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Published on March 7, 2014

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This abridged edition of the Best of Branded Content Marketing: 10th Anniversary Edition book is the first of two Special Previews that we’re releasing. It contains six of the best examples of award-winning case studies from leading brands and expert practitioners around the world.

We hope that you enjoy this excerpt from our new book and that you’re inspired to create your own best-practice branded content marketing work.

You can download the full edition of the book at practices/ebooks/ from 18 March 2014.

CONTENTS Introduction Volvo Trucks ‘The Epic Split’, Forsman & Bodenfors Sony Xperia ‘Vs The Northern Lights’, DigitasLBi Terra ‘Penetras de Luxo’, Wanted Agency Unilever Surf TOWIE ‘Summer D’Reem’, ITV Chivas Regal ‘MASHTUN’, Somethin' Else Unilever Dove ‘Real Beauty Sketches’, Ogilvy Copyright 2014. This book may not be reproduced in whole or in part About the book without the written permission of the BCMA, DMC, New Media Works and the relevant contributor/copyright owner. Please contact DMC in the first instance to request such permission. All trademarks and About the producers registered trademarks acknowledged. All rights reserved.

INTRODUCTION © BBP Media / Giuseppe Toppers Andrew Canter CEO, BCMA 2013 was the year that branded content marketing truly came of age. We are delighted that the Danish Marketing Association (Huset Special Preview Edition: Case Studies Part One Markedsføring) has agreed to partner with the BCMA to help launch the Best of Branded Content Marketing: 10th Anniversary Edition ebook in March 2014. This abridged edition of the book is the first of two Special Previews that we’re releasing. It contains six of the best examples of award-winning case studies from leading brands and expert practitioners around the world. We hope that you enjoy this excerpt from our new book and that you’re inspired to create your own best-practice branded content marketing work.

CASE STUDY Campaign : Live Test Series: The Epic Split Client : Volvo Trucks Agency : Forsman & Bodenfors

CHALLENGE SOLUTIO Live Test Series: The Epic Split The solution to both the targeting and budgeting challenges was to embrace the new media landscape. Forsman & Bodenfors’ idea adhered The trucking industry is a traditional business-to-business to Volvo Trucks’ communications environment in which it’s quite a challenge to introduce a radically new strategy in which innovation plays a communication approach. key role. The agency devised an In addition, the target group of truck purchasers is scattered and online marketing campaign using difficult to reach. There are many influencers around each buyer, branded video content presented on ranging from drivers, family and friends to trade press journalists. Volvo Trucks’ YouTube channel. Volvo Trucks and their Swedish independent agency partner Forsman & Bodenfors knew that the most obvious way to reach their core target group would be a ‘catch-all’ broadcast marketing approach. But ‘reaching’ doesn’t equate to ‘connecting’, plus there was no allowance for the huge media budget needed to conduct a global advertising campaign to launch their new truck models. Called the ‘Live Test Series’, the campaign consists of a group of online films, each showcasing a different new Volvo truck feature being put through its paces in a live test. 4

However, this was not going to be any ordinary product review; the live experiments had to test the chosen features in informative, astonishing and entertaining ways, designed to focus on the trucks and catch the attention of the widest possible target audience. The aim of this creative strategy was to generate viral hits and a subsequent wave of (free) media publicity, effectively driving positive word of mouth about the film content that was relevant to both trucking and non-trucking audiences. 'Pyra mids in the Wild' 5

