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Published on February 18, 2009

Author: micah.humphreys



A presentation given at the Lunch & Learn group for the NWC Center for Training & Development in Cody, WY.

Social Networking The New Marketing Tool for Businesses Micah Humphreys, dirt guy 1

What do you think of when you hear ‘Social Networking’ or ‘Social Media’? 2

“Social Media is the process of using interactive web-based tools to create and share information in order to establish community engagement online and off.” 3

A personal observation... Twitter Updates of TCTWest 4


Businesses of products I love offer coupons with these tools! 6

Ponder this fact: Half of my life I’ve had access to the internet. 7

Percent of Life with Internet! 100! 90! 80! 70! Percent 60! 50! 40! 30! 20! 10! 0! 32! 31! 30! 29! 28! 27! 26! 25! 24! 23! 22! 21! 20! 19! 18! 17! 16! 15! 14! 13! 12! 11! 10! 9! 8! 7! 6! 5! 4! 3! 2! 1! 0! Age 8

With my students, research projects are now online collaborations. 9

Coldplay on Twitter One Month... 40,000 eyes $0 10

Okay, but what is social networking? 11

Oh, and I found that presentation software through a contact ...on twitter. 12

One last example(s): 13



A quick overview of Social Networking Tools 16

RSS - Your New News Source It Stands for Really Simple Syndication 17

Twitter “What are you doing?” And much more. 140 characters or less A Sixth Sense 18

Facebook - A Friendlier Face for Your Business Become Friends and Finding Fans 19

Blogs and Websites Because Your Product Isn’t Static 20

There’s plenty of others... Beebo Classmates Dodgeball Friendster GoingOn Habbo Imeem Meetup Ning Orkut Xanga 21

Things To Remember... Your business plan remains your best directive Your customer profile is the starting point 22

Things To Remember... You have special knowledge, and that knowledge can be used as material for drawing customers and filling out your ‘Social Networking Personality’ 23

Things To Remember... Start Slow. 24

Things To Remember... You will not be an instant expert It will take time to realize the potential of these (free!) tools 25

Things To Do... Read these books: 26 27

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