SMX Advanced 2012 - Catching up with the Semantic Web

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Information about SMX Advanced 2012 - Catching up with the Semantic Web

Published on June 6, 2012

Author: MatthewBrownPDX


Photo: flickr: dullhunkCatching up with Matthew BrownStructured Data SMX Advanced 2012

Matthew Brown Slideshare: MatthewBrownPDX Twitter: @MatthewJBrown matthew@audiencewise.com

Structured Data = Data organized by a hierarchy or schema.Can be organized and searched.Linked Data = Publishing structured data so it can be accessedat a URI.Semantic Web = The web of globally accessible, interlinkeddata.Linked Open Data = A cloud of linked data sites that promoteopen standards and linking to one another Basic Overview of what the ‘semantic web’ is

So where are the search engines at with the semantic web?@MatthewJbrown

Google Knowledge Graph = Nothing New. More emphasis.

Image: Thos003Bing has less semantic search results, but has deals with both Twitter and Facebook

Don’t sleep on Facebook. They’ve got a huge open graph of data

Open Graph SchemaProtip: Use Open Graph Markup in addition to schema, etc.

Structured Data Tools@MatthewJbrown

Schema Creator from Raven:

Local Business Microdata Generator:

Rich Snippets Bookmarklet: snippets-testing-tool-bookmarklet

Bing Webmaster Tools Markup Validator – Industrial Strength Structured Data Display – Semantic web search engine. Good way to see what

Also be on the lookout for new proposed data schemas

Semantic Tech and Linked Data – Why should I care?@MatthewJbrown

JUST MAKE GREAT CONTENT!!!111Semantic Data can create unique content in all sorts of ways

Zip Codes from Data.govList of College Towns from dbpediaJay Myers (@jaymyers) of Best Buy advocates semantic data to improve customer experience. (example is mine).

BBC and the 2012 Olympics:

Point Blank SEO’s guide to data visualizations:

Getting started with semantic tech@MatthewJbrown Great overview of the Semantic Web hereLinked Data is stored in RDF. These are called ‘triples.’ SPARQL is the query language for RDF data - Linking Open Data Marketplace for using and publishing linked data

Example of how to use a food-related SPARQL query on a Kasabi dataset

Many APIs are available on Kasabi, for ease of use with some datasets

No Data Format specified yet, but it’ll probably have a SPARQL endpointBe on the lookout for new linked datasets

Drupal has functionality to consume and publish RDF data. Guide to getting up and running at:

LODSPeaKr – Simple Publishing Kit for Linked Data -

Example of a LODSPeaKr application pulling Farmer’s Market data and city information (Hi Rhea!)

Add Semantic Tech to your SEO diet@MatthewJbrown Learn what entities are.

Reading List Linked Data Primer – Start Here - Dead simple intro to RDF andassociated vocabularies and tools. rules. intro to RDFa and highlights Best Buy, Overstock, Examiner.com Developer Works tutorial on how to combine data with Jay Myers, Lead Development Engineer for Best Buy There’s a ton of resources on the web to get you started

Follow ListFolks who have some SEO/Semantic Web crossover:Aaron Bradley - @aaranged – Hands down the best curator of semantichappenings on the SEO side. When he blogs at it’s not to be missed.Jeff Preston - @JeffreyPreston – Lead SEO at Disney Corp. Happens tobe speaking at the Semantic Web 2012 conferenceSean Golliher - @SeanGolliher – Publisher of SEMJ – writes occasionallyfor http://www.semanticweb.comJay Myers - @jaymyers – Best Buy lead dev and RDFa proponent. He’sthe man responsible for Best Buy’s 30% CTR increase with rich snippets.Dan Brickley - @DanBri – outreach for Google, works onproposed specs These Folks Pay Attention to the Semantic Web

Warning: Your head might explodeSemantic Tech Folks who are very smart and say things I don’t get:Martin Hepp- @MFHepp– Heads up Good Relations, which is the mostextensive ontology for e-commerce dataManu Sporny - @ManuSporny – Leader of the W3C working group forRDF. The man leading the charge for the RDF spec.Lin Clark - @LinClark – Works on the linked data/RDF integration forDrupal. Codes neat linked data things for Drupal.Gregg Kellogg - @Gkellogg – Semantic Web Developer of all trades.Wrote the Structured Data Linter.Aaron Bradley’s Semantic Web100 Twitter Group:!/SemanticWeb/semanticweb100 - Like tappinginto the Matrix of semantic tech information. Prepare to understand 15% of what they say

Thank you!Slideshare: MatthewBrownPDX twitter: @matthewjbrownLinkedIn: MatthewBrownPDX

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