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Published on February 27, 2014

Author: rajanpagotra


INTRODUCTION  Smart Note Taker is basically a pen which is a very useful product, that could satisfy the needs of people in today’s technological and fast life.  With the help of smart note taker, people will be able to make notes in air or on paper,while being busy with their work.

ed  The pen has a memory chip in it,in which the written notes or the figure drawn in the air will be stored and the person will be able to read in digital medium after the job is done.  This will save time and facilitate life as it can replace the hand-written notes.

SYSTEM OVERVIEW  CONSTRUCTION : Since, JAVA applet is suitable for both the drawings and strings, all these applications can be put together by developing a single JAVA applet program.  APPLET : Applet is a function of JAVA which for example, is a kind of container

ed or similar to a file, which contains a set of programs made in JAVA . • DATABASE : The system installed in the pen will consist of a database which will help the processor to recognize various words made visually in the air

INTERIOR STRUCTURE •Electronic Pen •Memory Unit • 1 Refill •Rechargable Battery •Motion Sensor •Note Taker Software on CDROM •USB cable

WORKING  Working can be explained in three steps : CAPTURE, ORGANIZE & SHARE THE NOTES DIGITALLYANYWHERE,ANYTIME! It uses special pen that comprises of sensors, memory, processor, battery and display unit. When we write,it tries to detect the shape and captures the motion and then display it on the monitor. Now this information can be sent to others by connecting the pen to a PC directly.

FEATURES  Smart note taker is a reliable and powerful product.  Simply write your text using the provided ink pen. Then these handwritten notes can be converted into editable text.  Easy-to-use wireless connection. We can write our notes anytime, anywhere! When we are back to our PC, by simply connecting the USB receiver/cable, notes will be instantly converted.

ed  Writes on normal paper also with normal ink refill.  The product will be able to sense 3D shapes and motions that user tries to draw.  An additional feature of the product is that it monitors the notes which were taken before, on the application program used in the computer.

CURRENT PRODUCTS PC NOTE TAKER PC Notes Taker is the world’s first device that captures natural handwriting on any surface onto a PC in no time. Based on an evolutionary electronic pen, PC Notes Taker displays the users handwritten notes, memos or drawings on the computer, and stores the image for future use.

PC NOTE TAKER continued

continued .

ed  It is the world’s first device that captures handwriting based on natural handwriting as an input and rest it works same as PC Note Taker.  Mobile Note Taker works in two modes : Mobile Mode and Connected Mode.In Mobile Mode note taker receiver unit is not connected to a PC via USB cable. In Connected Mode, the base unit is connected to a PC through USB cable.

ed  I-PEN • • • • • • NOTE TAKER Writes or draws over any application screen. Save your inputs and e-mail it. Convert handwriting to text. Compact and light : perfect for laptop users. Pen-on-paper feeling : Natural handwriting by sensing contact. No special tab or tablet required, can be used on any surface.

•Standard USB connections. •No conflict between regular mouse and ipen as both can be connected at the same time. •Works with all graphics softwares for both PC & Mac (adobe,corel etc). ed

HOW TO USE I-PEN NOTE TAKER • Install the driver and application software. • Plug in the USB connector into PC’s available USB port. • After successfully installing driver software, begin testing by moving it around. When navigating, have it in an upright position for best accuracy and ease. • Switch between Mouse Mode and Pen Mode.

TECHNOLOGY  DISPLAY TECHNOLOGY Technology used in smart note taker for display is Kopin Corp’s Cyber Display Technology. Cyber Display is a ¼ inch diagonal LCD that uses circuitry built on a silicon wafer, which is then removed and mounted on to a glass. The displays are integrated to miniature monitors using its own backlight, optics, ICs and packagings.

continued  HANDWRITING RECOGNITION Smart Note Taker works by measuring the pen’s movements and matching them to the movements that produce letters and words programmed into its memory. There are two technologies used for this purpose : 1. Accelerometer Technology. 2. Handwriting Recognition Software.

continued  ACCELEROMETER TECHNOLOGY : This technology uses a device called accelerometer which is used for measuring motion. A tiny accelerometer in the pen could be used to detect the stops and starts, arcs and loops of handwriting, and transmit this information to a small microprocessor that would make sense of it as text. Invisible writing in air is achieved through this unique technology called accelerometer that monitors hand movements.

continued  HANDWRITING RECOGNITION SOFTWARE : This software, embedded in the pen is used to recognize handwriting of the user. Pen works in conjunction with a regular PC on to which users install special handwriting recognition software. The handwriting recognition software translates movements in to text on screen.

ADVANTAGES  We get information in very fast and easy way. Hence it is time saving.  Can be used as a standard pen and we can carry it anywhere without stressing mind to carry it.  With the help of smart note taker, we can write notes on any surface even in air. That is, we can write notes any time without using a paper.  It has high mobility, versatile design and is light weighted.  Can be used for phone talks or by instructors.

 It is used along with paint and JAVA graphics so we can say this product is compatible with all graphics software. DISADVANTAGES • Expensive, hence not everyone can afford to buy it. • No templates and other sophisticated formats available. • Can’t drag items to other tabs directly. • Awareness required among people. • Contents are stored in binary & no history of contents available.

APPLICATIONS  With the help of smart note taker, handwritten notes will be instantly converted into editable text.  It is good and helpful for blinds who think and write freely.  It plays an important role in phone conversations between two people. While they talk, they may want to use figures or texts to understand themselves better.

ed • Useful for instructors in presentations. The instructor may not want to present lecture in front of the board. The drawn figure can be processed and directly sent to the server computer in the room. The server computer will then broadcast the drawn shape through network to all of the computers which are present in the room. • Can be used by teachers directly or indirectly, and by students too.

FUTURE SCOPE  Companies had succeeded to make similar products and put them in the market. Putting a newly invented, innovative product in the market is not that easy. The prices in the market must be well observed for similar products.  Future models could receive e-mails and pager messages via a wireless messaging system and could use digital signature recognition software and expects it to understand cursive.

 China is doing the work to add some additional features for the comforts of users. China is doing work to add a camera and memory locator which will directly show the status of free memory.

CONCLUSION  The system will try to improve a pen, which helps people get rid of typing problems on computer by the technology, which converts your handwriting to text format on your PC.  However, the technology provides opportunity to write on air, which means in future it will be easy to display whatever we write, eg; in case of 3-D views.

continued • Another fact that appears is similar products generally works in a way that they store the writing by memory systems and directs the data to computer. We will vanish this time lag by using a technology that the data will be sent to PC directly not by storing. • It is sure it will be hard to eliminate the other products as our rivals, but it has certain advantages over others : high mobility, versatile design and its ideal weight.

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