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Published on May 3, 2013

Author: WMGSME


© 2013Dr Mark SwiftScott CrowtherDr. Xiao MaEllie PreciousIntroduction to Social Mediafor Business Use

© 2013Agenda9.30 The Social Media ‘big picture’ Mark10.00 LinkedIn: the social media everyone should use Scott11.00 Coffee11.15 Facebook and Twitter for your business Xiao + Scott12.45 Lunch1.45 Exposing your visual side: YouTube + Pinterest Ellie2.30 Location, location, location: Foursquare. Xiao3.00 Coffee3.15 Google+ Xiao4.00 Don’t Panic: managing your networks and your time. Scott

© 2013What is IIPSI?• International Institute for Product and Service Innovation• New SME centre– Experience led Innovation (people), Polymers (product), Digital (innovation) thinking• Purpose– Help West Midlands small businesses understand your customers and users better,prototype new products for example using Additive Layer Manufacturing, and usedigital (Internet) to launch as well as develop market ready products and services– Improve the regions capacity to translate innovation into outcomes• IIPSI must have IMPACT– Business growth• Fully funded until end of June 2015 (initially)

© 2013Market ready Productsand Services

© 2013What is the iIP - our approachThe IIPSI Innovation Programme (iIP) is:1. Centred on Innovation– “Successful exploitation of new ideas” WMG definition– "Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower." SteveJobs2. Demonstration activities– Raise awareness of what is possible through the adoption of new ideasand thinking3. Knowledge Exchange– Common sharing and exploitation of new thinking– We don’t have all the answers

© 2013Whats the structure of iIPIntensive company projects - prototyping,identifying markets, product/service evaluation,internshipsMarketleadingproducts &servicesFeasibility studies, collaborative projects,assistance with funding and grant applicationsExpansionthrough R&DAwareness briefing, case studies, technicaldemonstratorsRaisingAwarenessIn-depth workshops, advanced technicaldemonstrators, horizon scanning, hands on…Embeddingcapability30+placesperyearInnovationProgramme

© 2013Introductions• Housekeeping• Name...• What your business does…

© 2013Summary• Unique, high profile facility for the region• Range of SME services• No such thing as a free lunch!– Short forms– Baseline monitoring• Feedback and Evaluation• Enjoy the day• Get involved

© 2013Social Media Revolution

© 2013© 2011“Theres a plane in the Hudson. Im on the ferry going to pick up the people. Crazy”1. Well established andembedded technology:Tipping point was overfour years ago

© 2013Social media 2011…Social Media in 2011… Organises the Arab spring? Activists – Cairo 31 Jan 2011 Power in your pocketPortability andaccessibility ofsmartphones

© 20133. Pace of changeGoogle+ is now #2Watch Pinterest etcGoing – myspace, bebo?

© 2013Michael BrennerSenior Director of Global Marketing at SAP“Marketing today is difficult.200 million people on the U.S. ‘Do Not Call’ list.Over 86% of TV viewers skip commercials.44% of direct marketing is never opened.Roughly 99.9% of online banners are never clicked.Buyers wait until they have completed 60-80% of theirresearch before reaching out to vendors”.

© 2013What does this mean for a small business? - get Creative?

© 2013YouTube yourself…

© 2013BlendTec• SME manufacturer of commercial and home blenders• Blendtec produced a video in which the CEO blended unusualproducts such as a garden rake, a golf club, and light bulbs.– YouTube, video had 3.9 million views (over 8-months)– The Will It Blend? campaign illustrates the potential value of connectingwith consumers online versus traditional advertising• Now:– 218,173,850 views on YouTube– 700% increase in sales• BlendTec Case TIPS:– Be creative– Don’t be afraid to shout about your product’s capability

© 2013What is it?New communication technologies - help people interact, and share informationKeySocialToolsPhotosharingBloggingMicrobloggingRSSWidgetsLocationbasedservicesProductreviewsMessageboardsPodcastsVideosharing

© 2013Digital ConversationInsight Innovation Advocacy Natural searchCustomerserviceIncreased salesCan replace existing methods of generating enquires

© 2013Summary• Significant growth and pace of change• Multi channels which impact most of us• Many uses, moved from just B2B• Move from searching to following content• Its not going away (at the moment)• Can be used by the majority of businesses andindustries

© 2013Don Tapscott - Best selling business authorOn social media“All one needs is a computer, a networkconnection, and a bright spark of initiative andcreativity to join the economy.”

© 2013LinkedIn

© 2013LinkedInWhat they tell us!

© 2013LinkedIn191m users9m users2m company pages2012 Q1: 31st most visited global website

© 2013375 (av. network)74,100+4,828,600+Look at your reach!LinkedIn

© 2013LinkedInYour profile

© 2013LinkedInFind people you know

© 2013LinkedInFind people you don’t know

© 2013LinkedInYour company page

© 2013LinkedIn Tips

© 2013LinkedIn Tips

© 2013LinkedIn Tips

© 2013LinkedIn Tips

© 2013LinkedIn Tips

© 2013LinkedIn Summary

© 2013Coffee

© 2013Twitter“Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest stories,ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Simply find the accountsyou find most compelling and follow the conversations.”Twitter

© 2013TwitterLet’s take a general look

© 2013TwitterTime to tweet

© 2013TwitterCase Studies

© 2013Twitter Tools!

© 2013Twitter Small Business Guide:

© 2013Welcome

© 2013Facebook ?

