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Published on March 26, 2014

Author: momoahmedabad



Mr. Avinash Birnale VP - Technology, Quality @ Endeavour Software Technologies delivered a session on Smart Skills that every developer must have at Mobile Monday Ahmendabd on 22nd March 2014.

    Avinash  Birnale     VP  Technology  and  Quality,     Endeavour  –  The  Mobility  Company   Smart  Skills  for  a  Mobile  Developer  

  If truth be told A continuing love story Cloud, Social, Big data, UX etc the supporting cast In the lead roles You and Portable Computing interfaces

  Lead role 1 YOU. Me. Everyone Language / “App” Fragmented, hyphenated Identity. Life in time slices Love cool stuff. User Experience Love to connect and share. Social Increasing responsiveness to change. Personal and business agility Abbreviated Needs

  Lead role 2 Smart Devices We simply love ‘em ! Smart  devices  are  being  adopted  10X  faster  than  that  of  the  80s  PC   revoluHon,  2X  faster  than  that  of  90s  Internet  Boom  and  3X  faster  than   that  of  recent  social  network  adopHon  (Flurry)   Source: Business Insider

  Supporting cast Social Media And Its influence Source: Luma Partners / Buddy Media

  Supporting cast Cloud And Its Pervasiveness

  Mobile  App   Developers   MAM/   MEAP/   MDM   providers   BouHque   Strategy   Consultants   OEM   App  Store   Providers   CreaHve  /   Digital   MarkeHng   Agencies   Enterprise   Mobility   IntegraHon   Service   providers   Mobile  OS   Providers   Network   Providers   Mobility Ecosystem

  Contributors and enablers App Distribution Device capability Internet of things The rise of “new” UX Information overload

  Skill  #1     Programming,  Programming  and  Programming!   Smart  Developer  Skills

  Mobile Technologies

  Skill  #2     Architecture,  Design  PaXerns  for  Scalability   Smart  Developer  Skills Skill  #3     Enterprise  Security,  Backend  and  Performance   Skill  #4     Middleware  IntegraHon  –  MEAP,  MAM,  MDM,  MADP  and  what  not!  

  Skill  #5     User  Experience  and  Interface   Smart  Developer  Skills Playful  Visual    &  Mo.on   Feedback  Focus   Connec.on   Show  op.ons   Reducing   load   Wow  factor   Visual     Immersion   DecluDer   Holis.c  &  Seamless  

  Skill  #6   Technology  Choice  –  Hybrid/  Web/  NaHve  and  CPT   Smart  Developer  Skills

  Skill  #7     Quality  –  TesHng/  AutomaHon   Smart  Developer  Skills Mobility Testing Build Acceptance UX/UI (Human Factors) System, Functional Crash Discovery Resolution Based Compliance Testing Platform/OS Coverage Testing Device Orientation Testing Installation/ Uninstallatio n (Smoke) Porting Performance , SOAK L10N & I18N Security / Penetration Connectivity UAT

  Skill  #8     Agile  Development  Methodology   Smart  Developer  Skills Skill  #9     ConHnuous  IntegraHon  –  Tools,  Techniques  and  Processes   Skill  #10     Keeping  up-­‐to-­‐date  with  Ecosystem!  

  Smart  Developer  Skills Tech  Skills   •  Basic  and  Advanced   Programming  Skills   •  Architecture  –  Scalable   and  Flexible   •  Backend  and  Security   •  IntegraHon  Skills  –   Middleware  and  backend   system   Mobile  Skills   •  User  Experience   •  Hybrid/  Web/  NaHve/   CPT   •  Quality  and  TesHng   Process  and  Others   •  Agile  Development   Methodology   •  ConHnuous  IntegraHon   •  Overall  Ecosystem,   Understand  RegulaHons,   Compliance  and  Privacy   Needs  

  Top  Skill     Know  how  to  learn!   Smart  Developer  Skills

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