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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: HeidiLahtinen



Social media starter kit specifically for travel/airline industry on how to engage with fans.

Social media 101 travel/airlines by Heidi Lahtinen 12th December 2013

Make them love you

Instead of asking people to like them, brands should deliver irresistible reasons to love them

Find your tone 1. Be human - your fans are too 2. Excite your audience 3. Create quality content constantly 4. Give your fans something extra 5. Spark conversations then let them happen 6. Don’t ignore your fans interactions with your brand

1 – 9 - 90 Nurture your fans 1’s The creators - most active fans are your biggest advocates 9’s The editors - this group challenges you 90’s The audience - these are the ones entertained by the 1’s and the 9’s and the interaction between the groups • The first follower is what turns a lone nut into a leader -> nurture your first followers -> people go where they see others • a2Pk

The rules of engagement

1. Be true to your brand

Jet Blue Stick to your brand • When you have a strategy – keep with it and everything you do should reflect it • Keep with your theme but change your tactics • Not only specific campaigns but overall commitment to digitalsocial initiatives

Virgin America Connect with your customers by refreshing your approach • • Virgin America created a safety video like no other Entertaining -> made people who are not even on the plane watch it • A social media phenomena

Heineken Bring your offline activities online and use your imagination with your product • Heineken asked travellers in JFK's terminal 8 to take a leap of faith and press a button on a specially-designed "departure roulette" board, which would assign them a new destination at random — effective immediately

Tourism Australia Connect over a mutual interest • Keep it simple and do it well. Every single day • Make your fans brand ambassadors -> give them credit and they will contribute • Tourism Australia Instagram is powered by its followers who hashtag their own images with #seeaustralia -> the best images are chosen to become six daily posts on @Australia

2. Spark (and dive into) conversation

2. Spark (and dive into) conversation + 3. Stay on the pulse of current events

Oreo Best brand on actively looking for conversations or creating one A content creation machine Focus on quality in every post not just twice a year

Nokia Best reaction for competitor news

Mini Best use of a scandal Make sure you have the right brand to be involved with topical news stories

“should have gone to Specsavers” Specsavers Best use of political drama By being brave, it can lead to excellent results

4. Have some fun

Socialise with likeminded brands

5. Mix up your medium

80/20 Engage your audience and promote your brand in a way that will benefit your followers 80% quality content • make it about your audience • build relationships 20% self promotional People are on social media to be social – promote your brand in a way that will benefit your fans

Mix up your medium It’s not rocket science, but its worth remembering the many ways your brand can communicate with your fans • • • • • • • • • Photos Videos Memes Quotes Hashtags Competitions Polls Questions Infographics

The Rules of Engagement 1. Be true to your brand 2. Spark (and dive into) conversation 3. Stay on the pulse of current events 4. Have some fun 5. Mix up your medium


It’s all about.. 1. Witnessing the rise of micro-videos

It’s all about.. 2. Brands as media companies

It’s all about.. 3. Gamification of Everything

It’s all about.. 3. Gamification of Everything

It’s all about.. 4. Cats… (yes still) and apparently bacon too

The good, the bad, and the …

The good, the bad and the …

The good, the bad and the …

The good, the bad and the …

Choose your weapon.

Platforms Facebook – most versatile, where most people have their closest friends and family Pinterest – helps people plan what they want to achieve from organising a holiday to cooking a meal Twitter – platform for breaking news, provides crowdsourced information, micro blogging and instant messaging Google+ - by the biggest search engine in the world, it has the second biggest audience after Facebook, can’t be missed Instagram - World of visuals, the fastest growing social media platform Don’t recycle your content in every platform

Facebook Norwegian created a simple yet effective competition - win an airplane for a day, with appealing content to gather more participants for the campaign

Instagram South West Air’s Christmas campaign #12DaysofLUV challenged their Instagram followers to submit a daily picture as a reply to the challenge. A user generated idea with $1000 vouchers as incentives.

Twitter Domino's Pizza U.K. gave fans a solid reason to interact with them, a cheaper pizza. The promotion cut the price of the chain's Pepperoni Passion Pizza by one pence every time someone tweeted the hashtag #letsdolunch

Pinterest Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts launched a travel concierge service “Pin. Pack. Go” that encourages Pinterest users to interact with Four Seasons staff on future trips by inviting travelers to collaborate on Pinterest boards and get insider advice and tips for their upcoming trip.

Google+ Google+ is great for making connections and collaborations within the professional community, particularly in the business and technology spheres offering products like Google Hangout Google+’s strength is in its visuals allowing gif style animations for images Bonus is that Google being the number one search engine the content will also appear more prominently in the search engine

Wild side Snap chat – a photo messaging network where images self destruct in 10 seconds, great for promotions with personalised approach

Remember... 1. You don’t need a social media strategy. You need a content strategy 2. Always be aware of what is going on in the world. An average day’s news won’t be significant to the masses, but the one day when it is, your brand shouldn’t miss a marketing opportunity due to a lack of awareness 3. No matter what you are trying to create, do it visually 4. Be concise 5. Grow your audience. Engage your audience. Demonstrate value to them 6. Experiment. Some of the most engaging posts are unexpected 7. Be ready to produce things and have your client to approve them in the speed of the light 8. Don’t be condescending 9. BE CONSISTENT. Strive to make every post purposeful.

Brands are bands. They all have their own fans.

Thank you.

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