True to this strategy, the first five online with an electric motor fitted to the truck’s Filmed in one astounding 76-second take films include one in which two trucks steering gear. The electric motor receives after three days’ practice at a Spanish race towards a tunnel while a woman 2,000 signals per second from the truck’s airfield, the film was designed to work on walks across a wire between them and sensors, allowing for more precise two levels: most viewers are expected to another in which a truck takes part in a steering and a more relaxed and think “Wow, Jean-Claude Van Damme”, bull run. The former film generated nine ergonomically designed experience for but the core target audience is expected million views. truck drivers. to think “Wow, two trucks are able to be The sixth film in the Live Test Series – To demonstrate this stability and ‘The Epic Split’ – is an even better precision, the creative team worked example of the power of this strategy, closely with film director Andreas Nilsson with the added twist of a celebrity to come up with the idea of a spectacular participant whose existing fanbase stunt: actor Jean-Claude Van Damme helped drive word of mouth. slowly performs a split while standing on The starting point for ‘The Epic Split’ came from talking to Volvo’s technicians about the film’s chosen feature: Volvo Dynamic Steering. This system combines driven in reverse like this”. the side mirrors between two Volvo FM trucks – that are driving backwards at 15 miles/25 kms per hour as they move apart! conventional hydraulic powered steering 6

LTS ESU R h f its launc onths o 3, mber 201 in Nove m first two e Within th ed: it’ achiev rs) Spl rst 48 hou The Epic ‘ he fi n within t illio ws (10 m vie 9 million+ • 6 week one hin world wit the d video in nc. ost share d on TV (i an • M e, in print nlin s) king pres globally o ruc ials tive and t 0+ editor omo • 20,00 major aut all ress and general p om t draws fr tha • 13, a list d g 20 n Trendin babies an Te ng s, includi ube’s Top rie YouT t all catego • #6 in gagemen ross ac t en he highes e content b te t all YouTu to genera nd os that te e music vid llion of €87 mi lue media va d • Earne s on+ share 5 milli "The media landscape is changing. We have different media consumption habits today than a couple of years ago. That’s why, starting with the Live Test Series, we’re investing in this cost-efficient way of reaching out to millions of people via online branded content marketing." Anders Vilhelmsson, PR Manager, Volvo Trucks 7

OUTCOMES The Live Test Series has not used any traditional paid media – YouTube is its only media channel. The relevance and power of the branded content itself has kickstarted organic distribution, editorial coverage, wider interactions and an upsurge in awareness of the Volvo Trucks brand and product messages, both online and via the Volvo Trucks global dealer network. The Series has already won the Grand Prix award for Branded Content & Entertainment at Eurobest 2013. And, in the ultimate evidence that ‘The Epic Split’ film has entered a wider cultural consciousness, it has already inspired a raft of consumer-generated spoof versions, some of which have racked up 50 million views themselves. Volvo Trucks will continue to release more Live Test Series stunt films, paving the way for future advertising and sales campaigns in local markets. 8

CASE STUDY Campaign : Vs the Northern Lights Client : Sony Agency : DigitasLBi

CHALLENGE SOLUTIO Xperia Vs The Northern Lights DigitasLBi developed ‘Xperia Vs…’, an online branded content programme that aimed to extend the target audience’s awareness of the Sony is a household name when it comes to consumer electronics, new Sony Xperia Z and to encourage however it’s a challenger brand in the relentlessly competitive them to find out more about the smartphone market. phone. In order to be among the top three brands people consider when choosing a phone, it’s essential to spread the word online. This is where people research ahead of purchase, and where brands earn the The initiative consists of a series of online video films in which right to be viewed as a credible option. ambassadors from the creative Supporting the introduction of the new Sony Xperia Z smartphone, industries put features of the new DigitasLBi was tasked with creating an initiative to keep building phone to the test in interesting ways. product awareness post-launch – specifically online among the curious-minded, technology-loving target audience. The key challenge was to stand out from the existing plethora of online For ‘Xperia Vs the Northern Lights’, the first group of chosen branded content in a way that was true to Sony’s philosophy: inspiring ambassadors – members of the wonder and emotional response through technology. And all with bands OK Go and Pyyramids, and the minimal paid media support. photographer Martien Mulder – 10

travelled to northern Sweden to capture the sights and sounds of the Northern Lights r space' e sound of oute and th ‘Damian Kulash (Aurora Borealis). They used Sony Xperia Z smartphones and tablets to capture their inspiration, and then used the Xperia Z's one-touch connectivity rom 'Making Of (F Under Other Stars)' feature to bring their work together, resulting in a four-minute track ‘From Under Other Stars’. DigitasLBi also created a series of in-depth, making-of films demonstrating the process and the technology involved. Designed to appeal to the motivations of consumers with an interest in what’s new e' tien Mulder on ic ar 'Photographer M 'Pyyr amid s in t he W ild' and exciting, along with a love of technology and its possibilities, the full series of films from the trip was hosted on Sony Mobile's YouTube channel. 11

