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Published on February 28, 2014

Author: Fadmash



A work in progress for the social groups represented in our film opening, "Overseer", produced for our coursework production in 2014. An updated version will replace this in the near future.

“Overseer” Social Groups By Alexander D

How does our media production represent particular social groups?

Social groups – The social group represented in the opening sequence is white male, one considered sane the other insane. Binary opposition. – Young, white, working class males? Sexuality an issue? Disability?

How are they represented: Protagonist • Protagonist = emergent representation of male lead = positive • Intellect > Brawn Protagonist from “Brick” (Johnson, 2005)

How are they represented: Antagonist • Antagonist = Dominant representation of psychologically torn villain = Negative • Norman Bates? • Stereotype, perhaps residual(?)

Technical representation • Mise-en-scene • Lighting • Costume • Location


Sound • dialogue: connoting

Visual Techniques

How does our media text serve to reinforce or challenge ideologies that are current in society?

Reinforce or challenge ideologies • Values and beliefs – Challenge: • Protagonist is not the stereotypical gun-slinging hero • That male characters are not necessarily the above

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