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Published on March 13, 2014

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At CASRO digital in San Antonio, Texas: Five minutes each from four different presenter. See how the US census uses social media, and how other people use it for customer experience and market research.

RTI International RTI International is a trade name of Research Triangle Institute. Social Media for Research: Top 5 Questions and Answers (in 5 minutes) Joe Murphy @joejohnmurphy @surveypost

RTI International 1. Can social media replace surveys? !  Short answer: no !  Longer answer: yes, if you accept that social media is like a giant, poorly designed opt-in survey –  No limit on responses or types –  Everyone can see each others’ answers –  What’s the question?

RTI International 2. How do social media users differ from non-users?

RTI International 3. Does sentiment analysis really work? !  It depends! 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% March April May June July August September October November December January February March April May June July August September October November December January February March 2009 2010 2011 Green = Kaiser Family Foundation survey: family better off with health care reform? Orange = Positive sentiment about health care reform on Twitter ACApassage

RTI International 4. Hasn’t there been a lot of research showing social media is really effective in research? !  Yes, but be a smart consumer. Watch out for: –  File cabinet effect –  Curse of big data –  Transparency in methods –  Face validity "Public health researchers and hospitals can use Facebook “likes" as a proxy for hospital quality and patient satisfaction." Really???

RTI International 5. With all these caveats, is there a point in looking at social media? !  YES!! When it is fit for use and done ethically. !  Designing new questions and needing context –  E.g. What other topics get discussed along with certain health issues? !  Cognitive pretesting –  Crowdsourcing approach to investigate single items !  Recruitment/sample building –  Nonprobability: convenience, respondent-driven (RDS) –  Probability: if target is those using social media, can be done !  Linking social media and survey responses –  E.g. ask survey respondents if they would supply Twitter handle and incorporate Tweets in analysis

RTI International With all these caveats, is there a point in looking at social media? !  YES!! (Cont.) !  Outreach/Dissemination –  Identify existing social media groups who can endorse or allow for encouragement to participate –  Use social media to generate interest in research findings !  Locating –  When a phone number or address cannot be found !  Diary studies –  No need to develop new software –  Let people respond using a platform they know !  Voice of the customer, CRM, online communities | @joejohnmurphy | @surveypost

Please tweet! #CASRO @LoveStats #MRX Social Media as a Customer Service Tool Annie Pettit Chief Research Officer Peanut Labs @LoveStats on Twitter :)!

Please tweet! #CASRO @LoveStats #MRX3/12/14 2 #fail

Please tweet! #CASRO @LoveStats #MRX 3 Facebook User Facebook User Facebook User #ftw

Please tweet! #CASRO @LoveStats #MRX There ARE Rules 1. Be prompt 2. Be human 3. Be genuine 4. Be respectful 5. Don’t pass the buck 4

Please tweet! #CASRO @LoveStats #MRX Most Important Rule •  Don’t cross the invisible fence 3/12/14 5

Discovering page interests of specific audiences FACEBOOK AD TARGETING

!   Goal: On Facebook and Twitter, help client optimize ad reach (CTRs, Page Likes) to a target audience !   Target Audience: !   Ages 18-54 years old !   “Low SES” is defined as those who have not completed high school or have at most completed high school (or equivalent) !   Cigarette Smokers Target Audience & Goal X Easy to target a specific age range ✔ ?

1.  Survey: Screen respondents for target audience demographic and behavioral characteristics; offer broad category interests 2.  Scrape: Scrape respondent’s Facebook data 3.  Analyze: Look for consistency between stated category interests and actual page categories 4.  Follow-up: From intersecting list, narrow category interests to specific “top 10” pages and ask for specific page “likes” to extend reach 5.  Create Model & Test: Run A/B test using test ad and feed results back into model 6.  Repeat. Process

Scraping: Consent 4 Ask for consent to scrape Facebook data Facebook app again asks for consent and makes clear what is going to be scraped

Page categorization 5

Broad Categories (“Forest”): Specific Categories (“Trees”): TV Shows: Much more likely to like a television show FB page Females: Family Guy and Sponge Bob FB pages Males: The Simpsons FB pages Music: Much more likely to like music FB pages FB pages of Vin Diesel and Wiz Khalifa; < 35 females: Eminem, Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and TI; < 35 males: Will Smith Food/Restaurants: More likely to like fast-food restaurant FB pages & much more likely to share responsibility of grocery shopping Taco Bell, McDonalds, Coca-Cola FB pages Magazines: More likely to like magazines within specific genres Females: Cosmopolitan magazine FB pages Males: Fitness magazines FB pages Alcohol: More likely to like alcohol FB pages Jack Daniels/Jim Beam FB pages, and less likely to like Absolut Females: Smirnoff Sports: Slightly less likely to engage with sports FB pages Males only: FB pages of Ultimate Fighting Championships and the NFL Politics: Not likely to engage with political FB pages Males only: More likely to have served in the military Employment: Less likely to work in healthcare Shopping: no significant difference in category and Walmart FB pages Low SES Smoker Profile 6 When compared to high SES smokers (p=.05, n=500)

U.S. Census Bureau and Social Media Jennifer'Hunter'Childs' Center'for'Survey'Measurement' U.S.'Census'Bureau'

Our Progression !  Listening' !  Reac>ng' !  Engaging' !  Learning'



Engaging •  A'“Merry%Band%of%Loveable% Nerds…”'–HarEord'Courant' ' •  “The%Undiscovered%Gem%of% Federal%Twi;er%Feeds…”— Business'Week' 120,217'Followers' 47,137'Followers'


Learning over Time News'Men>ons:'Census' TwiUer'Men>ons:'Census'

Closer Look

Census and Privacy News'Men>ons' TwiUer'Men>ons'

Census and Privacy – Closer Look

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