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Published on March 13, 2014

Author: funeasy


PowerPoint Presentation: The Future has Arrived Smart Media Design ©2010 Tahir Hussain. All rights reserved. Smart Media PowerPoint Presentation: The Company Smart Media Incorporated in 2008 Launched in August 2009 “Our goal is to become the first Fortune 500 technology company to provide its global members with a financial opportunity.” David Martin, CEO Smart Media Smart Media CEO, David Martin has designed and developed banking platforms and fraud security systems for over fifteen years with his elite programming team. Smart Media, CEO David Martin Smart Media's office in the USA 701 North Green Valley Parkway, Henderson, Nevada 89074 PowerPoint Presentation: Certificate of Incorporation Smart Media The above certificates can be viewed and downloaded from under Company Tab PowerPoint Presentation: yobsn - t he g ame c hanger! The only “Revenue Sharing Social Network”… Giving you the ability to cash in on the fortunes being made in the social networking industry. Just like the “Big Boys” are doing! PowerPoint Presentation: The Company Products One page supersite  It looks incredible on multiple devices such as Smart Phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Coming Soon YOBSN Mobile Application All in one application With 3 awesome Exclusive Mobile Games yobsn - the game changer! : yobsn - t he g ame c hanger! PowerPoint Presentation: F ree M ember R egistration 7 Get your own free YOBSN website Complete the simple registration and click “Complete” New Free Members receive 30 Social Points Simply for registering with YOBSN PowerPoint Presentation: Get rewarded for referring 8 We are the only social community in the world that gives its Members “Social Points” for referring your friends to your YOBSN Free Members receive 30 Social Points whenever they refer other Free Members Get Complete tracking of your Social points : Get Complete tracking of your Social points You can get complete history of your social points under “Social points history “ tab… PowerPoint Presentation: 10 installing YOBSN add-on Click this button to install the Add-on YOBSNAd -On PowerPoint Presentation: 11 YOU WIN Every Day by clicking on each prize box! YOBSN – P rizes Click on Daily Prize to win Social Points Click on Weekly and Monthly Prize to win entries for raffle draws As of June 2013 over $34,000 have been paid in Cash with countless netbook, ipod, Nintendo Wii and much more PowerPoint Presentation: 14 July 2013 Adil Rs.28000 25 MARCH 2012 $250 + $30 Rs 28000 GHAZAL KHAN KARACHI PAKISTAN 19 FEB 2012 $250 + $30 Rs 28000 IFTIKHAR AHMED CHAKWAL PAKISTAN 15 APRIL 2012 $500 +$30 Rs 53000 SHABBIR AHMED QUETA PAKISTAN 16 DECEMBER 2012 $250 + $30 Rs 28000 MUHAMMAD RIZWAN KARACHI PAKISTAN YOBSN CASH PRIZE WINNER ON JUST ONE CLICK FROM PAKISTAN PowerPoint Presentation: 13 World’s First Free Online Shopping Use your Smart Points to redeem items that you love the most Coming Soon PowerPoint Presentation: 14 YOBSN G lobal S hopping E xperience Select from over 800 Million Products from 4 corners of the earth! Coming Soon PowerPoint Presentation: 15 YOBSN G lobal S hopping E xperience An AWESOME new way to find genuinely different and extraordinary gifts - it's nothing like any other shopping website you've ever seen or heard about. Become a YOBSN Owner! What if YOU MADE MONEY when people buy? Wouldn't that be cool? YOBSN has Reinvented Online Shopping… PowerPoint Presentation: With over 200 Exclusive videos from basic to advanced level on the hottest topics related to Computers, Social Networks, Internet Marketing, Digital Devices and so much more. Includes a “how to” series in Web Mastering and Internet Marketing, along with our social media training series on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, YouTube & much more. F ree S mart L ibrary 16 PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Some courses are listed below Topics Courses Twitter Facebook MySpace Windows 7 Windows Vista Outlook 2007 Open Office Writer Malware Bytes Deep Burner Word Press 11 10 6 19 5 10 4 1 1 24 Topics Courses Digital Photography GIMP Audacity Gmail Google Apps Google Chrome Mozilla Thunderbird Filezilla Skype MW Snap 1 4 2 16 1 1 6 1 2 3 Topics Courses Pidgin Microsoft Power point Microsoft Word 2010 Microsoft Excel 2010 Kids Safe Internet Avast CDex 2 7 3 6 2 1 1 Space Monger 3 KeePass 1 EBay 1 2 Free Smart Library PowerPoint Presentation: Over 1,000 academic videos on various subjects, English learning , Adobe photo shop, including our Yale and Stanford University series.   