© 2013

© 20131,000,000,000Facebook – the most …

© 2013Facebook - Interesting Facts1172791130

© 201369% 87% 18%76:72Facebook - Interesting Facts

© 2013Facebook - Interesting FactsMind jumpers30%52%95%

© 2013Facebook - Timeline

© 2013Facebook – Update / options

© 2013Facebook – Connections/Engagement

© 2013Facebook – Page / B2B

© 2013Facebook -

© 20130100200300400500600Birmingham Leicester Manchester NottinghamFacebook Interactions

© 2013Facebook - Timeline

© 2013Mobile

© 2013Facebook – Don’t forget

© 2013Facebook tipsB2C InteractionE-word of mouth

© 2013Lunch

© 2013Exposing your visual side

© 2013“Social Media is Video”(Social Media Examiner, 2012)Image sharing is big business!£1billionof all Facebook activity revolves around photos (HBR 2012)

© 2013YouTube

© 2013800 million unique users visit YouTube each month4 billion hours of video are watched each month72 hours of video are uploaded every minuteYouTube Stats

© 2013How it works/main featuresYouTube

© 2013Encouragesharing

© 2013How it works/main featuresYouTube

© 2013YouTube

© 2013View visitors bygeography,demographics,traffic sources

© 2013FacebookGoogle +YouTubeTwitterQzone (China only)GlobalTop 5 Social MediaDecember 2013(GlobalWebIndex)Also UK’s 2nd biggest search engine!4 reasons to use YouTube

© 2013Google rankings!Google own YouTube!!!4 reasons to use YouTube

© 20134 reasons to use YouTube

© 20134 reasons to use YouTube

© 2013“Pinterest is a Virtual Pinboard. Pinterest lets you organize and share all thebeautiful things you find on the web. Best of all, you can browse pinboardscreated by other people.”Pinterest

© 2013

© 201380%25 million+ users(fastest network to achieve this)High monthly time spentComscore, jeff bullas, MediaPost, PookyShares.Pinterest

© 2013Comscore, jeff bullas, MediaPost, PookyShares.Pinterest

© 2013Pinterest: how you can use it

© 2013Pinterest: how it works

© 2013Pinterest: how it works

© 2013Pinterest: how it works

© 2013Pinterest: how you can use itShare your products

© 2013Pinterest: how you can use itOthers then follow,‘repin’ or ‘like’

© 2013Pinterest: how you can use itShowcase your expertise

© 2013Pinterest: how you can use itBecome a thought leader

© 2013Not just for B2C companiesPinterest: how you can use it

© 2013Pinterest: how you can use itSELL - Add price with £ in description and it will automatically assign to Image

© 2013 Tips for using Pinterest .Pinterest

© 2013“We want to help people make their photos available tothe people who matter to them.”Other visual networks

© 2013“Your videos belong here”Other visual networks are available

© 2013“It’s a fast, beautiful and fun way to share yourphotos with friends and family.”Other visual networks are available

© 2013Case StudyWhat are customerssaying about yourcompetitors, anyonedisgruntled…….Power of key clients

© 2013Go viral!Visual media – Get Creative

© 2013Creating your own visual contentDIY animation tools:http://www.powtoon.com

© 2013ActivityBrainstorm ways you could use video or imagery for the benefit ofyour business.Search on Pinterest and YouTube to see what competitors are doing,get some ideas

© 2013Welcome

© 20134sq what?A day? - 4.16

© 2013I dont carewho you areWhere youre fromWhat you did4sq what?All 4sq caresWHO you areWhere you areWhat you didWhat you doing

© 20134sq – who needs it?

© 201320%4sq how?

© 2013Social, Game, Review, Location!!!

© 20134sq why?2/3 +80% +

© 2013To start with…

© 2013

© 2013Han Dynasty – Virtual to Physical

© 2013Han Dynasty – Location! Location! Location!SocialSocial GeographicalGeographical PhysicalPhysical

© 20134sq tips……Location basedpromotionSimple but SmartTrackingVirtual VSPhysical

© 2013Coffee

© 2013Welcome

© 2013G+ what?

© 2013G+ what?

© 2013G+ why?

© 2013G+ for business

© 2013G+ VS All

© 2013G+ VS Twitter

© 2013G+ VS Twitter

© 2013G+ VS FB

© 2013G+ VS LI

© 2013G+ VS Eventbrite

© 2013G+ VS Flickr

© 2013G+ VS Flickr

© 2013G+ VS 4sq

© 2013G+ Pages

© 2013G+ VS YouTube?

© 201310 HistoryMultiMediaAPIScreenShareGoogleApps

© 2013G+ tips……All in OneGoogle AppsIntegrationIts from Google

© 2013Facebook for B2C• Word of mouth• Power of “Like”• Listen and Talk to Fans• Community• Facebook fans have an 80%higher propensity to buy• Advertise with precision

© 2013Facebook- Likes (Pros)• Another face for the business• Personalisation of business pages withcomments, sharing facilities etc• Interaction with followers Easy engagement –customers can “Like” button or add a commentto engage• Interaction with other businesses. Connectwith your suppliers, distributors, or contractors.

© 2013Facebook for business• Set up “Business Page”not “Profile”• Advocates are key –encourage feedback• Set up “Like” icon on webpages• Visuals are GREAT!!• Completely free, supportedby advertising if required

© 2013Create a page

© 2013Don’t Panic!Focus

© 2013Don’t Panic!Plan it like a wedding

© 2013Don’t Panic!Be time aware

© 2013What NextContact us: @WMGSME, 7657 5594Innovation Programme – Other workshops3D Printing, Cloud for Business, Twitter, Strategy, LinkedIn and Facebookwww.wmgsme.eventbrite.comTalk through a project…..

© 2013Thank You!

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