Smartlipo Presentation by Dr. Steven Fowler of Aloha Surgery - Bariatric Surgeon in Hawaii.

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Information about Smartlipo Presentation by Dr. Steven Fowler of Aloha Surgery - Bariatric...

Published on February 25, 2014

Author: AlohaSurgery



SmartLipo presentation by Dr. Steven Fowler.

Smartlipo Open Steven Fowler MD

Smartlipo • What is Smartlipo? • What can it do? • What is the procedure like?

Smartlipo • • • • “laser assisted lipolysis” Melting fat with laser energy FDA approved 2006 Advancements in power, selectivity, and safety

Certain Lasers Affect Tissues Differently

Advantage of Adding Wavelengths

Lipolysis, Hemostasis, Tightening

Smartlipo • Three part procedure: – First: Make small incision, then numb procedure area with anesthetic fluid – Second: Pass laser device under the skin to melt the fat cells and minimize bleeding (this part skipped with traditional liposuction) – Third: Suction the fluid

Smartlipo Advantages Smartlipo Traditional Liposuction Procedure Location Office Procedure suite Pain Management Awake with local Asleep Tools Thin Larger Recovery Return to work 2 days Longer Effectiveness Fat removal, Skin tightening Fat removal

Areas of Use • Face – Submental area – Mandibular border – Malar fat pad • Upper Body – – – – Arms, Dorsal region Gynecomastia Lower/Upper Abdomen, Etching Hips, Flanks, Love handles • Lower Body – Saddle bags and thighs – Buttocks, Pubic region – Knees

Results- Submental

Results- Mandibular

Results- Arm

Results- Underarm

Results- Gynecomastia

Results- Abdomen

Abdomen- Flank

Results- Outer Thigh

Results- Inner Thigh

Smartlipo Pathway • Preprocedure: – Consult and Consent – Planning • • • • Order support garment Prescriptions Transportation Time off from work

Smartlipo Pathway • Day of Procedure – Pregnancy test – Medications – Body photos – Procedure: (1-3 hours, listening to music, watching movie, watching, sleeping) • Numbing • Melting • Removing

Smartlipo Pathway • Recovery – Wear compression garment for two weeks! – No bathing for two weeks – Light activity encouraged day after procedure • Follow Up Appointments – 2 days after procedure – 2 weeks after procedure – 2 months after procedure

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