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Published on November 7, 2007

Author: Jacob


Slide1:  John Martin April 5, 2001 SuperNova/ Acceleration Probe (SNAP) Introduction Summary Observations:  Summary Observations Final choice of orbit requires more analysis Each option considered has significant advantages, but also has significant disadvantages Lunar assist option requires extensive analysis for final choice, but bus design can handle a reasonable class of alternatives Eclipses are infrequent, but large enough to drive the system design Overall, the spacecraft appears within current technology 1 Gigapixel camera sounds impressively large Jitter requirement requires careful attention Headlines:  Headlines System - Gabe Karpati Understanding how to build the bus is easier than understanding which orbit to choose Flight Dynamics - Marco Concha Ability to lower apogee after lunar assist appears quite reasonable Mechanical - Dave Peters Spacecraft bus is a custom but not unusual structure which can be handled by expected launch vehicles Thermal - Wes Ousley Spacecraft thermal design driven by the long ecipse time and large propulsion system Headlines:  Headlines Power - Bob Beaman Power needs during the occasional, long eclipse require a large battery Attitude Control - Aprille Ericsson Design is well-understood, but jitter requirement and use of imager output for guidance are of concern Command & Data Handling - Terry Smith Image data limited to real-time transmission; other data will be stored during non-contact periods Flight Software - Ed Greville Flight software for this mission is not unusual Headlines:  Headlines Data Systems - Ron Vento Large data volume dictates use of Ka-band and extensive ground station contact time Mission/Science Operations - Tim Rykowski Existing Berkeley SSL MOC well-suited to support SNAP Reliability & Safety - David Bogart In addition to usual reliability/redundancy items, consider redundant means of opening telescope door and selecting filter wheel position Slide6:  Additional Information Study Particulars:  Study Particulars Name: SuperNova/ Acceleration Probe (SNAP) SNAP_Discipline.ext used for discipline file names Dates: June 25-28, 2001 Client Representatives: Michael Levi, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab David Penkow, UCB/SSL Mike Lampton, UCB/SSL Manfred Bester, UCB/SSL Participants: See the file SNAP_Attendance.xls Propulsion Subsystem Advice:  Propulsion Subsystem Advice Propulsion tank (or tanks) should be located close to the center of gravity, minimizing shifting the CG as propellant is used Tanks should be located close together, with thermal controls if needed to keep all tanks near the same temperature, minimizing pressure differentials between tanks Thrusters should be located near the tanks to minimize thermal controls required to keep lines from freezing Thrusters should be placed to keep plumes away from optics Imaginary lines connecting the thrusters construct a geometry which must include the spacecraft center of gravity Failure of a single thruster may change the geometric figure defined by working thrusters, but must still include the CG Use the smallest thrusters that will do the “job”

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