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Information about Social Etiquettes In Dubai

Published on March 1, 2014

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If you are interested to live in Dubai, You should be prepared to understand and respect its culture by learning the Social Etiquettes in Dubai.


• It is said that dressing style is a pivotal aspect of any culture and following it, will help you respect the country’s culture. • It's important to be aware of social etiquette in a foreign country which you are considering traveling to. • Having social etiquette is great in establishing relationships whether business or personal.

• You must have a basic understanding of the new culture you are about experience to avoid breaking any unwritten rules. It is not easy task though. It requires some preparation on your side. • Every country in the world has its own unwritten code. • Etiquette is not randomly assembled set of rules. It has its firm grounding in the culture of the respective country.

Avoid Embarrassment • • • • • Any mistake in Dubai etiquette can have a negative effect on your career. There are certain rules to follow to make your time easier and avoid any unnecessary brushes with the law. It may be interpreted as lack of manners. It can end your business. You will appear to be uninformed and rude and this might jeopardize your business deal if you do not take the time to research social customs beforehand.

Social Etiquettes in Dubai • • • • • • Arabic is an official language of Dubai. But English is also understood and spoken by a big percentage of the population. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, you must be aware that its weather is warm almost throughout the year. If you plan to visit in the summer, light clothes such as lightweight trousers and full-sleeved cotton shirts would be ideal, because they cover up your skin and prevent sun burn. It constitutes the Islamic world and there are certain factors to take into consideration in terms of dress code and behavior. It is unacceptable to be drunk in public and this may result in a fine or worse. Noise disruptions, bad language and showing disrespect in any way to Dubai’s religion or its leaders are all unaccepted and they may land you in legal trouble.

• Kissing or hugging in public is not acceptable but holding hands in public is acceptable. • It has become one of the hot spots in today's world with its fast emerging cosmopolitanism. • It is a modern city that welcomes visitors from around the globe. • But Keep in mind that Dubai is a very tolerant place to live.

Dress • Although there are no specific dress restrictions, there is a dress code for Dubai and this has been implemented as a show of respect . – You must dress appropriately, especially in the public places. This shows respect for the country and the people you are visiting as you would expect the same in your country of origin – It is acceptable to wear Bikinis at the beach or at the swimming pool. – Shorts and T-shirts are suitable attire in many places but when visiting mosques, religious sites or older parts of the city, both men and women should wear loosefitting clothes that cover shoulders, arms and legs. They must avoid really tight or sheer clothing. – Women will usually be required to wear a headscarf when entering mosques. – All malls in Dubai have implemented the dress code and you can be asked to purchase more decent clothing to be able to remain in the mall.

• No matter which country you may visit, it's always a good idea to learn about the local customs. • It is customary In Dubai to accept any food and drink with your right hand and use this hand to eat. – As the left hand is considered unclean, always use your right hand for eating, drinking and shaking hands. • Avoid showing the soles of your feet, or pointing your foot at anyone. This is considered rude. • If you are sitting in front of an important guest, it is considered rude to cross your legs. • Do not beckon or point with your finger. • If you need to use a hand gesture, use the whole hand. • If you are hosting Muslim guests, do not offer them alcoholic beverages or pork.

Public displays of affection • Keep in mind that displaying affection with the opposite sex in public can cause problems In Dubai. » No kissing in public » No fondling in public • Whether it’s with your wife/husband or not, it can still get you into trouble. But holding hands with your husband is fine. • homosexuality, adultery and non-marital activities are crimes which can lead to deportation or jail terms.

Vehicle Safety and Rules of the Road • • • • • With the rapid development of Dubai’s roads and transport network there are new rules and regulations. You must read and understand the safety rules and regulations because if you break any of them, your driving license can be confiscated and pay fines. Avoid using the road shoulder for taking a rest because it might block a police car or an ambulance. Never overtake on the road shoulder. it is also important to get information about traffic congestion and figure out the fastest route to your destination

Photography • Always ask for permission before taking any photos. Internet • Avoid gambling or engaging adult content of any kind. Alcohol • Avoid consuming alcohol in public. Purchasing alcohol for private use requires a permit. Health Insurance • • You can purchase a health insurance policy for full medical coverage or a health card covering basic medical treatment. Some employers can cover health card costs or additional medical insurance as well.

Ramadan • During Ramadan, you should abide by the rules because this is a holy month and a time to fast while getting in tune with Allah. – No food, No drink, No tobacco, No water, No gum in public between sunrise and sunset

Courtesy and hospitality • • • • Courtesy and hospitality are essential virtues in Dubai. It is very important to be courteous, and respectful as you will enjoy friendliness and warm welcome in Dubai. If you are invited to a majlis, remove your shoes at the entrance. If you are sharing a meal with your host, accept food and refreshment before moving on to matters of business. It is important to stand up for new guests and older or higher-ranking people.

•When offered something to drink such as tea, or Arabic coffee, always say yes. Saying no indicates rejection of someone's hospitality. •You can drink more than one cup but avoid drinking more than anyone else. Shaking hand is the normal greeting between men. Men are expected to stand when a woman enters the room. Do not entertain conversations involving sex, religion or politics. When greeting a member of the opposite sex who is Muslim, it is important not to offer to shake hands unless they extend their hand first. Both men and women (more commonly women) may prefer not to shake hands with the opposite sex due to religious reasons. •Do not check your watch a lot, as this may signify that you are getting bored from the person you are meeting with

Drugs and Prescriptions When it comes to illegal drugs. There are severe punishments.

Work and business permits •You must have a work and a business permit before any employment in Dubai. Your company must provide medical statements to prove that you are healthy and physically capable to work on the work assigned to you. •At the end of your contracts or when your residence permit ends you will have to leave the country. Dubai is a place for business people whose career involves a job. Not a place for retired expats who wish to spend their remaining years in Dubai.

It’s very important to understand the social etiquettes in Dubai before traveling. All you want in an apartment can be found at location logement Dubai.You can explore social etiquettes in your destination to avoid any disappointments. However, Keep in mind that it is a tolerant place, it welcomes everybody from all over the world and treats everyone equally.

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