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Published on January 25, 2014

Author: markdelgado


PowerPoint Presentation: SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN 101 PowerPoint Presentation: Blogger Digital Marketer NGO Why am I here? Social Entrepreneur Student PowerPoint Presentation: 1) Where am I now? 2) Where do I want to be? 3) How will I get there? When planning for anything, consider these: PowerPoint Presentation: 1) What is your goal? 2) Who do you want to talk to? 3) What are your touchpoints ? 4) Who can help you? PowerPoint Presentation: What is your goal? PowerPoint Presentation: Participants Donations Volunteers Profit Awareness PowerPoint Presentation: When targeting a number, use the Inverted Pyramid Model. PowerPoint Presentation: Conversion Rate = ? PowerPoint Presentation: 1. Also have a target for your general audience. 2. The pyramid may have multiple levels and conversion rate for each . 3. Look for touchpoints that have high conversion rates. Insights on Inverted Pyramid Model: PowerPoint Presentation: Who do you want to talk to? PowerPoint Presentation: Civil Society Government Youth Private Sector NGOs Academe PowerPoint Presentation: When targeting a segment, use the Jar & Stones Principle. PowerPoint Presentation: Large Groups Medium Groups Small Groups PowerPoint Presentation: What are your touchpoints ? PowerPoint Presentation: Blogs Email Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Website PowerPoint Presentation: 1) Timing 2) Copy When using online touchpoints , consider these: 3 ) Call To Action PowerPoint Presentation: 1) Keep it short. 2) Ask a question. 3) Make a list. Tips in making good copies for online use: PowerPoint Presentation: Who can help you? PowerPoint Presentation: Bloggers Individual Affiliates Facebook Groups Organizations Students PR Groups PowerPoint Presentation: When working with people, these 2 questions may help: 2 ) How can they help you? 1 ) What’s in it for them? PowerPoint Presentation: When looking for people and resources, remember the Ripple Principle. PowerPoint Presentation: One ripple or dot will lead you to the next. PowerPoint Presentation: Indispensable teammates for almost any campaign: Strategist Digital Marketer Graphics Designer Events Coordinator Writer Relationship Manager PowerPoint Presentation: 1) Be detailed. 2) Map the audience’s journey. 3) Make it experiential. Parting words: PowerPoint Presentation: Let’s keep in touch via

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