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Information about live in a Hurricane Prone State?

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: rickdlg



Tips and advice for people living in Hurricane Prone States

Do you live in a Hurricane Prone State? Rick De La Guardia, E.I., M. ASCE

Who should be concerned with ever increasing threats of powerful storms? Maps/Hurricane_Evacuation_Plan_States.gif

Hurricanes are not just a Florida problem… …but Floridians are the most experienced


What stands between us and the hurricane? Windows Doors Our Building Envelope Products

Window Walls & Storefronts Curtain Walls Skylights Railings

 Glass Types:  Monolithic:  Annealed  Heat Strengthened  Tempered  Laminated  Insulated  Insulated-Laminated  Glass Strength Factors  Annealed 1.0  Heat Strengthened 2.0  Tempered 4.0 What is the primary material of our envelope products? Glass

Strong winds and flying debris can cause havoc

But so can flooding Hurricane Katrina 2005 l

Who can best help you understand selecting, designing, testing and specifying Hurricane Resistant Building Envelope products and Codes? For a blog on and more information about hurricane mitigation you can visit: Or you can connect through:

 Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering from the University of Miami.  President/Founder of DLG Engineering, Inc., a structural consulting firm based in South Florida.  Past-President of the University of Miami College of Engineering Alumni Association  20 years experience consulting in the building envelope and glazing field.  Developed and presented live webinars for the American Society of Civil Engineers on Hurricane Mitigation Design ( January, July and November 2013)  Vice Chair of the Architectural Engineering Institute’s Curtain Wall Committee.  Presented on hurricane design of glazing systems to:  Florida Structural Engineers Association  ATC-SEI 2012 Advances in Hurricane Engineering Conference  Written articles on:  “Allowable Strength of Glass: How to Design Safely for Today’s Threats” (US Glass Magazine, July 2010)  “Growing Awareness: Changes in ASCE 7-10 to Affect Hurricane-Prone Regions” (Architects’ Guide to Glass & Metal, December 2011) Rick De La Guardia, E.I., M. ASCE

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