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Published on November 6, 2008

Author: awewriter



A presentation for Social Markerz 3.0 bookmarking and profile creation for social networks to become involved with, and create new tribal boundaries.

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Inject news Fast acting Viral Complete control Huge following Instead of searching through random “results”, more internet users look for information from recommendations made by a web-based group of friends and followers. Give your business a boost with WEB 2.0 social networking now. 3.0 Social Markerz will do all the work. 3.0 Social Markerz

Inject news

Fast acting


Complete control

Huge following

Overview: You get accounts on three highly trafficked social networking and bookmark sites. With the 1.0 Social Markerz program, new social networks will be created for your message in MySpace, Facebook and Twitter. For one low price, you get all three of these highly rated user groups plus the update services listed below. We’re giving it away! Account Design& Setup: What does this include? It includes your profile image, your website address and other information you want known (eg, business service listings, professional organizations you belong to, rates for your products and/or services. In essence, it’s the general info that you’d like to include in your online profile. All of this information will be laid out in a crisp, easy-to-navigate design. We build a profile that compliments your message. MySpace Page/Account Setup Plus Friend Building! With MySpace we throw in a week’s worth of “friend building.” What is this? In social networking, you have to network to generate friends. We actively network (ie, contact others on MySpace who share your interests) to get them to become your MySpace friend).  We will get you between 50-100 friends your first week on MySpace. This is a free service included with the initial setup. It takes about 3 hours per week to accomplish this.   Facebook Page/Account Setup Bonus Contact Building! We can get you approximately 25 new friends your first week on Facebook. This is a free service included with the initial setup. Why are there less contacts per week with Facebook than MySpace? Facebook has stricter spamming policies, and thus it takes longer sometimes to build friends lists.  Twitter Account/Page Setup: Design and setup of your page here. ONE LOW PRICE FOR ALL OF THE ABOVE: $75 1.0 Social Markerz

ONGOING INTERACTION RATES FOR MYSPACE, FACEBOOK & TWITTER Social Marketing/Networking Note: Every business is different. For some niches, it’s easier to add friends and make contacts than others.  Daily Communication: $50 per week for all three sites. We will communicate with your audience on each of these sites once a day (Monday through Friday). This can be listing an article, a blog post or a comment.  FYI, this takes approximately 5 hours per week, including the content creation, which we throw in at no charge.   What is content creation? The content creation we refer to is an article, blog post or comment that we send to your contacts on these sites. Just so you know, most articles will be in the 250-350 word range; blog posts are anywhere between 150-250 words and comments on Twitter can only be up to 140 characters (it’s a social commenting site).  Unique Content Creation: We create unique content for every communication (unless you submit something to us).  Once a Week Communication: $35/week for all three sites. We will communicate once a week with your audience. We will work out a schedule with you as to when this occurs. You will be able to track the communication by simply logging into your account. Again, this interaction can be sharing an article, a blog posting or a simple Tweet (communication on Twitter). ***** 2.0 Social Markerz

3.0 Social Markerz Overview: We use Social Marker to help you get the most out of social bookmarks. This package includes networking on 40-50 different social bookmark sites. We handle the setup and integration of this for you.   What are the advantages of using Social Marker?   Backlinks: These drive traffic.  Get indexed quickly: Helps your site get in major search engines like Google faster (literally in a matter of minutes).   Exposure: Imagine having presences on all of the popular social bookmark sites? Your presence will be known far and wide.   What is Social Bookmarking? * Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata.when users “socially bookmark” a page, all it means is that they save the link to that page so they can come back to it to share it with others, comment on it, read it, link to it on their website or blog, etc. In the social bookmarking system, these saved links (ie, bookmarks) are usually public, and can be saved privately, shared only with specified people or groups, shared only inside certain networks, or another combination of public and private domains. The allowed people can usually view these bookmarks chronologically, by category or tags, or via a search engine. “ I Still Don’t Get Social Bookmarking But I Know My Business Needs It” If your eyes are glazing over at this point, don’t worry. That’s where we come in. We do understand social bookmarking and can get your business up and going so that you can enjoy the tremendous traffic that comes from using this Web 2.0 tool. Advertise Your Business Using Social Bookmarking the Easy Way Social bookmarking is an amazing technology for promoting your online presences (eg, blog or website). But, there are so many of them – and it’s time consuming going through each and every one of the. You have to register, set up and account, adhere to specific Terms of Service of each, etc. Downloading the toolbars alone can drive you to madness. And, that’s where Social Marker comes in. It considerably reduces the time and effort needed to socially bookmark a site – and start generating traffic and sales.And, we handle it all for you! Note: All rates include unique content creation (eg, article, blog post, comment). This means, for example, if you choose the weekly management/interaction we will create one new article, blog post and/or comment per day. This way, your site(s) are only updated with fresh, unique content – which is what search engines love. RATES FOR SOCIAL BOOKMARKING PACKAGE Initial Account Creation/Setup: $100 Weekly Management/Interaction (M-F): $75 Once a Week Management/Interaction: $30 * Overall definition courtesy of

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