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Published on February 8, 2014

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- Save from your usual expenses
- Earn from other people's spending
- Build Real Residual Income

IMPORTANT NOTICE This presentation material is a property of SmartConcept Inc. Any unauthorized copying or reproduction is strictly prohibited. Contents of this presentation is subject to change without prior notice. Kindly call our customer service for updates. Copyright: March 2013 Updated: February 2014 This presentation supersedes earlier dated presentation.


Let's Make Things Happen.

OUR COMPANY SmartConcept Inc. was established in December 15, 2008. Our primary goal is to become the FIRST and the LARGEST Filipino interactive direct advertising and marketing company in the country. The company developed a program with an objective of providing smart solutions to help companies drive sales amidst new and close competitors without the usual up-front cost. With four (4) branch offices nationwide in our direct marketing distribution with well-trained advertising agents. Our marketing tools are sold through independent distributors and affiliates. MegaCircle Inc., is the distribution channel of SmartConcept Inc. and implements an innovative system that provides income opportunities to Filipinos. This gave rise to the slogan: AIM HIGH PINOY!

We Are Nationwide Smart Concept Inc. Head Office Address: 1604 West Trade Center 132 West Avenue, Quezon City Customer Care Hotline: 02 470 1554 / 02 470 1556 Email:

SmartConcept "Customer Loyalty Coupon Booklet" The main categories of our Merchants are: Restaurants ( fine-dine, family style ) Health and fitness Fast-Food chains and Pizza Chains Salons and Body Spas Retails Skin Care & Dental Clinics Entertainment Amusement Parks Other Products & Services

Affiliate Marketing Program Incentive Fundamentals

SmartConcept Affiliate Marketing - a performance-based marketing system in which one or more affiliates is rewarded for each retailing, sponsoring and group sales activities undertaken online or offline. Four Core Players: 1. Merchant - product or service provider (also known as 'retailer' or 'brand'). 2. SmartConcept - advertising or marketing company (provides offers for the affiliate to choose from and also takes care of the incentives). 3. Affiliate - independent distributors (also known as 'the publisher‘). 4. Customer - client or consumer of products and services.

TRADITIONAL MODEL SMART WAY Cost of goods are HIGH because of this entities with SmartConcept you can enjoy, experience more and save while spending less on your lifestyle…

At SmartConcept, we continue to build bridges between the merchants and consumers. - SmartConcept Team

We Help You

• (4) Product Merchant Loyalty Coupon Booklet • Business Kit • SmartConcept Affiliate Membership worth P399 based on Retail Price - Activation Code - SmartConcept Eco Bag - Marketing Collaterals (Participate in the Affiliate Business Program) • PLUS FREE Online Business Center

Earn up to 25% retail Sales income Earn unlimited referral bonus For every successful new sponsored affiliate Enjoy royalty bonus Income from your group performance volume.

25% Retail Income SRP AFILIATE PRICE = P399 = P300 Retail Profit = P 99 Example: You sold 10-100 Loyalty Coupons Booklet Php 99 x 10 LC = Php 99 x 100 LC = Php 990 Php 9,900

NOTES PRODUCT POINT VALUE Product Customer Price Affiliate Price Retail Profit Point Value 399 Coupon Booklet P 399 P 300 P 99 30 499 Coupon Booklet P 499 P 375 P 124 38 * Earn Points from Product Purchases. - Point Value is the basis for Promotion and Computation of Rebates.

PERSONAL SALES REBATE = up to 40% of point value 30% 20% 10% Affiliate 60 PV Team Leader Sr. Affiliate *3,000 GPV (Cumulative) Group Points 40% Manager *3 Direct Sr. Affiliates (with 3,000 GPV) PV = Point Value GPV = Group Point Value Minimum 60 PV per month to earn rebate for all ranks *Rank Promotion Requirement *3 Direct Team Leaders Higher Rank = Higher Personal Rebate

NOTES GROUP SALES REBATE Example (Minimum 10pcs @ P399 Coupon Booklets) No. of Members Product Point Value Minimum Monthly (variable) (variable) (variable) 1 5 30 2 25 3 4 Level Rebate Percentage Total Rebate 10 10% P 150 30 10 10% 750 125 30 10 10% 3,750 625 30 10 10% 18,750 Personal Purchase TOTAL * Note: - The more Members you refer & support, the bigger the rebate. - The more coupon booklets sold, the higher the benefits. *Requirement: 60 PV per month (One 399 booklet = 30PV ) P 23,400*

