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Published on March 4, 2014

Author: pbrockmyre



Social Media Etiquette and Policy for Small Business 2010

Presented by NeXt IT Shawn Willson Paige Brockmyre

Getting Started  Implementation  LinkedIn guidelines  Facebook guidelines  Listen & Measure Results  Tools : breakout 

#1: Budget Constraints #2: Security Risks #3: Impact Employee Productivity #4: Potential for Imperiling the Company’s Reputation

Be transparent about working for NeXt I.T. Post meaningful, respectful comments Stick to your area of expertise When disagreeing with others’ opinions, keep it appropriate and polite If you want to write about the competition facts straight and that you have the appropriate permissions. • Never comment on anything related to legal matters, litigation, or any parties Next I.T. may be in litigation with. • Never participate in social media when the topic being discussed may be considered a crisis situation. • Be smart about protecting yourself, your privacy, and Next I.T.’s confidential information. • • • • •

• Determine who will be an admin • Identify a schedule of tasks • Create measurable metrics

• Expand brand or product awareness: How you will get your brand name out there • Build community: How you will attract and keep them engaged • Qualify fans and convert them to customers: How you will solicit information from users and use that insight to further the relationship • Improve customer satisfaction: How you plan to offer exceptional service

Sample Schedule  Daily  Weekly  As Needed  Connect them to repurpose (with care) ◦ Respond to comments made by your community ◦ Check Alerts, digests (2 emails) ◦ Post to Facebook 1-3x per week ◦ Post a Blog weekly ◦ Update your Linkedin status 1-3x per week ◦ Create events, upload pictures

Negative Posts  Option One: Respond directly  Option Two: Let the community respond  Option Three: Remove the comment

 How to respond to comments ◦ Respond!  Photo use policy ◦ Be careful or get permission  Geolocation Notes ◦ Use it wisely

 Accepting and Sending invitations from people you do not know  Sending the form invitation  Remind me HOW? I know YOU?  Email address in profile box  Using Linkedin Answers and Groups

  Business vs Personal Page Page to be fully developed

 Google Alerts

 Google Blog Search

 Twitter Search

 Social Mention

 Nutshell mail

  Q&A Breakout session: Get started w/ these tools ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ Thanks for coming!

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