follow instructions to make bookmarking quick!

More Resources Twitter for Professional Learning LiveBinder (Created for ISTE 2013) • All of My Blog Posts About Twitter & Social Media for Professional Learning /search/label/twitter •

Final Questions

Social Media for Professional Learning Webinar for Florida Virtual School Global Team Sandy Kendell @EdTechSandyK October 21, 2013

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