F ree M y U niversity L ibrary 18 PowerPoint Presentation: Topics Courses Algebra Algebra examples Arithmetic Banking & Money Biology Brain Teasers Calculus California Std Test1 Algebra California Std Test2 Algebra California Std Test Geometry 68 185 35 24 59 9 146 16 19 18 Free My University Library Smart Media Topics Courses Chemistry Algebra 1 examples Credit Crisis Current Economics Developmental Math Differential Equations Finance Geithner Plan Geometry History 97 108 13 10 114 45 7 6 6 24 12 Topics Courses Linear Algebra MTEL Pre Algebra Organic Chemistry Paulson Bailout Physics Pre Algebra Pre Calculus Probability 138 11 46 14 128 23 33 25 Statistics Trigonometry 28 3 2 Valuation &Investing Capital Venture & Capital Market 12 9 Get educated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your home. Some courses listed below: PowerPoint Presentation: 100s of software to choose from Smart Software 20 Scanned through 41 different scanners. Recommended by our experts Conveniently located in one place Saves Time Saves Money Find great software you didn't know existed! PowerPoint Presentation: Action Games - Sports Games - Educational Games F ree V ideo G ames 21 PowerPoint Presentation: FANTASTIC S ites 22 News/Media Games Health Fitness Misc. Science Business Marketing Shopping Travel Entertainment Web & Hosting Topics Include: Designed to offer our members the very best of Internet in an instant… PowerPoint Presentation: Ten search engines conveniently located on your YOBSN website Multiple search engines 23 PowerPoint Presentation: 24 Smart Chirp You and your friends can add videos, images, status updates and links to your Smart Chirp and comment on it. PowerPoint Presentation: 25 A vatars PowerPoint Presentation: With Seven Basic models for males With more than ten Basic models for Females A vatar C reator - C ustomise PowerPoint Presentation: 27 S mart C hat 1. Edit Profile 2. Sound Settings Send text messages to one person or a group. 3. Add New Member 4. Make a Group 1 2 3 4 Online Status Instant Message Service PowerPoint Presentation: 28 S mart M ail S ystem Beyond Email 100% Guaranteed delivery No spam Enabled with video file attachments Send Smart Mail to: one person multiple people one group multiple groups or everyone in one click Smart Mail Upload Videos / Images PowerPoint Presentation: Fantastic Videos With hundreds of the best videos on the internet on topics like Shows, Film & Animation, Autos & Vehicles, Music, Pets & Animals, Sports, Gaming, People & Blogs, Comedy, Entertainment, News & Politics, How-to & Style, Education, Science & Technology, Nonprofits, Movies, Travel & Events Movies Science & Technology Education PowerPoint Presentation: S mart discussion Create your own groups, subscribe to new groups and share topics of common interest PowerPoint Presentation: Secretly in development for months Produced by one of the world’s most respected mobile development companies This company has created major applications for some of the world's largest Fortune 500 tech companies and best selling games for the Play station 3, Smart Phones, Tablets and Social Networks Exclusive features in the YOBSN App & Games Taking Social Points & Prizes to a whole new level! Yobsn M obile A pp & M obile G ames 31 Strategically designed to generate entirely NEW Levels of Revenue for YOBSN Owners and not just the creators! Coming Soon PowerPoint Presentation: 32 I n-game purchases with real money will be added to all of our mobile games, making each of them an awesome Free Member revenue stream for YOBSN Owners. The graphics in all YOBSN Games, including the many wonderful characters, are state-of-the-art. The built-in Social Points Store allows players to make in-game purchases. YOU can Make Money from YOBSN Mobile Games! Excitement, Prizes & Profits! Coming Soon PowerPoint Presentation: 33 YOBSN on i p ad PowerPoint Presentation: 34 YOBSN on i p od PowerPoint Presentation: 35 Yobsn M obile G aming F or t he M asses Bubble Champion A fun puzzle game in the same genre as the popular arcade puzzle “Bust a Move”. Players shoot a bubble cannon and pop bubbles of 3 or more matching colours to win. Unlike most bubble shooter games, Bubble Champion allows the player to choose from 4 different heroes. PowerPoint Presentation: 36 G ames E xcitement Run Bunny Run! A