LEADERS SALES REBATE Over-ride Rebate or Differential Rebate Earn 20% Royalty Income from your direct Manager group sales volume PLUS Infinity Differential Bonus

1st Generation (Group Sales) Manager 20% 2nd Generation (Group Sales) Manager 10% 3rd Generation (Group Sales) Manager 10% Diamond Manager Bonus Reward 1st to 3rd Generation (Manager Group Volume Sales) Maintain 120 PV per month for Manager

Example 1 (Average 100pcs 399 Coupon Booklets) No. of Managers Product Point Value (variable) (variable) 1 5 2 3 Level Monthly Average (variable) Royalty Percentage 30 100 20% 25 30 100 10% 7,500 125 30 100 10% 37,500 TOTAL * Note: - The more Managers you develop & support, the bigger the Royalty Income. - The system shall automatically compress and compute your benefits. Diamond Manager Royalty Income P P 3,000 48,000*

Sponsoring Income *example (duplication by 5) Level No. of Members (variable) Total 1 P200 5 P 1,000 2 10 25 250 3 10 125 1,250 4 10 625 6,250 5 Sponsoring Infinity Bonus - Sponsor TEN (10) Direct Fast Track Affiliates and ENJOY P50 Infinity Bonus. - Unlimited Direct Referrals. - SIB is pass-on to your Affiliate downline when he/she achieves 10 Direct Fast Track members. Referral Bonus 10 3125 31,250 6 10 15,625 156,250 7 10 78,125 781,250 8 10 390,625 3,906,250 TOTAL INCOME P 4,883,750*

DUAL LINE INFINITY POOL BONUS (Variable Profit Share) Line 1 Line 2 1 Share affiliate affiliate 1 Share affiliate affiliate Next In Line Auto-Placement: Line 1 Left Side & Line 2 Left Side

DUAL LINE INFINITY POOL BONUS (Variable Profit Share) Two (2) Direct Referrals is required to participate in this program One (1) Line 1 Affiliate PLUS One (1) Line 2 Affiliate = One (1) Link (Cut-off: Tuesday to Monday) One (1) Link = One (1) Share Fund Allocation: P200 on All Fast Tract Kit Registration Computation: Value Per Share = Dual Line Fund Allocation / Total Number of Shares

DUAL LINE INFINITY POOL BONUS (Variable Profit Share) Example Total Fast Track Registration for the week = 100 kits = 100 kits x P200 = P20,000 (Total Fund Allocation) Number of Links (Shares); You : 40 Links = 40 Shares Ana : 20 Links = 20 Shares Bob : 20 Links = 20 Shares Cathy : 10 Links = 10 Shares Dave : 10 Links = 10 Shares TOTAL =100 Shares *Variable Share Distribution Value Per Share = P 20,000 / 100 Shares = P 200 per share*

DUAL LINE INFINITY POOL BONUS MAXIMUM DUAL LINE POTENTIAL INCOME Per Day = P 5,000 Per Week = P 35,000 Per Month = P 150,000 Line 1 Line 2 AUTO-PURCHASE MONTHLY SALES REBATE 1 Share affiliate affiliate 1 Share affiliate affiliate Next In Line Auto-Placement: Line 1 Left Side & Line 2 Left Side Every 7th share & 10% of net income Reserve as E-Fund to build Leverage Income

Retail Income Group Sales Rebates Referral Bonus Leader’s Sales Rebates Personal Sales Rebate Diamond Manager Royalty Income

Online Business Account (log–in: username and password) Product Orientation &Business Seminars SmartConcept Incentive Program

At SmartConcept, you may pass-on your affiliate position and the equitable income you built to your children or designated beneficiary.

OUR ADVANTAGE SmartConcept Advantage: A = affordable - entry packages and products B = beneficial to members - enjoy discounts, freebies and rebates C = consumable - repeat purchases is guaranteed D = doable business - our business is simple and doable E = empowers people - provides part time / full time business

Visit our website

Thank You & Welcome to our SmartSaver Community

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