LTS ESU R f release: ek o ithin a we W • #1 m o red video ost sha "The 'Xperia Vs' series is essentially d ebook an n Fac 24 ter in last Twit UK 4 hours in last 2 o Tube vide You UK st viewed #3 mo inment' rta • o in 'Ente vide YouTube lar K ost popu 1m gories' - U ate • # o in 'All C vide YouTube lar ost popu • #1 m hs: ven mont Within se s ique view un s 500,000+ • ubscriber el s be chann Tu Sony You new • 1,000 K hours - U a product demonstration on steroids. It's a chance for us to put the device to the test in truly surprising ways, and see if it survives to tell the story. Tech always forms the backbone to these stories, and in this instance we put the Xperia in the hands of musicians and photographers and sent them to the Arctic Circle.  Their mission? To create a one-ofa-kind audiovisual experience, using only the features of the phone, especially connectivity. A soundtrack to the Northern Lights was born. The result was a stunning, shareable piece of branded content and was supported by an innovation tale that spoke directly to our techcurious audience." Simon Attwater, Group Creative Director, DigitasLBi 12

OUTCOMES With little paid media support, the Sony Xperia Vs Northern Lights online videos spread the message of the new smartphone to a vast new audience. By understanding the audience, creating a strategy that spoke to their interests, and developing branded content that was new and innovative, DigitasLBi produced a campaign that exceeded expectations. 13

CASE STUDY Campaign : Penetras de Luxo Client : Terra Agency : Wanted

CHALLENGE SOLUTIO PENETRAS DE LUXO Wanted Agency and their film partner Asas da Imaginaçaõ decided to create branded content that featured Generation Y and could be viewed Terra is a Brazilian ISP and media network that sponsors Planeta digitally, making it possible to generate spreadability. Terra, one of the largest music festivals in Brazil. They came up with ‘Penetras de Luxo’ (VIP Party Crashers), a series of The brand challenged Wanted Agency to come up with a online films that uses Planeta Terra as a backdrop to tell the story of a group marketing campaign that had two objectives: extend the of friends that gatecrashes the festival’s VIP area. experience of the one-day Planeta Terra festival into other To shoot the series, the festival was turned into a set where the storyline territories; and connect with Generation Y to continue the and characters were fictional but settings and surroundings were real. conversation about the festival long after the event ends. 15

Live incidents that occurred throughout name, Sergio. So when a fictional kiss the festival were used to develop the between him and another character was story, grabbing the attention of the public shown on the big screens at the festival, during and after the event. it generated tweets and impressions on Launched online and on digital TV after social media instantly. the festival, six short episodes and one short film presented the ‘Penetras de Luxo’ characters and showed how they gatecrashed the VIP area. Just like every good work of fiction, a conflict was also added: a mysterious situation occurs and they all end up at the police station. The idea of blending real life with fiction was taken a step further with a celebrity twist that started during the festival. One of the characters was played by a famous Brazilian actor and, in a PR stunt, his character’s name reflected his real 16

LTS ESU R festival rra aneta Te l P ring the Du Wanted Agency was founded in Brazil in the age of participation, in : weekend to xposed e ees were nd tival atte es .65,000 f • c ies f the ser o al lements e 000 soci 0, eived 60 rec s scene is • The k s d pression edia im ergio ha S m nse that nte ame so i s part of ec a b he kiss w The buzz tt • zz unce tha more bu anno n ly ating eve to public e Luxo’, cr de enetras ‘P ies t the ser e one of ou m ab ntly beca ue ’ subseq ctions on de Luxo s du ‘Penetra onal pro ti tched na TV Sunday most wa , the platform TV ’s digital Terra the midst of a culture of convergence. The Agency believes that fan culture is the new reality in which consumers participate in the production of collective intelligence about brands and products. In order to succeed, the brand story needs to connect with the broader conversation and discussion of what is happening in today's culture. Wanted Agency specialises in creating or developing brand culture. It uses a proprietary methodology to tell a consistent story throughout the brand experience and initiatives, connecting the brand to contemporary culture and creating tribes who actively participate in the life of the brand. Take a look at some more work from Wanted Agency. 17

