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Published on April 25, 2011

Author: michellepark


Influence of Social Media: Influence of Social Media PowerPoint Presentation: Social Media: It refers to media for social interaction with web-based and mobile technologies to turn communication into interactive dialogue. What can Social Media do?: What can Social Media do? Build a social network Enhance relationships with customers Build our company’s brand Be a customer service tool What are the popular social media channels?: What are the popular social media channels? Facebook Twitter YouTube LinkedIn Blogs Factors of Social Media Influence: Factors of Social Media Influence Following are the factors effecting influencer’s ability to persuade: Following are the factors effecting influencer’s ability to persuade PowerPoint Presentation: Credibility: The influencer's expertise in a specific domain of knowledge. PowerPoint Presentation: Bandwidth: The influencer's ability to transmit his expert knowledge through a social media channel. Following are the factors for target’s tendency to be influenced: Following are the factors for target’s tendency to be influenced PowerPoint Presentation: An influencer should be able to deliver relevant information to the ‘target’. PowerPoint Presentation: Select a right kind of social media channel to communicate the key message to the ‘target’ audience. PowerPoint Presentation: Deliver knowledge to the ‘target’ at the right time or when the ‘target’ needs that information. PowerPoint Presentation: The influencer should be able to build confidence in the mind of a ‘target’ to influence the latter. What are the tools to monitor social media influence?: What are the tools to monitor social media influence? Klout: Klout It provides you with a daily summary of your organization’s or team member’s social influence. PowerPoint Presentation: Facebook Insights This equips you to monitor the social influence of your Facebook page. PowerPoint Presentation: Facebook Google Analytics Tracker You can track visitor statistics, traffic sources, visitor countries and key word searches with this tool. PowerPoint Presentation: Advanced Twitter Search Function It can be used to find tweets about yourself or your products or services. Similarly, it can help you find out who is tweeting about your content. PowerPoint Presentation: YouTube Insight It enables you to view detailed statistics about number views and your video popularity that you have uploaded to YouTube. You need to have a verified YouTube account to use this tool. PowerPoint Presentation: Flickr Flickr metrics allows you to see statistics such as views for your photos, sets and galleries separated under categories such as today, yesterday or all time. PowerPoint Presentation: Influence your “target audience” successfully with effective use of social media

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