SO 2008-349 (Mini-Olympics)

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Information about SO 2008-349 (Mini-Olympics)

Published on May 30, 2008

Author: denreu


Republic of the Philippines Department of Environment and Natural Kesources Visayas Avenue. Dilirnan, Quezon C ~ t y Tel Nos. 929-6626 to 29; 929-6633 to 35 926-7041 to 43; 929-6252; 929-1669 Website: http;/ E-mail: / DENR SPECIAL ORDER NO. 2008 - 349 SUBJECT: AUTHORIZING THE CONDUCT OF THE DENR PHYSICAL FITNESS AND SPORTS DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM ENTITLED quot;SECRETARY JOSE L. ATIENZA, JR. MINI-OLYMPICS 2008quot; In the interest of the service and in order t o promote healthy lifestyle, camaraderie and sportsmanship among DENR officials and employees, the conduct of the DENR Physical Fitness and Sports Development Program entitled quot;Secretary Jose L. Atienza, Jr. Mini-Olympics 2008quot; is hereby authorized. As such, the following DENR officials and employees shall compose the SteeringmCommittee which will facilitate the conduct of the activity: Ricardo S. Isip Assistant Secretary for Management Services - Chairperson Carnilo D. Garcia - DENREU President Vice-Chairperson Wilhelmina Diez Chair, DENREU Sports and Cultural Committee - Member - A l DENREU Board o f Directors l DENR Central Office - do - All designated Sports Coordinators -do- Central Office, Bureaus and Attached Agencies They are authorized to organize, coordinate and conduct meetings with representatives from participating teams, and seek assistance from other officials and employees from time to time in order to ensure the success of the Mini-Olympics. They shall also organize and coordinate the immediate conduct of an Inter-Color Sportsfest at the DENR Central Office in preparation for the inter-bureau Mini-Olympics. The conduct of this Inter-Color Sportsfest shall be after office hours and at no cost to the government. To ensure that activities relative to the Mini-Olympics do not hamper the official functions and duties of DENR personnel, the Steering Committee shall submit the schedule of events to the undersigned for approval. All regional offices are likewise authorized to conduct their own Regional Sporstfest, provided that activities do not hamper their official functions and duties. + All expenses relative to the conduct of this Mini-Olympics shall be charged funds, subject to the usual accounting and auditing rules and regulations. This order shall take effect immediately and for the duration of the Mini-Olyrnp' .

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