OUTCOMES The ‘Penetras de Luxo’ series of branded content films became "The key to the success of this such a hit for Terra that it has branded content marketing campaign was creating intriguing narrative content that now evolved into a sitcom with seamlessly incorporated the product (the festival) with the audience, as well as blurring a contract for an entire season the lines between fiction and reality. This created an appetite for people to discover more, to on web and cable TV. put themselves in the shoes of the characters and to talk to each other about the story unfolding before them." Patrícia Weiss, Chief Strategy Officer, Wanted Agency and Asas da Imaginaçaõ 18

CASE STUDY Campaign : Summer D'Reem Client : Unilever Media Owner : ITV

CHALLENGE SOLUTIO Summer D’Reem Today, functional differences between detergents are minimal. Personality is the extra dimension that powerfully and intimately connects brands with In 2012, Unilever’s Surf laundry detergent found itself facing a challenge. Washing detergent is a low-interest category and Surf’s competitors were aligning themselves with the biggest event in the calendar – the 2012 Olympics. A big idea was needed for Surf to resonate in customers’ minds. consumers. This insight led to a fitting solution: extending Surf's multi-platform sponsorship of The Only Way is Essex (TOWIE) – the show with some of the biggest and most influential personalities on TV. The entertainment show’s reach and the buzz it generates represented an excellent opportunity for Surf to get its key audience listening – and buying. 21

To deepen and personify the TOWIE/Surf ‘Fresh Out Of Essex’ was an online mini- Unilever also knew that competitions relationship, Unilever extended its TOWIE series of exclusive content that lived on were key in engaging Surf’s target licence to launch a brand new Surf the official TOWIE website, devised to audience, and who would say no to a fragrance called Summer D’Reem, feed fans’ constant demand for free, glamorous trip to ‘Marbs’ in Spain? featuring cast favourite Joey Essex. The everything TOWIE. Bumpers on ITV Certainly not TOWIE fans.  launch included: mobile and ITV Player, plus roadblocks • TOWIE branding on Surf packs and on consolidated this activity. across in-store design • Social media-driven discussion from TOWIE’s fiercely loyal and active fan base • Joey Essex starring in unique viral video content ‘Fresh Out of Essex’ • Additional Surf digital advertising to support the launch 22

RESULTS • £1 mill ion+ gro • Talkab ility 51 ss retail s % (vs. 36% • Purcha se inte • 1.3 mi llion ales value non-viewe nt 62% (v ‘Fresh Ou t across the s. 51% no of Essex’ summer rs) n-viewers ) video view • 61,501 s across t visits to th he year e Marbs c ompetitio n entry pa • 19.9 m ge (297% illion mon vs. KPI) thly total views onl video req ine during uests and the camp 18 million aign page 23

OUTCOMES 'Summer D’Reem' was a very successful branded content marketing campaign with a massive influence on viewer response. "Sponsoring TOWIE was a great chance to build brand awareness and demonstrate Surf’s TOWIE sponsorship awareness grew to 77% (22% above the norm) by the end of the campaign. The campaign was viewed as we are a fun brand with a point of difference. The new fragrance launch, aligned with TOWIE, further helped extend the sponsorship into retail, especially effective in terms of persuasion, leading to great business with 62% of viewers likely to say it made them objectives." think differently about Surf and made them Katy Holder, more likely to consider that Surf’s image was results that helped meet our Surf Brand Manager, Unilever more positive. 24