fun, fast paced cartoon game where a rabbit rushes across the street in order to save her babies. To save them, she must dodge fast moving cars and SUVs within the concrete jungle. I n natures jungle she must dodge lions, zebras, rhinos, cross rivers and more. Modeled after some of the most popular games on Smart Phones and Tablets for this genre, except that it adds more graphics, more levels and more game play than any other game on the market in this genre! To aid her in her quest are a variety of power-ups that allow her to jump further, faster and even turn into super bunny and fly! Run Bunny Run! PowerPoint Presentation: 37 M ore G ames E xcitement ! Cave of Treasures PowerPoint Presentation: 38 M ore G ames E xcitement ! Ultra Spaceball PowerPoint Presentation: 39 M ore G ames E xcitement ! Discovery Adventure PowerPoint Presentation: 40 E dutainment Number Muncher The player controls a friendly green caterpillar that runs and jumps his way to success with: A fun-filled Maths game for Children. Combines controls found in games like "Super Mario Brothers" Addition Subtraction Multiplication Division PowerPoint Presentation: 41 E dutainment Memory Lane A brilliant game for people of all ages to test and improve their memory skills! PowerPoint Presentation: b randing w ith YOBSN Your company Name Your company website Your text message PowerPoint Presentation: b randing w ith YOBSN Allows you to share your own marketing and personal videos with your entire free user network from the home screen of YOBSN website Fantastic Videos PowerPoint Presentation: b randing w ith YOBSN Allows you to share your own marketing and personal websites with your entire free user network from the home screen of YOBSN website Fantastic Sites PowerPoint Presentation: b randing w ith YOBSN Internal Blog on what you want your free members to see Internal and External Blogs External Blog on what you want your free members to see PowerPoint Presentation: 46 b randing w ith YOBSN Your Basic Branding Real-time branding. Live database of all your free users looking at your branding. The database includes: Their username Their Name Their email Their Phone (optional) Their City Their Country Their IP address Date and time when they Started using for free. Your Website Branding Your Video Branding Paid Members get the branding & when your Free Members use the system they see your branding PowerPoint Presentation: b randing w ith YOBSN Edit your YOBSN login screen and logo PowerPoint Presentation: b randing w ith YOBSN Choose from Eight powerful template layouts PowerPoint Presentation: b randing w ith YOBSN Choose from 11 inbuilt template backgrounds or Customize your own backgrounds PowerPoint Presentation: b randing w ith YOBSN Create your own Social Dashboard PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Special Offer YOBSN Mobile Coming Soon All Professional ($400) Members will automatically be upgraded to $600 package after the launch of YOBSN Mobile. Save $200 by signing up today PowerPoint Presentation: P ackage O ptions One Time Payment :  Revenue share on sales, advertising, virtual goods ,games Smart Media PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Pay Per Click (PPC) After 30 days = 30 FREE Members 30 FREE Members introduce only 10 FREE members That is 300 FREE Members Total FREE Members now = 330 FREE Members Imagine if you can earn $2 monthly on each free member! That is $660 monthly on 330 FREE Members internet use Could YOU introduce 1 Free Member Per Day? Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of income. All income will be derived from your personal effort. No commissions are earned from sponsoring or recruiting people. All commissions are earned through the sale of Smart Media products or services. Full details of our Income Streams are in the sub-menu of the Opportunity Page of the website. Rs. 72600 Monthly PowerPoint Presentation: Direct Bonus Smart Media On every $125 Basic package sale, you earn $25 (Rs.2750) commission. There is no limit to the number of people that can be directly sponsored by you. On every $400 Professional package sale, you earn $150 (Rs.16500) mmission . PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Roll Up / Upgrade Bonus When a Basic Rep sells a $400 Package, they receive $25 and a $75 Roll-up-Bonus is paid to the first Professional Rep. in the line of sponsorship. You ( Proff Rep) Javid (Basic Rep) $400 sponsor $125 sponsors Zahid $400 $75 Roll Up Bonus $25 