So You Want to be a Content Engineer (ICC 2014)

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Published on March 1, 2014

Author: jgollner



A presentation that sought to introduce the fundamental concepts and principles behind the emergent idea of Content Engineering. Served as the kick-off presentation in the Content Engineering track at Intelligent Content 2014 in San Jose (February 2014).

So You Want to be a Content Engineer Copyright © Joe Gollner 2014 @joegollner

A Definition of Content Engineering Content Engineering: The application of engineering discipline to the design, acquisition, delivery, management, and use of content and to the technologies deployed to support the full content lifecycle The Language of Content Strategy

A Definition of Engineering Engineering: Engineering is the application of scientific principles to the design, development, support and use of systems which are themselves made up of structures and processes.

Francis Bacon & the Scientific Method Sir Francis Bacon (1561 – 1626) Philosopher, Statesman, Scientist Identified the Idols of the Mind that typically mislead understanding • • • • Idols Idols Idols Idols of of of of the the the the Tribe [ingrained beliefs] Cave [personal prejudice] Marketplace [the fog of words] Theatre [disciplinary dogmas] The Way to Combat these Idols: The Scientific Method • • • • Observation Hypothesis Experiment Rejection, Refinement or Validation….Repeat & Publish

So You Want to be a Content Engineer Definition of Core Concepts The Practice of Content Engineering Case Study: Integrated Health Information Conclusion: Do you still want to be a Content Engineer?

Content & Information Content Is what we plan, design, create, reuse & manage so that we can deliver effective information products Content is potential information (an asset) Information Is the meaningful organization of data communicated in a specific context with the purpose of influencing others Information is a transaction (an action) that contains Content

Publishing & Documents Publishing The process of transforming content assets into information products that can be effectively transacted Documents Documents are the persistent form of information transactions that have been exchanged as part of a business process. Documents are a fact of life & can take many forms.

Intelligent Content Knowledge Intelligence is the ability to acquire & apply knowledge Documented & Integrated Ma Con na ten ge t me nt ge led ent ow Kn agem n Ma Intelligence is also information of immediate & practical use Business Systems B gy Intelligent Content is content that has been prepared using open standards so as to be both portable and processable olo ble hn ensi E xt & en Te c Op Portable & Processable Glo usin b al e & D ss yna mic Intelligent Content

Content Strategy A strategy is a plan of action directed towards achieving a long-term goal through the coordination, integration and application of the resources & capabilities available to an enterprise A Content Strategy seeks to make content a strategic asset that can be leveraged by state-of-the-art technology to achieve concrete business goals

Content Strategy & the Content Lifecycle Content Acquisition Content Delivery Content Strategy Content Management Content Engagement The Content Lifecycle is a continuous process of creation, publication, use and control all guided by a continuously evolving Content Strategy

Content Metrics 10 8.3 8.8 4.2 2.8 As Is 1 1 1 1 2.4 4.0 7.8 To Be 8.7 10 “As Is” Current Score: Content Engagement Content Management Content Delivery Content Acquisition 10 10 45 “To Be” Target Score: 281 Content Metrics reflect the measurements that an organization deems relevant. The first step is determining what needs to be measured.

Content Engineering, Technology & Solutions Content Acquisition Content Delivery Content Strategy Content Management Content Engineering Content Engagement Content Technology Content Solutions

Content Technology & Content Solutions Content Technology Technology that has been specifically designed to create, store, manage & process content with all its complexity including intelligent content that has been optimized for portability & processability Content Solutions Leverage content technology to deliver business benefits from content assets Seek to automate, streamline & enrich the content lifecycle

Back to Engineering The Practice of Engineering Balances multiple objectives Approaches objectives with a methodical use of: • • • • • • • • precedents standards experiments measurements tests best practices past experience state-of-the-art technology All decisions • Documented & verifiable The Scientific Method in practice

Back to Content Engineering Balances the objectives in the Content Strategy with the realities of available & affordable Content Technology Designs & validates content structures and the Content Lifecycle processes that operate on those content structures to realize a sustainable Content Solution Guides the solution through ongoing evolution

Case Study: Integrated Health Information Context Multiple stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem Huge volumes of published information Requirement Scalable solution for discovering, accessing & reusing medical content in multiple situations • • • Healthcare Professionals Patients Other stakeholders (Insurance companies, Government…)

Case Study: Integrated Health Information Tailored Rendition Reference Lookup Rationale Medical Reference Reference Summary Identification Guidance Evidence Reference Client Adapted Treatment Protocol Published Master Treatment Protocol Evidence Moved Analysis References Sources Aggregation of content about a Medical Resource New Related Links Representation of reference content suitable for efficient delivery Clinical guidance based on evidence ( ) Client adapted clinical guidance retaining evidentiary precedence ( ) End-to-End Precedence Network will permit bidirectional flow of notifications & analytics Solution Objective: Connect primary medical references to clinical guidance so as to establish a continuous Precedence Network that provides the grounded authority for clinical decisions. Traceability was central to this engineered solution.

Case Study: Integrated Health Information Establish Project Requirements Project Team Clients Business Needs Document Identify Needs Test Setup Draft Requirements Specification Document Requirements Use Case Task Setup Testing Team Task Steps Test Steps Test Case Task Result Baseline Requirements Specification Requirements Validation System Constraint Identify Uncertainties Prototyping Plan Experiments Technical Proof of Concept Conduct Experiments Usability Testing Document Results Test Result Applying formalized methods to all stages of the project & to the content lifecycle

Case Study: Integrated Health Information Content Modelling Technique (CMT) A modeling technique that provides a systematic and disciplined way to represent content objects and processes in the context of business goals and responsibilities assumed by organizations or individuals (actors). Object Objects are “things” that can be used, consumed, produced or called upon to provide a service. Process Processes act upon “objects” in order to change their state. Processes may use, consume, produce objects or depend upon the services from objects. Order Start Inheritance Composition Annotation Choice Choice Details Actor Actors assume responsibility for outcomes. Actors can call upon processes, objects & other actors. One or more Zero or more End Flow One Zero or one Relationship Cardinality Primary Modelling Activities Composition Document Front Matter Inheritance Analyst Body Rear Matter Business Analyst Process Review Technical Analyst · · · · Testing Sign-off Content Modelling Technique was developed with reference to: Object Modeling Technique (OMT) IDEF0 Function Modeling Unified Modeling Language (UML) Object Process Methodology

Case Study: Integrated Health Information Tailored Rendition Reference Lookup Rationale Medical Reference Reference Summary Identification Reference Client Adapted Treatment Protocol Published Master Treatment Protocol Guidance Evidence Evidence Moved Analysis References New Related Links Sources Aggregate Content from Sources Generate Summary Representation Add PlainLanguage Content Publish Master Treatment Protocol Define Client Treatment Protocol as modifications to be applied to the Master Extract sources into XML, reconcile & validate details Transform XML into specialized DITA & Refactor Conduct an editorial process for adding clientfocused content Transform DITA into an XML representation that is widely processable Stage resources for client customization, to be done by defining a final set of transformations that will generate the client view

So Do You Still Want to be a Content Engineer? Content Engineering Is obligated to take a full system-view Considers content from all angles to realize a balanced solution Cannot afford to cling to any one disciplinary perspective Approaches objectives using a documented, formal methodology Relentlessly deploys testing, measurement & automation to find improvements

Making Connections Joe Gollner Gnostyx Research Inc. Twitter: @joegollner Blog: The Content Philosopher

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