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Published on March 19, 2014

Author: HelenaElMasri



Interpreter Training Education Online.
Train with a language dedidated tutor, a flexible option to become qualified. Course starts in October.

So you want to become an Interpreter…

If you live in the UK then you need: A course that prepares you well enough for you to pass the DPSI exam. What does that mean?

DPSI Online offers courses that include: Specialised terminology language support by qualified tutors Interaction/Engagement Has structure and substance Covers the DPSI topics set by the CIoL Practices :consecutive/simultaneous interpreting + sight translation/written translation Covers ethics and ethical dilemmas CPD/Mentoring

DPSI Law covers  Module I - Types of crime Part 1 & Part 2 – Offences against the person / Public order offences / Drugs and related offences – Difficulties and things that may go wrong for the interpreter – Victims of crime / Theft offences / Traffic offences  Module II – Police Powers and Procedures – Police powers to stop and search / Powers to enter and search premises – Identification of suspects / Arrest & Caution / Interviews – taped and on video – Witness Statements /Suspect’s rights / Duty solicitors – Bail – conditional, unconditional, breach of bail / – The role of the interpreter at the police station  Module III – Criminal and Civil Courts – Court structure for England and Wales /Magistrates Court / County court / Tribunals – Sentencing / Legal Terminology / Role of the interpreter in court – Interpreting techniques / Sight translation and written translation Terminology

 Module IV – Probation – National Probation Service – Types of Probation Orders / Pre-Sentence reports /Alternative sentencing / ASBOs – Terminology / Glossary of Abbreviations – Interpreting techniques and Role of the Interpreter  Module V – Immigration – UKBA – previously IND/ Home Office / Asylum / NASS Support – First Tier Tribunal (previously IAT) /Human rights / Specialised Terminology – Role of the interpreter in Immigration Settings  Module VI – Civil Law – Tort / Employment / Family law – Succession and Probate / Terminology  Module VII – Local Government – Local government organizations – Housing / Social Services / Benefits / Education – Terminology/ Sts and written translations – Role of the Interpreter in the Community Terminology

 The DPSI Law course is all about terminology Upon completion of the course you will be able to confidently use and understand most legal terms such as:  Common assault, ABH & GBH, manslaughter & murder  Police and Court Bail, the 2 different cautions, injunction, ADR  Either way offences, drunk & disorderly  Probation, Home Office, CPS  Trespassing, homelessness, benefits  Probate, wills and so much more… Terminology

The DPSI Health covers  Module I - Structure of NHS & Health Professionals – PCTs, Walk in Centres, GP’s, Hospitals, – Healthcare Professionals – Doctors, Nurses, Health visitors, Midwifes, Dentists – Medications - Methods of administration – Health promotion - Medical tests (cholesterol, diabetes, blood pressure) – Medical Terminology – Interpreters Responsibilities  Module II - Sexual health, pregnancy, children care – Sexual Health Clinics, STDs, HIV, AIDS, Contraception, IUDs – Vasectomy, Sickle cell & Thalassemia – Where to have the baby, care of new born baby, immunisations – Medical terminology – Simultaneous Interpreting Terminology

 Module III – Human Body 1 – Respiratory & Circulation Systems • Respiratory diseases, Blood & Lymphatic system, blood groups & disorders • Heart & circulation system, blood vessels / veins / arteries / capillaries • Heart diseases, Arteriosclerosis, Stroke / Keyhole surgery  Module IV - Human Body 2 – Digestive & Urinary Systems – Healthy heating, dieticians , nutritionists – Digestive system, digestive problems / liver problems – Urinary System, infections, cystitis  Module V – Human Body 3 - Bones & Skin, Hearing & Sight – Hearing, Sight & Speech – Structure of eye, eye disorders, glaucoma, cataracts – Skin & Skin diseases - acne, dermatitis, eczema, melanoma, psoriasis, shingles – Bones & Joints - common problems – osteoporosis Terminology

 Module VI – Oncology & Palliative care – Lymph nodes and cancer (Breast cancer, Lung Cancer, Skin Cancer, Leukaemia, Colon Cancer, Prostate Cancer) – Acute & Palliative Care / Organ Donation – Terminology/ Interpreting Techniques – Note taking  Module VII – Mental Health, alternative medicine, plastic surgery – Mental Health - Definitions and most common disorders, sectioned for treatment – Alternative Medicine - Holistic, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Acupuncture & Ayurveda – Plastic Surgery - Birth marks, cleft palate, mastectomy – Dentistry - Teeth and common diseases – Private Healthcare New add on modules being prepared on: Mental Health, interpreting for victims of torture and interpreting for minors Terminology

Languages The DPSI Online course is available in all languages ** **provided we have 3 students per language

Extra DPSI Online offers these extra resources ► PSI Glossary ** ( ► Information on standards of practice & CPD ► Codes of Conduct available from NRPSI, CIoL and others ► Ethics & Ethical Dilemmas covered during the Webinars in May And upon completion: ► Interpreter’s Manual ( ► Certificate of Completion ► Mentorship **in the languages available

Our Beliefs ►Our Beliefs: • The perception of good or bad service is the measure of your success or failure. • Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude. (Zig Ziglar) • Quality is not an act, it’s an habit. (Aristotle)

…a thought Therefore I leave you with a thought… Bad interpreting is… a verbally transmitted disease ! Bad translations are… a textually transmitted disease! Protect yourself !!!

Ready to start training ? Would you like more information about these courses? visit: or contact: Contact us

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