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Published on March 10, 2014

Author: tzarumang



Smart Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a new holistic approach on ICT development, integration and implementation where it harmonizes with Science and Technology, to produce new products, service, enhance workflow and improve human life. With this approach it enables inclusiveness on growth and sustainability on society development, where it enables equal access to technology and its innovations by bridging the gaps on how we do ICT in the past.

Tzar C. Umang Chief ICT Specialist DOST – Smarter Philippines Program

Overview of Smarter Philippines Framework Smarter Philippines framework is focused on developing 6 dimensions to enable inclusive growth and sustainable development ICT Development is seen to propel its realization

Green ICT Cloud Mobile Social Network What is Smart “ICT”? + And more Sensors GIS Map Health Informatics

Working Definition… • “Smart “ICT” applications leveraging science and technology to: • Create better products • Improve services • Enhance processes and workflows • Enabling technology and • Improve human life and the society to make it sustainable and ensure equal access to opportunities to enable inclusive growth

But ICT is already smart why do we need to make it smart?

#ThrowbackICT Only Hardware is needed… Our hardware don’t need your software… This is pure engineering… The Business of ICT is all about Hardware… Days of Hardware

#ThrowbackICT Your hardware needs our software to make it run Software have all the solution for users needs Users needs us… Software says it all Users will not fully understand your machine without Software

#PresentICT Demand for Flexibility Users wants more choices Portability User Experience is a must!!! Consumerism Service… Accessibility

Science and Technology and ICT Innovation Development Sustainability S&T Growth Resiliency ICT

Smart “ICT” to Propel S&T, but how?

Smart ICT and its Application Areas Land Use and Urban Planning Disaster Risk Reduction Mgmt. Jobs/ Business Environment Education Services Instrumented Integrated data including sensors, video and voice Interconnected Networked intelligence Knowledge sharing Outsourcing Work collaboration Intelligent Proactive, preventive, predictive use of information Analytics Visualization Agricultural System Telecommunication Healthcare Services Transportation System Public Safety SMART “ICT” SYSTEMS ENABLE BOTH PRIVATE AND THE GOVERNMENT TO: Leverage information to make better decisions Anticipate problems to resolve them proactively Coordinate resources to operate effectively

Smart ICT and Smarter Cities • Land Use and Urban Planning Urban Planner Challenge: it is a long process and sometimes inefficient Urban Zoning Survey Instrumented Interconnected Intelligence • Smart Sensors • Application for Community Idea Sourcing • City Knowledge portal • Citywide WIFI • City Urban Zoning • City Hazard Mapping and Forecast • Transparency Efficiency Smart Innovative Resilient

Smart ICT and Smarter DRRM • Warning Dissemination System Challenge: Not all people understand the terms, and forecast is not really a forecast Social Media Weather Sensors Locally trained expert Radio and TV Satellite Bell SMS Big Data High Performance Computing

Smart ICT and Smarter Healthcare • Healthcare Information System Challenge: Data is contained on every facility, tedious process of analytics Electronic Paper and Pen Medical Analytics Healthcare Practitioner RXBox and Ehealth Tablet Hospital Information System Central Server High Performance Computing Disease Warning System Interconnected Medical Facility

Smart ICT and Smarter Farming • Climate Smart Farming Farm Information Management System Farmer Locally trained expert Challenge: Climate Change had greatly affected how we do things specially in agriculture… Smart Weather Forecast Plant Farm Yield Data Analytics Harvest

Smart ICT and Smarter ICT Infrastructure • Connectivity TV Whitespace technology • Uses un-allocated television frequency spectrum to provide data connectivity. • Applications of the technology include: telemedicine, educational content delivery, rural last mile connectivity and environmental sensor networks. Challenge: We only attained 60% connectivity in the whole country and good connection is somewhat focused only in urban areas

SMART “ICT” is all about Science and Technology Harmonization…

SMART “ICT” is not all about changing the system, but it is for the full realization of every Science, Technology and Engineering goals to enable Inclusive Growth. Where it brings flexibility, effective innovation and Sustainable Development in the Society…

Smart ICT an enabler of Inclusive Growth Global Competitiveness Job Creation Poverty Alleviation Political Stability INCLUSIVE GROWTH Economic Growth To create productive jobs and economic opportunity Human Development & Social Inclusion Social Protection & Social Safety Nets To enable equal access to economic opportunity To protect the citizenry, esp from natural disaster, and mitigate the risk of shocks to the livelihood of the poor GOOD GOVERNANCE AND INSTITUTIONS ICT-based transformation of Governance Inclusive Political and Economic Institutions

A glimpse what the government is doing…

Strategy #1 to leverage the 2015 ASEAN Integration and APEC hosting: Help the APEC host cities to develop as Smarter Cities Smart Cities “investment magnet” mart-cities-investment-magnet-285796 Subic Clark Manila Tagaytay Legaspi Boracay Iloilo Bacolod Cebu Davao Davao Smart City