Direct Bonus PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Team Commission You A B Left Team Right Team All Reps are placed in the Tree Paid to unlimited depth no matter who does the sale in your team Only two teams to build Personally sponsor two Reps one in each team and get qualified. Up to $50,000 per week PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media You A B Left Team Right Team 900 Points* = 1 Cycle $125 & $200 Rep = $25=Rs.2750 $400 Rep = $50=Rs.5500 Points are accumulated through the following sources: All new $125 & $200 Reps = 100 points All new $400 Reps = 200 points. Any upgrades from $125 or $200 Rep to $400 Rep = 100 points. Monthly Subscriptions $30 = 30 Points. 1 Cycle = 600 pts Left – 300 pts Right 1 Cycle = 300 pts Left – 600 pts Right * Points never flush for exempted countries Team Commission PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media There are 3 different ways on how you can build your team: Your Direct Referrals- Level 1 + Your Spillovers Your indirect referrals- Level 2 Your indirect referrals- Level 3 Your Upline You Azhir Mirza Shahid Murad Ali Sohail Ahmad Jawad kamal Akram Jamil $150 200pts 200pts It’s all about TEAM work Team Commission Kavita Bilal 200pts Nazia 200pts Numan $150 $150 200 200 600:400 600:300 points = 1 Cycle = $50 Balance 100 pts carry forward-No flusing 200 200 200 LEFT RIGHT 200 100 Total Earnings= $1,150 Direct Bonus – 6 X $150 =$900 Cycle Bonus - 3 X $50=$150 Dani Saad PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media 3 Level Matching Bonus Matching Bonuses are paid on the Team Commissions of every $125, $200 & $400 Reps directly sponsored by you up to 3 Levels deep as long as you are a Professional Rep ($400 member). Become a Profess Rep . Total 12 Personal Reps – (3/9, 4/8, 5/7 or 6/6) Level 2 Total 14 Personal Reps – (4/10, 5/9, 6/8 or 7/7) Level 3 10% 20% Total 6 Personal Reps – (2/4 or 3/3) Level 1 20% PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media 3 Level Matching Bonus Level 3 10% Level 2 20% You Refer 14 People & if each one earns US1,000 per month… 14 X $1,000 = $14,000 20% of $14,000 = $2,800 = Rs.3,08000 per month Level 1 20% EXAMPLE: If 14 on your Level 1 refer 10 people each = 140 reps and if each one earns $500 per month 140 X $500 = $70,000 20% of $70,000 = $14,000 = Rs.15,40000 per month If 140 on your Level 2 refer 10 people each = 1400 reps and if each one earns $500 per month 1400 X $500 = $700,000 1 0% of $700,000 = $70,000 = Rs.77,00000 per month Rs 77,00000 Per Month Disclaimer: There are no guarantees of income. All income will be derived from your personal effort. No commissions are earned from sponsoring or recruiting people. All commissions are earned through the sale of Smart Media products or services. Full details of our Income Streams are in the sub-menu of the Opportunity Page of the website. PowerPoint Presentation: Top Leader & achiever from Pakistan "After 16 months of aggressively building the business with over 35 countries and $4.3 Million in sales we are proud to be a part of this amazing team growing rapidly an internationally." Mr. Tahir Hussain South Asian Leader PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Star & Diamond Bonuses Become a Professional Rep and earn from all Star/Diamond Bonuses Active Team Subscriptions - Number of people who do their monthly subscription. Mega Bonus is one time payment . PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Advertising Bonus 25% of the advertising revenue is paid out to the sponsor of the advertiser 25% keeps on flowing to the sponsor each time an advertiser renews their advertising budget Budget $100 $250 $500 $1,000 $2,500 $10,000 Comm. $25 $62.5 $125 $250 $625 $2,500 Advertiser’s Sponsor’s 25% PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Commission Payment / E Wallet Sales Commissions are paid out weekly. Advertising commissions are Paid out daily as long as the commission amount is more than $0.5. E Wallet is a Free online account set up for every paid member. Transfer money into your bank account through International Wire Transfer. Product Vouchers can be issued from your back office for new signups or for upgrades. Smart Media Visa Debit Card coming soon PowerPoint Presentation: Smart Media Smart Media Are you ready to get connected to your future? “It’s in your moments of decision , your destiny is shaped.” Tony Robbins Tony Robbins

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