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Published on August 21, 2013

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Streamline your social media activities with HootSuite’s advanced Facebook functionality. HootSuite is a Preferred Marketing Developer, which allows us to offer our customers almost all of the tools available on, alongside additional features that enhance functionality, all within the HootSuite dashboard. Post updates, add images and videos, monitor news feeds, keep up with personal and group events, comment and “Like” posts, from within HootSuite. You can search Facebook in the dashboard, message people privately, and create streams dedicated to Facebook events, all in a few clicks.

Social Media Coach: Facebook Guide 1 Streamline Your Facebook Management Streamline your social media activities with HootSuite’s advanced Facebook functionality. HootSuite is a Preferred Marketing Developer, which allows us to offer our customers almost all of the tools available on, alongside additional features that enhance functionality, all within the HootSuite dashboard. Post updates, add images and videos, monitor news feeds, keep up with personal and group events, comment and “Like” posts, from within HootSuite. You can search Facebook in the dashboard, message people privately, and create streams dedicated to Facebook events, all in a few clicks. This allows teams of all sizes, from a one-man startup, to a local cafe, to a growing design firm, to manage their social media campaigns or activities – including profiles, pages, events, groups and search – from one place. HootSuite also has unique features specific to professionals and businesses using Facebook. From analytics capabilities to security features, HootSuite has all the tools you can use for running and managing your day-to-day conversations or running more complicated social media campaigns on the biggest social network in the world. Let us walk you through it: Facebook Insights Analytics Part of succeeding with Facebook is paying attention to the posts that work, and the ones that don’t. Thankfully, there are tools that make that process easier. HootSuite’s Facebook Insights, a collection of Facebook analytics compiled into an easily accessible and readable report, allows you to monitor all your Facebook Pages and campaigns from within your HootSuite dashboard. Monitor and measure your fans, likes, comments and page activity right from your HootSuite dashboard. More in-depth analytics let you focus your campaigns by measuring feedback percentages, click-through rates, audience metrics and choosing custom URL parameters. Drill down to learn more than ever before about your fans, including their demographic, region, language, and post source. Make sure you’re sending the best possible messages by looking at analytics for individual posts, including their reach, the most engaged followers that commented or liked them, the number of people “talking about” them, and how viral they went. Historical comparisons also help you identify trends among your posts over time. 1. Click “Add Social Network” and select Facebook. 2. Click “Connect with Facebook” and enter your email or phone number and password, and then click “Log In.” 3. Read the message about HootSuite’s access to your Facebook account; click to read App Terms and Privacy Policy, and then click “Okay.” 4. Read the posting permission notes for profiles and pages, click the bottom left icon to select who can see the content you post to Facebook from HootSuite, and then click “Okay” (clicking “Skip” for either will prevent you from posting to Facebook from HootSuite). 5. Import pages and groups from Facebook as necessary. Content with check marks will be imported. When ready, click “Finished Importing.” 6. Next, within HootSuite click “Add Stream.” Choose whether you want to interact with your Page or Profile. 7. Choose from among the available social network streams. Company pages have four different choices of streams: Wall Posts, Events, Scheduled Messages, and Private Messages. Personal profiles have an additional four News Feed streams. Setting up Facebook in your HootSuite Dashboard

Social Media Coach: Facebook Guide 2 Insights snapshot Let’s take a clothing boutique as an example. Independently owned and operated, this clothing store might use sales and social media discounts to attract new customers and maintain their relationships with existing ones. Using HootSuite, the owner or a member of the team would be able to schedule different styles of Facebook posts (funny vs. serious, an image of clothes vs. an image of the store, etc.) and then follow-up to see which post was clicked and viewed more. Facebook Insights will also provide important information like who was opening the post (was it parents looking to buy their teen’s clothes, or the teens themselves?) and where they were located (was it people who live within driving distance of the store?). All of this information can help them reach the audience they want with the messaging that works best, and increase the likelihood of getting more feet in the boutique on a sale day. HootSuite Teams and Facebook HootSuite also offers several tools that aren’t specific to Facebook, but that can help you significantly ramp up how successful you are on Facebook. HootSuite Teams is one that you won’t want to miss out on! This feature was designed so you can match your online tools to your team structure. This lets you and your employees engage more effectively and easily on social networks like Facebook. To use HootSuite Teams effectively, first look at your existing business structure. Maybe you own a restaurant with three locations and each location has a geographic-specific Facebook Page. You can set up your Organization in your HootSuite dashboard to include Teams for all the geographic locations. Then each Team will be able to post to their own restaurant’s accounts, giving them freedom to be creative without impacting their colleagues at another spot. Learn more about HootSuite Teams with this handy guide Facebook Insights Analytics Module

