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Published on August 24, 2012

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Presentation on optimizing social media and content marketing for better performance across the customer lifecycle. By Lee Odden, CEO of TopRank Online Marketing at SMBMSP (social media breakfast Minneapolis, St. Paul MN).

Social Media & Content Marketing An Optimized Approach @LeeOdden CEO, Author, Blogger #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

About Lee & TopRank MarketingAttract – Engage – Convert @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Enough About Me, What About You? Audience Poll: What Are Your Social Objectives? 1. Awareness 2. Engagement 3. Customer Service 4. Direct Sales 5. Something Else? @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Ubiquitous Connectivity“50 billion connected devices Create by 2020.” Source: Ericcson, 2011 Consume Publish Interact Transact @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

69% 47% SEO Email 76% 35% 88% Syndication Display78% 12%Paid Search Content Shares of brand & agency marketers are using social media for content distribution. @leeoddenSource: State of Content Marketing, Outbrain 2012 #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Why Invest in Social? 70% Increased presence across platforms Increased frequency 59% content publishing 50% More robust social marketing mgt More robust 45% social monitoring More socialSource: eMarketer / Awareness Inc. 2012 33% presence @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

BUT… Is it Integrated? ?@leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Is it Optimized?Contributed Articles Live Events ? Case Studies Facebook Twitter Infographic Blogs Videos @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Optimized & Integrated Is PowerfulCustomer Goals + Business Value Meet Customer Needs= Content Marketing Strategy = Achieve Business OutcomesBlogsLive EventsContributed ArticlesTwitterFacebookVideosInfographic @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Persona “Jane Exec” Influences CEO Marketing Goals: Fast, Save Optimization $, Serviceawareness interest consideration purchase retention advocacy Blog Facebook Email Offer Tips Articles Blog Fast Byline PPC Locator Newsletter Soc Net Ads Blog PPC Loyalty VIP Save $ Press Reviews Discount Community Referral Ads Blog PPC Loyalty VIP Service Press Reviews Discount Community Referral @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Fast@leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

30 Content Marketing Tactics Article Marketing  News Release Advertorial  Online Magazines & Apps Blogging  Podcasts Case Studies  Print Magazines  Print Newsletters Crowdsource  Real-World Events Curate  Research & Surveys Digital Newsletters  Social Content eBooks  Teleclass & Telecasts Email  Traditional Media Interactive Games  Videos Images & Infographics  Virtual Conferences Interactive Tools  Webinars Microsites  Wikis Mobile Applications  White Papers Mobile Content Blog Post: @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

To Optimize Isn’t Just About SEO @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

To Optimize Is Continuous  Hypothesis  Plan  Implement  Measure  Refine  Repeat @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

It’s Time to Re-Think “Optimization”Today’s digital world is complex, diverse, and changing fast. To “Optimize” is to know customers, technology and continuously adapt to reach business goals. Consumers are empowered by technology, expect more: user experience, speed, service. @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

To Optimize is Relevant to All Corporate Content and Objectives Public Human Customer Marketing Relations Resources Service @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

But First Things First:To Optimize SocialMedia & Content,You’ll Need toKnow the Customerand their Journey. @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Content Optimization Triology @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