Philippine eHealth Development Plan 2013-2017 Enabling greater equality of access to healthcare services for a healthy, productive citizenry +150 Barangays Capacity Building Analytics Tablet (EMR) RXBox +450 Advocacy Standards Info Exchange Platform Policies Rural Barangays Philippine Health Enterprise Data Warehouse Community Health Information Tracking (CHITS) Hospital Management Information System (HOMIS) PH Health Information Exchange Telemedicine services Tele-parasitology Tele-dermatology eHealth Apps

Smarter Healthcare: S&T Solutions to Conquer Dengue for a better quality of life for all Filipinos The DOST-DOH Dep Ed OL Trap Program: Dengue prevention through biological control. DOST-produced OL (ovicidal-larvicidal) traps are placed in different areas of participating schools and serviced every 6 days by volunteers. The OL Traps contain a larvicidal solution which emits an odor that attract Aedes mosquitos to lay their eggs in them. The solution then kills the eggs and larvae. Dengue Prevention through Public Awareness. The rainy season of each year marks the beginning of a DOH-led anti-dengue public awareness campaign. Dengue Rapid Test Kit. Inexpensive test kit for dengue yields diagnostic results within 1 hour. R&D on medicinal properties of local plants for a national anti-dengue vaccine by 2014 and cure for dengue haemorrhagic fever. National online dengue early warning system. The red balloons indicate schools with OL Trap indices of >40%. Local authorities in these areas are alerted to undertake an all-out anti-dengue campaign.

Smarter Traffic Management: S&T Solutions to the traffic problem in Metro Manila and other cities Let us talk about traffic: isn’t it estimated that our economy loses an estimated 2.4 billion pesos every day, because of Metro Manila traffic? Among the projects targeted to decongest Manila is the Integrated Transport System. Integrated and Optimal Scheduling of Public Transport System in Metro Manila

TV White Space Project: enabling Internet access to and providing government e-services for remote and disaster-stricken communities Challenge and Response: Only 47% cities and municipalities have broadband access. Many rural families cannot afford a broadband connection, which costs P1,000/ month. TVWS gives rural communities access to broadband enabled eservices. Inclusive development is thus fostered by eLearning, eCommerce, eGovernment and eHealth. TVWS can help NGAs and communities to re-establish internet services after a natural disaster. TV White Space equipment helped restore internet services in Bohol after the earthquake DOST ICT Office- Microsoft Philippines MOU on TV White Space Adoption DOST’s ICT Office, with TVWS and help from the telcos, was able to establish internet services for National Government Agency desks at the Command Center in Tacloban after Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

Project Noah Reduces Philippines’ Vulnerability to to Flooding and Storm Surge “Project Noah would serve as the Philippines’ ark against deluge. We would put an end to the ordeal that people have been accustomed to in rainy weather.” - President Aquino From Left to Right: Science & Technology Secretary Mario G. Montejo, President Benigno S. Aquino III, and Project Noah Project Director Dr. Mahar Lagmay

DREAM 3D LIDAR Mapping for Flood Control CITIES TO BE COVERED BY DREAM: As of Sept. 16, 2013: 34 of 58 cities have been surveyed by 3D LIDAR

Philippine National Earthquake & Tsunami Monitoring & Communication System: II. Tsunami Early Warning System Tsunami scenario database Sea-level detection sensors Tsunami hazard mapping for Metro Manila Corregidor Tidal Gauge Station Tsunami hazard map for Metro Manila

High Performance Computing & Big Data Analytics will improve weather forecasting and flood & storm surge prediction EXPECTED OUTCOMES: IBM Corp. donated a 4,096 core Blue Gene/P super computer to DOST. • Improved weather forecasting • NOAH’s weather forecast extended from 6 hours to 7 days • Larger area coverage to monitor weather disturbances forming out at sea • Faster computing time will result in hourly 7-day forecasts • Improved flood prediction and storm surge prediction The NOAH-Wise Project: Weather Information Integration for System Enhancement

iGov Philippines Enables transparency and efficient, effective delivery of government services

The MITHI Program will harmonize Government ICT resources and programs for efficiency and interoperability Digitization Empowerment Fund (DigEFund) P1.6B • Aims at empowering civil servants by providing the necessary ICT equipment to ensure efficiency and facilitate business productivity. Coherence of ICT programs and projects of the Government and consistency with the five (5) Key Result Areas (KRA) of the Administration for 2011 - 2016 • Aims at interconnecting government agencies by fostering collaboration and teamwork in creating Expanded inter-operable systems that leads to innovative E-Gov Fund government services and efficient internal P2.4B systems. MITHI

Project SARAI (Smarter Approaches to Reinvigorate Agriculture as an Industry in the Philippines ) Data Analytics with GIS Connectivity On Location Smart Sensors Knowledge Sharing Project General Objective Project 1 Crop Modeling & Forecasting Project 2 Crop Environment Characterization Project 3 SARAI Knowledge Portal Project 4 Capacity Building Project 3 Mainstreaming SARAI IOC Making Climate Smart Agriculture with Data Analytics, Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing

Tzar C. Umang Chief ICT Specialist DOST – Smarter Philippines Program Email:

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