CASE STUDY Campaign : MASHTUN Client : Chivas Regal Agency : Somethin’ Else

CHALLENGE SOLUTIO MASHTUN Working with Havas, Somethin’ Else took Chivas’ overall campaign objectives and put their proven design approach to work. Somethin’ Else could have proposed Chivas Regal is a sophisticated, modern brand of Scotch whisky – a perfectly suitable game where little with over two centuries of history. Their ‘Art of Hosting’ marketing hosts barrel back and forth. However, campaign is sharply focused: Chivas makes the modern social gathering complete. Chivas asked their marketing partner Havas Worldwide London to creating a game that actually makes social gatherings go well was deemed a far better plan: the game should be a tool for hosts and should bring the campaign to life. include a smartphone app in the campaign. Havas challenged Recognising that social gatherings content design and creation company Somethin’ Else to come up with a game that showcased the ‘Art of Hosting’, which is all about creating an environment, a novel experience, and facilitating a are affected by personal digital technology, Somethin’ Else also decided to embrace that technology to turn the attention of party guests good time. towards each other. This called for a 26

social game that made players look at each other rather than their devices. Those two insights framed Somethin’ Else’s mission: to reinvent the parlour game for the modern age; to make ‘realtime social games’; and ultimately to make you a better host. The starting point for developing the game was to look at the most successful parlour games from history and capture their essence. What made them popular had to make smart, entertaining and Scoring was an interesting challenge. The games? What was the central mechanic imaginative use of iPhone and iPad aim was for scoring to be arbitrary, that encouraged interaction? hardware, such as the touch screen, something to be set by the party host to camera, gyroscope, accelerometer and demonstrate that s/he had the qualities microphone. that Chivas was interested in fostering. A shortlist was then compiled and the The results of several user testing resulting games were prototyped and sessions with a target audience of tested to see if they fit the bill. professional people aged 25-35 were fed The creative team tested them out (a lot) and whittled the list down to around 20 games. The next step was to test these ideas against the central premise: the games 27

• Mashseek: Hide and seek for the modern age. One team hides their device. The other team uses their device to find it. The MASHTUN app automatically suggests the number of teams and the number of players on each team, based on the guests and smartphones or tablets in the room. Launched in April 2013, the free app was into the whole development process to • create the final app: MASHTUN – a suite sections of a track in time. of five parlour games for the modern host: • • Mashjam: Players ‘jam’ by playing Mashtip: Players complete physical challenges while keeping a tower of Mashact: Inspired by Charades, this quick-fire acting game encourages wild team acting under pressure, with the made available on the iTunes app store as part of the wider ‘Art of Hosting’ campaign, and promoted via YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook. blocks balanced. • Mashrelay: A head-to-head relay race powered by your voice! words selected by the opposing team. 28

"This collaboration with Havas Worldwide London shows why Somethin’ Else designs and creates content that millions of people watch, listen to and play with every enlightened brands and day on their computers, radios, agencies are instrumental in devices and televisions. the future of content. Together Awarded internationally at the we've created a parlour game highest level – they are 2013’s BAFTA like never before – truly social Production Company of the Year, for and sophisticated, challenging example – Somethin’ Else has an interdisciplinary team of media and people’s perceptions of technology experts who work with technology and gaming." brands, broadcasters and content publishers across four areas: digital design, radio, talent, and TV and Paul Bennun, video. Chief Creative Officer, Somethin’ Else Their knowledge of strategy and their obsession with audiences and users help them to achieve difficult objectives by creating content people love. Take a look at Somethin’ Else’s showreel. 29

© Olivia Arthur/Magnum Photos OUTCOMES The MASHTUN app has been nominated for a number of awards (already winning "Chivas MASHTUN combines a bronze award in the Kinsale Sharks elements that we know modern gentlemen love: games, gadgets and, above all, being a International Creative Festival 2013 – great party host. Chivas has always been about bringing Digital category), and generated people together, celebrating friendship and generosity. With this new venture, we wanted to significant interest from other FMCG change the rules of gaming technology, which can be brands on how games can play a part in insular, and make entertaining at home sociable, entertaining and memorable." their content marketing. James Slack, Global Brand Director, Chivas 30