What’s Your Customer’s Journey? Is it Optimized?@leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Traditional Sales Funnel Awareness Interest Consideration Purchase@leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Social Media & Content Lifecycle Newsletter Social Ads PPC Reviews Community Forum Social Networks Email Blog Website Blog Online Ads Media consideratio awareness purchase retention advocacy n Direct Mail Email Store FAQ Word of Mouth Promotions Knowledge BaseP EcommerceR Radio TV Print @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Optimize Across the Customer Lifecycle Advocacy Awareness Retention Interest Purchase Consideration @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Map Content to Customer Journey Source: First 10 & Smart Insights @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Map Brand & Buyer Goals to Info Source: @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Lifecycle Optimization Disconnect It’s not the media format that’s most important, it’s the information.Right: Info, Format, Timing @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Operationalize Optimizationawareness interest consideration purchase retention advocacy Who is What do What stories Make it your they care will connect easy to find audience? about? you? & share Preferences Search & Editorial Social & SEO Pain Points Social Data Calendar, Networking, P Behaviors Sources Repurpose R, Linking @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Optimize Customer Segments awareness interest consideration purchase retention advocacy Align Topical Needs With Content Buying Keywords Social Topics Content Type Cycle Awareness broad general issues blog, byline, social Stan Interest category investigative video, social feature comparison, Consideration comparison demos reviews Customer Segment Pain Purchase transactional referrals exclusive Points & Goals Retention tips connect with other users be a resource• Save time• Save money Advocacy supporting participation deliver as promised!• Dissatisfaction• Status @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Social Content Matrixawareness interest consideration purchase retention advocacy Topical Blog Post Infographic Video Facebook Post Theme Blog Post Infographic Video Facebook Post Blog Post Infographic Video Facebook Post Blog Post Infographic Video Facebook Post Blog Post Infographic Video Facebook Post Weave Themes Into Stories @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Social Topic Matrix Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3 Keyword 4Keyword A Blog Post Infographic Video News ReleaseKeyword B Blog Post Infographic Video News ReleaseKeyword C Blog Post Infographic Video News ReleaseKeyword D Blog Post Infographic Video News ReleaseKeyword E Blog Post Infographic Video News Release Create a Topic Matrix @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Measuring Business ValueSocial Content KPI’s Business Outcomes• Fans • Share of Voice• Friends • Improve Service• Followers • Shorter Sales• Comments Cycles• Likes • Increased Order• Google Plusses Quantity, Frequency• Links • More Referrals• SERPs • Lower Marketing• Search Traffic Costs • Grow Revenue • Improve Profits @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

1 Content & Media Discovery  Audience?  Goals?  Search?  Social?Prospect Journalist Customer  Influences? “Real influence isn’t huge fan & follower counts, it’s niche communities that take action” @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

B2B Marketing SaaS Audience: Sales, Marketing Execs Keywords: Broad & Category Content: Resource Center, Blogs, Social Content, Media Optimize: Corp Site, Articles, Blogs, Digital Assets, Social Socialize: FB, LinkedIn, G+, Slideshare, Twitter, YouTube Integration: Marketing & PR Measure: Non-Brand Keyword Traffic, Social KPIs, Leads, Conversions@leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Google+ FacebookInteractive Blogs Slideshare Twitter LinkedIn Flickr @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

KPIs & Business OutcomesKPIs:20k+ Blog Subscribers 2,000+ customers, 4+ years • 700% revenue growth past24k Facebook Fans 2 years*46k Twitter Follows • Fastest growing SaaS after5,000+ LinkedIn Group (Jon Miller, VP Marketing)Members • SEO & Blogs most100’s top 10 Google effective lead gen sourcepositions“b2b marketing” (Jon Miller, VP Marketing) @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

2 Content & Media ConsumptionWhat’s the narrative?How will your contentpersuade?• Formats, Devices• Social topics, keywords• Editorial calendar “To stand out, your content should stand for something: unique & specific.” @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Consumption: F100 B2BVideo Content • Target audience engaged by video Web analytics, social shares, competitor analysis • No new budget to create video • 100+ non-promoted or offline videos • Audit video assets into themes that align with editorial plan • Apply Social & SEO best practices • Create channels by segment • Schedule uploads & shares • Result: Drives awareness, engagement, education @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

3 Content & Media EngagementWhat kind of engagementdo your customers expect?What topics will inspireaction along the customerlifecycle? Prospect Customer “Your community will be as interested in your content as the interest you show in the community.” @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Engagement: F100 Technology SMB CommunityTarget SMB audience seeks a “safe” environment to be educated on tech topics• Content Strategy aligns customer tech needs with editorial plan• Audit 100’s of existing content & media assets for repurposing• Develop new content, co-create content with partners• Content attracts & engages – gives more data for future content @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Optimization is an Approach Set Goals Repeat Make a Plan ABO Refine Implement Monitor & Measure @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Makes Sense, But… Can We Really Do This?@leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Yes You Can You Can Do Anything! @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

With theRight Plan @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Optimized Planning: WHAT & WHY1. View of Search, Social &Content from 360 Degrees 2. Optimize Everywhere: Marketing & PR, B2B or B2C, SME or LE. 3. Research, Audit & Listen 4. Set Goals, Create a Roadmap @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Optimized Implementation: HOW Audience & Personas Keyword & Topic Research Content Plan Creation & Curation Content Optimization Social Networking Promotion Measure & Refine @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Optimized to Scale: WHO Assess your organization’s “optimization readiness” & identify training opportunities. Make integrated search, social & content marketing part of your processes. #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Optimize Is A State of Mind@leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

Thank You @leeodden #OptimizeBook #smbmsp48

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