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Information about Sniffer

Published on March 11, 2014

Author: stelcyjose1


Snifferfor detecting lost mobile By Stelcy Jose

What Happens when you lost your Mobile Phone?

Reporting…Searching… Praying…

But still not found?

What is the best Solution then?

What is the best Solution then?What is the best Solution then? Sniffer

What Sniffer actually has?

Sniffer has?Sniffer has? Small Base Station Plays major role Transceiver section operated at frequency (different) Directional antenna Includes:

contentscontents ➢Introduction ➢About IMEI ➢Designing for the Sniffer -Sniffer base station -Design of unidirectional antenna -software for the tracking ➢Working of the sniffer device ➢conclusion

What is Sniffer ?What is Sniffer ? The main scope is to detect the lost mobiles. For the detection of lost mobile SNIFFER plays a vital role. The Sniffer is basically a transceiver that works in the different frequency that we are commonly used. The sniffer device has to be designed for easy mobility for the purpose of detection.

What is IMEI?(International Mobile Equipment Identifier)

International Mobile Equipment Identifier • 15 digit Unique code used to identify GSM phone • Used for blocking of call made by unauthorized person When a phone is switched on, this unique IMEI number is transmitted and checked against a data base of black listed phones in the network’s EIR . To know the IMEI number the *#06# has to be pressed. We use IMEI EFFECTIVELY in SNIFFER For the purpose of DETECTON

Gray List Allow the Phone to be used, but can be tracked to see who has it. Black List Listing the phone from being used on any number where there is an EMI match

1. Sniffer base station.1. Sniffer base station. 2. Unidirectional antenna.2. Unidirectional antenna. 3. Tracking software.3. Tracking software. DESIGNING FOR THE SNIFFERDESIGNING FOR THE SNIFFER

Designing for the Sniffer - Sniffer Base Station • Small base station • Include transceiver section • Operated at frequency (900mhz which is VHF range)it is necessarily to design the oscillator circuit for that frequency range • Important is cooling • Low power transmitter (help in nature)

Designing for the Sniffer - Design Of Unidirectional Antenna • Act as a eyes for the sniffer • Antenna is a device works at specified frequency • Transmitting & receiving data signal • Transmit power • Used to show radiation pattern (Unidirectional Antenna Radio Pattern)

Designing for the Sniffer - S/W for the Tracking • Feature: help to create database using RAM • IMEA - embedded in a chip • RAM stores - IMEI no. • Act as a database

Designing for the Sniffer - S/W for the Tracking RAM IMEI Number Lost mobile Signalling information Programming done-c/java Front end-VB Back end- oracle SQL i/p checks s/w got

If the connection of the lost mobile is Established with the BTS, The MSC collects it’s IMEI number. If these number are matched with the reported lost no’s . It transferred the connection to the sniffer device. Searching can perform with the GPS system for more accurate , fast detection and location can be tracked. WORKING OF THE SNIFFER DEVICE

Before Sniffer Increase The Frequency

After Sniffer Increase The Frequency IMEI no. provided by MTSO or MSC BTS(base transceiver station)-act as a middle man MTSO(mobile telephone switching office)=MSC(mobile switching centre) The connection of the sniffer device with the lost mobile phone.

Sniffer tries to Communicate with the Lost Mobile The sniffer shown in fig tries to communicate with the lost mobile. After getting connected with the mobile it creates a virtual cell pattern and thus helps in the detection of lost mobile phones.

Is browser sniffing the only viable approach for mobile device detection?

➢ Useful for lost mobile ➢ effective cost ➢ low power consumption ➢ easy to design ADVANTAGES

➢ Power of mobile should be good enough ➢ Mobile should not been in shadow regain Note: “Method can been improved by using modern technology and devices” Certain boundaries :Certain boundaries :


      In today’s life Mobile phones are the mainly used device for  communication ,so large no. of complaints regarding the mobile  phone that lost are comes. This method appears to be complex but for large scale detection  the overall effective cost of the design down. There  are  certain  boundary  conditions    like  the  power  of  the  mobile  should  be  good  enough  etc..  but  this  method  can  be  improved by using modern technologies.


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