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Published on February 18, 2014

Author: trinabertot


PowerPoint Presentation: SOCHI - RUSSIA THE 2014 WINTER OLYMPIC SITE PowerPoint Presentation: Sochi is a year-round open Resort, the largest in Russia, located on the Black Seacoast, near the border between Georgia/Abkhazia and Russia. The city from the north-west is surrounded by the Caucasus Mountains. The metropolitan area extends to the shores of the Black Sea, along the road leading from Dżubga to Sukhumi, a length of 147 km, making it the second longest city in Russia! PowerPoint Presentation: The Summer Theatre of Sochi PowerPoint Presentation: Winter Theatre PowerPoint Presentation: The Port of S och i PowerPoint Presentation: Sochi has the world's longest beach. Its length is about 118 km. PowerPoint Presentation: Prince Vladimir’s Saint Nicholas Church. PowerPoint Presentation: The Arboretum of Soc h i PowerPoint Presentation: Ordzhonikidze Sanatorium PowerPoint Presentation: "Sochi“ Sanatorium PowerPoint Presentation: Stalin ‘s v illa in Soc h i PowerPoint Presentation: In Sochi many Russian celebrities have their own villas. PowerPoint Presentation: In the Russian resort of Sochi, the building of the massive sports complex will soon be finished. The town, which until recently was known for its sanatoriums, will be hosting the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. Sochi had large-scale investments recently not only in sports, but roads, railways and airport… PowerPoint Presentation: Russia has released an astronomical sum of $ 50 billion for the organization of the Winter Olympics. It's absolutely the most expensive in the history of Olympic Games. This amount is 5 times bigger than originally planned. Compared to the past Olympic Events the spending is $10 billion higher than the cost of the Beijing Olympics in 2008 and more than 3 times higher than the budget of the Olympic Games in London in 2012. According to Russian opposition, this extravagance is to hide corruption and theft on an incredible scale. PowerPoint Presentation: The winter games competitions will be held in city of Sochi in the Olympic stadium, and the press center was built on this site also. PowerPoint Presentation: Schematic of the Olympic Park in Sochi Built from scratch, the sports facilities in Sochi are arranged neatly within the great circle around the square of Medals, where ceremonies will be held to reward the winners. The Olympic Park has a circle shape : Bolshoy Ice Dome Shayba Arena Adler Arena Skating Center Iceberg Skating Palace Ice Cube Curling Center Fisht Olympic Stadium In the vicinity of the circle was located: The Olympic village , The International Broadcasting Centre and also the main press-room. PowerPoint Presentation: The Fiszt Olympic Stadium, Sochi 2014 It is named after one of the most famous Caucasus Mountains in Russia: Fiszt. Here will be held the opening and closing ceremonies of the Games… PowerPoint Presentation: Bolshoy Ice Dome, Soc h i 2014 The name reflects the size and importance of the building. It will accommodate 12,000 spectators. Ice hockey matches will be held here. The dome covering the rink looks like a giant frozen water-drop. The area of the dome is shiny and silver in the day, while at night it is a huge LED-screen, which may display many images. PowerPoint Presentation: Bolshoy ice dome at night PowerPoint Presentation: S h a y ba Arena, Soc h i 2014 "Szajba" in Russian means hockey puck. So the name immediately reveals the function of the building in Sochi. From the outside the ice arena can be associated with whirlwind of snow. Here and in the Grand Palace will be held the Olympic ice hockey tournament. The two buildings are located within 300 meters. After the Olympics, the building will be dismantled and transported to another city in Russia. PowerPoint Presentation: Adler Arena Skating Center, Soc h i 2014 This facility will be for speed skating competitions. The hall walls are made of glazed glass, enableing viewers to look outside. PowerPoint Presentation: Iceberg Skating Palace, Sochi 2014 This facility was designed for figure skating competitions and short track speed skating. PowerPoint Presentation: Ice Cube Curling Center, Soc h i 2014 It is the smallest of the sports facilities in Sochi. After the winter competitions it will be disassembled and transported to another city in Russia. PowerPoint Presentation: The Olympic Village in Sochi. PowerPoint Presentation: Sochi -Theme Park at the Olympic Village PowerPoint Presentation: The Theme Park PowerPoint Presentation: The new railway station, from where you can catch a fast train linking Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana village (about 50 km) in the Caucasus Mountains where the "snow" competitions will be held. PowerPoint Presentation: New roads, viaducts and tunnels were built to link the Olympic sites.. . PowerPoint Presentation: Krasnaya Polyana, Russia’s largest ski resort, called the “ Russian Switzerland". PowerPoint Presentation: The ski jumping complex "Russkie Gorki" PowerPoint Presentation: Alpine skiing center PowerPoint Presentation: Center for cross-country skiing and biathlon PowerPoint Presentation:  Extreme Park PowerPoint Presentation: Over several years some modern hotels were built here, also restaurants, lifts, trails and snow parks - all at lightning speed, in time for the Olympics. Currently, there are 21 ski lifts and a total of 72 km of slopes. PowerPoint Presentation: Krasna y a Pol y ana at night PowerPoint Presentation: Olympic Mascots 2014 PowerPoint Presentation: THE END Translated by: T

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