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Published on March 20, 2009

Author: christianp


A presentation for your internal clients Dirk Singer, Cow, Justifying social media in the recession

Hello! •About me:,, •About Cow:, (blog), thisiscow,,,

“A large section of the internet today reminds me of the guy at your high school in 1984, out in the student parking lot, talking endlessly about the awesome new stereo in his red Camaro Z28. “He spends time in that parking lot showing everyone his massive kicker box and bad ass set of tweeters, instead of using it” Dave Johnson, One Man Lab All talk, no action?

When actually, we are talking about something that’s: Measurable Cost efficient Strategic, not tactical Is here anyway

The received wisdom: Social media marketing set to boom in the recession According to Marketing Sherpa: Social media budgets (net) +28% Direct mail budgets -40% Event spend -49% Print advertising -56%

But do the figures mask a bunker mentality?

Why? • Heard a lot about it / don’t really understand it (46% of firms who hadn’t done anything, don’t understand it - Marketing Sherpa) • 67% of marketers consider themselves ‘beginners’ (FutureLab) • When times are tough, we stick to what we know and what works • And that’s often traditional advertising

Let’s start with a look at a few brand profiles


SouthWest Trains

Currently for sale: Yours for £20!

Or you could also choose from

And on Flickr, this is who is representing Starbucks

So don’t worry - Social media will find you!

Budgets are cut - so it’s Plus consumers are not paying much attention anyway a good time to try something new Reasons why it’s timely to think about this now (and sell it to your internal clients)

Some stats for internal doubters

Even now, you still hear: “This isn’t for me, we’re not cool”

When in fact UK housewives spend half (47%) their free time online (TNS) Over 45s on Facebook grew by 165% Q4 The UK is the second most active social media market - 50% of adults (Ofcom)

So whatever your brand does - this is where you will find your consumers

Traditional media and advertising RIP? 4% of UK regional papers died last year (Roy Greenslade, The Guardian) The transition to the web: No regional newspaper has more than 137 Google reader subscribers Mainstream news turns off consumers - 28% are influenced by what they see in news media, 40% other media (Experian) Internet now second most influential source of news after TV (Pew Report, TNS)

Let’s get onto cold hard cash Say you had £100,000 in traditional advertising

Two spots on ITV drama

“In 1965, 80 percent of adults could be reached with three 60 second TV spots. Today it requires 117 prime time commercials to produce the same result” (Jim Stengel, CMO, P&G)

Or alternatively A social network Monitoring system strategy to include: to see what’s being said (assuming you don’t use free tools) Someone to manage it for you You could even (job creation!) have the budget to develop an online Design, hosting or iPhone costs application And you’ll have change!

Not only that, it ticks the ‘measurable’ box

It gets you out of the “fireworks business” and builds long term dialogue

It humanises your brand According to DEI Worldwide: 54% favour “online representatives” (that’s you!) over a website 67% will pass on what they are told, 62% value their advice over run of the mill ads

It helps your search engine reputation....and helps the media find you

For 70%. social media sites (the definition of which is message boards, social networks, blogs or video sharing sites) are a major source of information about companies or brands It allows you to fish where the fish are

In fact, what’s your website good for?

Skittles answered that question - took down its whole site, replaced with unfiltered social media

Who spends their days talking about multi-coloured, sugary candy?

So Mr/s internal client. What now?

At its most basic • Claim your IDs! (use, • Think about other places people can find you and where they go. What can you do? • Start sharing your thoughts, talk in human form, not corporate speak • Give someone responsibility for making it happen

And also •Encourage your staff to get to grips with social media and to take part •And publish clear do and don’t disclosure guidelines

Finally, results won’t happen overnight

Thank you for your time! Any questions -

Further details on some of the With thanks for the images (taken research: from Flickr via a creative ★Google reader subscribers and commons / attribution / regional newspapers, from commercial license) - see ★Theshoppingsherpa ★Sqacco ★Marketing Sherpa’s research ★mgspiller originally spotted on FreshNetworks ★Themarque blog ★Victoriapeckham ★A lot of the stats from the ★Mikejohnston presentation have additionally been ★Mavmbeckernet taken from TNS ‘Digital World / ★Tedpercival Digital Life’, download from ★Oskay ★Quartermane ★Twodolla ★Dominicspics

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