CASE STUDY Campaign : Real Beauty Sketches Client : Unilever Dove Agency : Ogilvy

CHALLENGE Real Beauty Sketches "Unilever asked us to make women feel better From 2005, Unilever's Dove brand of personal care products has celebrated women's natural beauty in its 'Real Beauty' marketing campaigns. Market research suggested that only 4% of women describe themselves as beautiful, so the Dove Real Beauty campaign for 2013, created by Ogilvy Brazil, was tasked with raising the selfesteem of the other 96%. No short order! about themselves. We wanted to move women, to find an idea that could actually prove to women that they're wrong about their self-image. Hats off to Unilever – they didn't approve a script, they approved a social experiment that could've gone either way." Anselmo Ramos, Creative Director, Ogilvy Brazil 33

SOLUTIO social experiment that turned on its head the tendency of women to be critical of The campaign was presented on strangers' descriptions being the more YouTube as a branded, documentary- accurate and flattering. The women Ogilvy came up with the idea to run a comparison, with the sketches from the style film (in six-minute and three-minute reacted strongly to the sketches, some versions) with the tagline 'Women: You with tears, as they realised that they were Are More Beautiful Than You Think'. doing themselves an injustice. their appearance. It involved women being filmed going through a process of self-discovery, seeing themselves through their own eyes and those of strangers. For the experiment, FBI forensic artist Gil Zamora sketches women he can't see on different days – firstly based on their own descriptions of themselves, then based on a stranger's description, without Gil ever knowing when the subject was the same person. The resulting sketches are then revealed to the subjects for 34

RESULTS • 170 million views on YouTube • Most-watched online branded content of 2013 • 3rd most-shared branded video of 2013 35

OUTCOMES The Dove Real Beauty Sketches branded content marketing campaign strongly reinforced Dove's ongoing Real Beauty strategy. It was successful in tapping into women's emotions and making people think again about how they judge their own appearance. The film went viral very quickly (more than 15 million views within a week of its launch) and inspired conversations, debate and articles in media as diverse as Adweek, The Telegraph, Facebook, Bloomberg, Mashable, New York Times, Forbes, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today – as well as wider adoption of the concept, such as the 'Men: You Are Less Beautiful Than You Think' spoof video. 36

ABOUT THE BOOK The Best of Branded Content Marketing: successful social video content, and 10th Anniversary Edition is the second in predictions about the future of branded a series of social media and branded content marketing from 60+ experts content ebooks produced by the BCMA around the world. and its strategic partners DMC and New Media Works. The enhanced media ebook is an international collaboration containing 13 of the best recent branded content marketing campaigns from cutting-edge brands and award-winning agencies, as well as "what is," "how to" and "what's next" features from leading practitioners. These features include emerging market reports from Brazil and Russia, an Ipsos MORI and Oxford Brookes University research review, tips on how to create You can download the full edition of the book at from 18 March 2014.

ABOUT THE PRODUCERS The BCMA Digital Media Communications Ltd (DMC) New Media Works Launched in 2003, the Branded Content Founded in 1994, when the Internet was Former AKQA creative head and co- Marketing Association (BCMA) is the just emerging into the mainstream, DMC is founder Mark Welland established New global trade body for branded content, a highly experienced digital marketing Media Works in 1998. He has over 20 with members throughout Europe, communications consultancy that years of interactive design experience, Australia, Asia/Pacific, Scandinavia, South specialises in using collaborative and including the creation of ebooks and apps America, Russia and North America. social marketing approaches. DMC is for local and global brands and e-learning responsible for the strategic planning, organisations. Mark is responsible for the project management, editing, publishing creative development, design and and promotion of this series of ebooks. production of this series of ebooks. It brings together and benefits a broad spectrum of content creators and owners, including organisations from the advertising, brand development, sponsorship, media, broadcasting, digital, social media, programming and entertainment industries. The BCMA strives to promote best practice, shared learning and grow the branded content market to a wider audience.

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