Social Media Coach: Facebook Guide 3 The HootSuite Teams functionality allows for different methods of collaboration and acts as a central hub for your business’ social media activity. This includes: • Share streams: Search for brand related keywords, save in a stream and share amongst your Team Members. • Share draft messages: Create a supply of drafted messages ready for your Team to use to quickly respond to frequently asked questions. • Chat within your Dashboard: Use the HootSuite Conversations tool to simplify internal communications amongst Teams, departments or the entire company. • “Assign” messages for follow-up: A great way to inform a Team of a Tweet or message that requires their attention. Assign questions, comments and more to the appropriate person. A Two Minute Teams How-To 1. Organize your Team or Teams by naming them. Try regional Teams such as “NY Team” or “UK Team” or try setting up your Teams departmentally like “Marketing” or “Support”. 2. Add a profile image for the Team. 3. Once you have your Teams set up, add appropriate team members to those Teams (ie. marketers in the Marketing Team). 4. You can then select each Team Member’s Permission level within the Team. 5. Lastly, add social networks to the Teams. HootSuite Assignments and Facebook What do you do when you see an important Facebook message but you’re not at work? Or what about when you see a question from a Facebook follower that’s too technical for you to answer? There will inevitably be times when you need to reach out to fellow employees for help with Facebook engagement. That’s where HootSuite Assignments comes in. Assignments lets you quickly and easily assign Facebook messages to Team Members within your Organization, both within the HootSuite Dashboard and through our Assignments Google Chrome Extension. Within your HootSuite Dashboard, messages can be assigned using the top right drop-down menu above a Facebook post. Click “Assign To” then select a Team and Team Member to send the message to, adding instructions as necessary. HootSuite Pro members can also assign messages using our Assignments Extension. To use the Assignments Extension you must first install it in Google Chrome. After installing, HootSuite Team Members have access to an Assign To button option, located directly below each social media post on 1. While browsing Facebook, you may find a post that needs some attention (reply, amplify or resolve) – you can assign it directly from by clicking “Assign To.” 2. Next, from the pop up menu, choose your Team, Team Member and add a note with instructions. 3. The post you assigned will be highlighted in Facebook streams. Assign messages to Team Members directly from the Dashboard

Social Media Coach: Facebook Guide 4 Facebook Best Practices for Business Facebook is a valuable forum for cultivating fans and sharing your brand to a community, but maximizing participation from your community is part art and part science. HootSuite’s own Facebook page has hundreds of thousands of followers, and engaging with these fans has taught our social team a few important rules about posting to Facebook: 1. Post Interesting, Visual Content: Your aim is to get your Facebook audience to engage and participate, so concentrate on posting interesting updates to inspire fans to take action (i.e. add a comment, “Like” your post or share on their wall). These activities will further spur engagement from Facebook users. What makes an engaging post? Photos, faces and videos always perform better, and can easily be added to posts from within the HootSuite dashboard. A personal voice, prompting easy actions (a ‘Like’ vs. filling out a form), creating emotional responses (topics people are passionate about), and sparking debate with questions are also things to consider. 2. Don’t Overdo It: You probably shouldn’t exceed 1-3 Facebook posts per day. Too much content becomes hard to follow. Focus instead on providing great content. 3. Schedule Posts in Advance: HootSuite allows you to schedule posts in advance so that you do not have to check social media constantly throughout the day. It also lets you optimize your messaging and schedule it when your followers are most active. An international design firm with clients in a different time zone might want to post content in the middle of the night that is relevant to customers overseas. Research has shown that brands that post outside of business hours have a 20% higher engagement rate. 4. Get Organized: HootSuite allows you to create streams focused on the content that is important to you or your business. A party planner might want to create a stream dedicated to Facebook events to help them monitor engagement more easily. A design firm might ask users what they think about a new project, and then create a comment stream to follow their responses. Private message streams are great for dealing with leads you may have tracked down on your Facebook page. Also, basic wall post streams are key to staying on top of your social media success. Decide what is most important to your business and highlight that content using an appropriate HootSuite stream. Helpful Resources Here are some helpful resources to help you learn more about HootSuite’s Facebook integration and the specific features mentioned in this post: • 4 Proven Steps to Succeed with Facebook Brand Pages - Lecture Series • 5 Best Practices for Facebook Brand Pages - Webinar • Facebook Best Practices - Info Sheet • HootSuite ‘Assignments for Chrome’ Extension Info Sheet, Social Media Coach series, and Technical information • HootSuite Teams Info Sheet Facebook Resources • Facebook for Business • Facebook Marketing • Facebook Studio Edge To learn more about your HootSuite dashboard, join our free Social Media Coach webinars:

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