Social ITSM: The benefits of using social media for ITSM professionals

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Information about Social ITSM: The benefits of using social media for ITSM professionals
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Published on February 21, 2014

Author: MartinThompson2



This is my slidedeck from the networking evening at BCS on the 18th Feb 2014 (

The discussion was focussed on using social media in ITSM - both for ITSM folks to develop their networks and careers and for communications internally.

Social ITSM BY MARTIN THOMPSON Benefits of Social Media for ITSM Professionals

Agenda • • • • About The ITSM Review / ITAM Review Life online - How to respond? Social ITSM – What’s in it for me? What works? – Content – Behavior • ITSM Futures • Q&A The ITSM Review

About Us ITAM REVIEW 45K • Started November 2008 • SAM, ITAM and Software Licensing 30K ITSM REVIEW • Started August 2011 • ITSM Professionals ITSM REVIEW The ITSM Review ITAM REVIEW

About The ITSM Review Saturday 15th February The ITSM Review Largest audiences in USA (29%), UK (17%) and India (10%) 100% organic: roughly 50% social, 50% search traffic

What data should we collect to manage Adobe Licensing? How should we respond? The ITSM Review

How to respond? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Consume Interact Curate Create Network Nothing The ITSM Review

• • • Content building Curiosity Request What do you need help with? Request Repeat Source • Share The ITSM Review Publish Think Dewey

Q. What you get out of using social media, personally, to help with your ITSM career? Many thanks to… • • • • • • • • • The ITSM Review Aale Roos Andrea Kis Aprill Allen Chris Evans Greg Bayliss Hall Ian Connelly Ivor Macfarlane James Finister Lana Yakimoff • • • • • • • • • Peter Brooks Rebecca Beach Richard Horton Rod Weir Simone Jo Moore Sophie Danby Stephen Mann Stuart Rance Suresh GP

Global digital ITSM chapter One Back2ITSM Question: 14 days, 17 unique contributors, 50 comments, 97 likes, 6 countries, 14 cities The ITSM Review

Why Social? What you get out of using social media, personally, to help with your ITSM career? 38% Make friends, connections and meet interesting people 16% Knowledge Sharing 14% Business Generation and Career Opportunities 14% Connecting around industry events 11% Connectedness / Isolation 8% Collaboration (bounce ideas, stimulate thoughts) The ITSM Review

New Business & Careers “I don't think I would have been able to become an independent ITSM consultant without social media. Not only did the discussions on various platforms give me the confidence to go for it, but almost every single piece of work that I have been offered has come via someone I interact with on social media. I have no idea how consultants used to find work in ’the old days’ “ Stuart Rance “LinkedIn group was how I came to submit my winning white paper to the itSMF competition. Then I met people face to face at conference. Then I connected with them (you) all on twitter. I WOULD NOT BE HERE TODAY if it weren't for social media. I would be writing copy for peanuts, I guess.” Aprill Allen “All the work I've had since "going solo" has come via Twitter, no proper interviews, no sending off my CV etc. Social enables you to create a "brand" for yourself, which is worth its weight in gold these days.” Sophie Danby “It has opened up a wider pool of potential employees, and allowed us to evaluate aspects of their capabilities that perhaps aren't evident from a CV, or even a typical interview.” James Finister “Blogs have been helpful to my career. They raised my profile. They got me presentations and webinar-type work with vendors. They were also my personal storefront. But my real social career move has to be to ServiceNow. I replied to a vacancy tweet. Two thirty minute phone calls later, with my now boss and his boss, I had a new job.“ Stephen Mann The ITSM Review

Supporting Events “It really has been instrumental in me connecting with people I never would have had the chance to meet before or if I had been in the vicinity been far too intimidated to approach them. Getting that initial hello over and done with in Twitter etc. makes everyone far more human.” Rebecca Beach “I have been thrilled with the power of social media to get connected with some fascinating minds across globe and opportunity to learn, experience and contribute to the community at large. I now have a couple of dozen people that are looking forward to meet me first time in reality at SITS14 and this would not been possible without the power of the great channel.” Suresh GP Connecting “For me it is the new water-cooler or coffee bar now that people don't work physically close. After a few years of missing the meaningful and meaningless, work and non-work conversations around the work team, social media has restored it. As Stuart says it gives access to people, and then all the old benefits of that are restored. In summary - it is technology giving me back what technology had taken away.” Ivor Macfarlane “I've found it very valuable in keeping up with what people are thinking and writing. There have been all sorts of helpful links to good articles, and I ended up quoting from Facebook in my assessments for my OU PGC. As many have said it's also a good way of meeting and interacting with others in this space (or building links with people you have met at events).” Richard Horton The ITSM Review

What content works? ITSM Content is NOT tomorrow’s chip paper – How to / Real life – Look up / Reference – Real life exposed to frameworks The ITSM Review

Content Longevity HP DDMI Review 7 Benefits of KEDB Oracle Licensing The ITSM Review

What works? behaviour • Assume all online interactions are permanent • Let your expertise do the talking • Authenticity, Transparenc y & Humility The ITSM Review

Social ITSM Futures “ From time to time there has been quite important discussions which have led to better understanding of ITSM issues. I think the ITSM framework of the future is being written on these various forums.” Aale Roos The ITSM Review

OUR CONTACT DETAILS ADDRESS: Swindon, Wiltshire WEBSITE: EMAIL: TELEPHONE: +44 (0) 845 130 3166 @itsmreview @itamreview @hotroh The ITSM Review

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